NAMS In August – Yes!

For the first time ever I’ll be attending the NAMS Workshop in Atlanta, August 19-22.

I’ve been wanting to attend for several years now but my plans never worked in my favor.

So this year I’m attending, and I’m super excited :-)

What is NAMS?

NAMS is an acronym for Niche Affiliate Marketing System.  But the name is deceiving because the workshop covers all aspects on internet marketing.  There are classes that cover content writing, computer security, affiliate marketing, email marketing, SEO, copywriting and so much more.

Two dozen of the top Internet Marketers will be teaching individual workshops during the 3 day conference. This is not theory! These are teaching workshops where students implement what they learn on the spot by following the leadership of experienced, seasoned instructors.

The instruction is followed by small group hands-on implementation. The small groups are focused by niche so that those in your group also become joint venture partners. Very Cool!

What’s even better is that because this is a workshop where you’re learning by doing, most of the students will have made money during the weekend event in their chosen niche.

You will self-select which experience level to enroll in. There are four course levels:

* Beginner 1 – starting from scratch

* Beginner 2 – maybe you’ve got a blog already, but not making money

* Intermediate – making money, but not enough

* Advanced – making plenty of money, but want more time and a sustainable business

Because of this type of training you should bring a computer and be ready to roll up your sleeves.

But it doesn’t matter what your experience level is, this workshop is created specifically to help build a successful business, period.  That’s an important reason why I personally I attend internet marketing seminars and workshops and it should be for you as well.

What Does NAMS Cost?

The NAMS 4 day workshop is at a special promotion of $397, but on May 31st 2011, this promotion ends and the price of the NAMS workshop goes up $100 to $497.

There’s also currently a 3-payment plan that will allow attendees to pay only $99 for the next three months,
however that disappears May 31, 2011 as well.

So if you’re thinking about attending it’s time to get on board.  I know you won’t be disappointed and I’d absolutely would love to meet you there :-)

Here’s where to find out more information on NAMS

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  1. I thought I would leave this comment for anyone who is still sitting on the fence about attending NAMS. It is worth every penny, and more! It’s worth 10x it’s cost in other programs; the in-person coaching just can’t be beat. Go for it – it was the best choice I ever made.

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