NAMS Conference 2012 – Awesome Event Once Again!

nams conferenceWe just got back from the first NAMS Conference 2012  in Atlanta on Monday, and today I’m just starting to recover from an awesome, intense event.

This was only our second time attending but it was even better than the NAMS live event we attended last August.

This time was even better as we saw lots of familiar faces and made some great new friends and joint venture partners.

But, honestly, the best part of NAMS are the workshops.  With all the information and intense motivation the speakers left us with, you can’t help but feel recharged and ready to apply what you’ve learned.  I know I have :-)

And as a work at home business owner myself where you wear all the hats and depend on keeping yourself motivated and charged up, an event like this can be powerful.

What Makes an Event like NAMS So Worthwhile?

Attending internet marketing seminars like the NAMS conference can make a difference in your business because you’re meeting people that do what you do every day!   Talk about being able to relate.

Does everyone attending NAMS work all day at home like I do?  No, in fact many of them still have day jobs, but those folks have commented to me over and over that events like NAMS gives them ideas and motivation to get things done so they CAN eventually quit their jobs.

And let me tell you, just expressing your goals and intents to others is a big step to getting things done.  It’s like the people you meet are holding you accountable, and you don’t want to disappoint them 😉

The best part of NAMS are the workshop sessions which covered things like marketing, setting up your business right, virtual event secrets, keyword research, public domain blueprint, and email list building tips.

I especially loved the sessions on:

  • Kiss Your Day Job Goodbye and work with your partner with Dave and Mary Morris.  Invaluable ideas and motivation, especially for me as I’m working on my Husband to join me.
  • Setting Your Business Up Right with Dan Morris, Regina Smola.  If you’re not sure what  your doing is the right thing, this has been an awesome guide.
  • How To Launch Products Faster with Jack Born. I create information products and anything that can help me crank those things out better and faster is up my alley.

I couldn’t sit in on all the sessions as there are 4 sessions presented at one time,  but I’ll get the sessions I missed on audio.

What I Came Away with This Time from The NAMS Event

I certainly feel renewed,  but I also have a six-month to do list.  That’s a big deal for me because I’m a procrastinator and someone that tends not to plan. I know, shame on me :-(   But this time I not only got a plan to work from, it also gave me the ability to really determine what my money making goals are and create a monthly, weekly, and daily task plan to get those goals accomplished.  That’s going to be a big help for me.

And as I move forward in the weeks ahead, I’ve got lots of information and ideas about the NAMS topics covered that I’ll be able to improve my business with.

My Final Thoughts

If attending a live event like NAMS isn’t the right thing for you just yet, that’s OK, you can easily join the NAMS monthly membership and each week get live webinars, audios and videos you can listen to and watch from home.

I hardly ever miss a recording because they’re that valuable to my business.

I’m home now and excited to put my plans and ideas into motion.  I’ve even got my plans together for attending NAMS8 in August.

Let me just say that I don’t attend many live events only because they can be so impersonal and salesy, but NAMS is not like that at all.  It’s fun, friendly and the members of the faculty genuinely care about YOU.

If  you’re serious at all about your online business, learn all that you can, but make it easy on yourself by getting in on things like weekly training webinars,  accountability groups, useful forums, worthwhile article directories, monthly Q&A calls and so much more.  Those are the things you get with a NAMS membership.

Click this link to find out more about all the NAMS benefits and features.

You won’t find anything as comprehensive or as affordable.


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  1. Susanne Myers says:

    Hi Liz, it was great meeting you in person at NAMS. It’s such a great event and I’m excited to see how much you’ll get accomplished between now and August.

    • Hey Susanne, So great meeting you as well. I’m off to a busy start with getting things done, and yes, I’m anxious to see how things progress from now until then as well.

  2. Hi Kate, yes Atlanta in February was nice. We were also there in August last year which was very warm, but still nice. The great thing about NAMS is that it’s so low cost for a live conference. If you live in the area, it’s almost a steal. We live in California, but it’s been totally worth it for us, even with the travel.

  3. Ms. Liz says:

    Hey Darlene, Atlanta is nice, I always enjoy going there. The next NAMS conference is August 2012. There are actually 2 conferences every year. Let me know when you’re going, would love to meet you.


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