2 Killer Tips For More Traffic To Your Blog

more traffic to your blogThat’s right,  just 2 killer tips for more traffic to your blog; but they’re 2 very powerful tips.

These have consistently brought more traffic to my blogs and generated so many awesome social connections I can’t begin to count them all.

I’ll warn you though, these are for the serious bloggers.  That is if you’re serious about getting targeted traffic, building loyal social connections and making a blogging impact.  

Tip 1. Comment on Other Blogs


It doesn’t matter what you’ve heard before, comments bring traffic to your blog, period.

Bloggers appreciate them, they share them and people read them.

Comments not only generate more traffic to your blog, it’s a social strategy that works to everyone’s advantage because it builds relationships. It’s through those relationships that you build community; your community.

Here’s how to make this work.

Find quality bloggers in your niche. If you’re not sure what a quality blogger is here’s what to look for.

  • Blog contains quality content
  • Blog posts consistently show comments and comments are not spammy.
  • Blog owner responds to the comments made on their blog
  • Blog has an ‘about’ page that compels the reader
  • Blogger is socially active and on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest Google+ etc.

More on how to find quality blogs in a minute.

Next create a list of blogs that you can comment on every week. Start out with 5-10 and work up from there.  Ideally you want to have about 50-75 blogs you comment on regularly.

Sounds like a lot?  It’s not if you streamline this.

Here’s an easy set-up that I use to open all my regular commenting sites at once. This is easy to do and saves me a ton of time.

  1.  Open a notepad file and add the following:

@echo off
start “google” “http://www.site1.com”
start “google” “http://www.site2.com”
start “google” “http://www.site3.com”

Add as many sites as you think your browser can hold; then save the file as a .bat file to your desktop

2.  Go to your browser (I use Chrome, but it should work for any browser) and click on the notepad file. Your sites should all load       up in your browser ready for you to go to each one and comment.

If you have more sites than your browser can hold just create several smaller .bat files and do them in groups, perhaps 1 group a day.

How to Find Quality Blogs

Ask Google to send you blogs to comment on.

That’s right, Google will send me an email every time a new blog publishes a post related to my keywords.

This not only saves me time having to search for related blogs but if I comment right away  my comments have a better chance of being seen as they’ll be near the top of that blogs comments list.

Not all blogs will turn in to your favorites but for those you like and want to comment on you can also add them to your commenting list.

Setting up Google Alerts is super simple.  You’ll need to create a Google account which is easy and free, then just go to Google.com/alerts.


Just enter your keyword phrase. These will be the keywords of the posts you’re interested in commenting on.

You can do this for as many keyword phrases as you like.

Piggy back off your favorite blogger.

Find one blog you especially like that gets lots of comments. Check the commenters and visit their blogs commenting on their posts.   Soon they will be commenting on your blog. That’s exactly how to create a blogging community for yourself.

A great example is one of my favorite bloggers Adrienne at Adriennesmith.net. Adrienne is a commenting wizard and I love the commenters she attracts. I’ve made some awesome friends and found some great blogs that I can not only comment on but I”ve learned some amazing things.

Get a Leg Up with Comment LUV

CommentLUV is a WordPress plugin that encourages commenting.

It’s like belonging to an exclusive commenting group that gets you more comments on your blog and boosts social engagement.

When bloggers see the CommentLuv symbol on your blog they’ll know you’re a serious blogger and blog commenter.   This entices other serious bloggers to comment on your blog bringing you more traffic, multiple back links and a lot less commenting spam because CommentLuv has the G.A.S.P. spam protector build into the plugin.

What I especially like about CommentLuv is that it will send an automatic email to your commenters when they get a direct reply to their comment. This is social networking at its best!

CommentLuv also has a free version which is a great place to start if your budget isn’t quite ready for the paid version, however keep in mind that the premium version adds tons of commenting benefits and social enticements like access to the CommentLuv search engine where I can find other quality CommentLuv blogs to comment on.

What’s more is others will easily find me. 😉

For the added traffic I get on my blog and the awesome social connections I’ve made it’s a wise move for us serious bloggers and well worth the small investment.

Tip #2. Ezine Marketing For More Traffic To Your Blog

Why Ezines?

They are a powerful way to cheaply blast your message to lots of hungry buyers.

They reach millions of targeted customers online because you’re getting high quality web traffic.

Swapping articles buying ads in other ezines or newsletters can be a powerful traffic boost for any blog.

Of course if you’re going to swap articles and/or ad with other ezines you should have your own newsletter or ezine opt-in.

But regardless of whether you do ezine promotions or not, having an email newsletter and opt-in of your own is always smart marketing move so I hope you’ve got an email subscriber list or at least working on one 😉

Now there’s a difference between Ezines and newsletters and Grace D. Dooley’s does an awesome job of explaining the differences, but depending on the type of newsletter or ezine you publish will determine whether you can exchange articles and ads or whether you’ll need to pay for them.

Swapping articles and ads is a favorite of mine. It expands my reach far beyond what I can do on my own, even with social media.  But it’s a win-win for everyone.  The publisher’s writing workload is less and their readers get to hear a fresh voice. Successful article swaps often lead to joint ventures and running solo ads in each other’s ezines.

But don’t rule out ezine advertising. Ezine ads are extremely affordable. One simple 3 line solo ad in an ezine with 10,000 subscribers can cost as little as $30-$60 and can generate a flood of new subscribers to your blog with just one advertisement.

There are literally thousands of ezines and newsletters with millions of people who subscribe to them. Compared to other forms of advertising placing ads in just one niche related ezine is an inexpensive way to reach your target market quickly.

Of course the secret sauce is finding the right ezine and writing the perfect ad.

Charlie Page has been my ezine and ad writing resource for years. I subscribe to his Directory of Ezines and have used his ad writing genius extensively over the years.

So here’s what I want you to do.   Get Charlie’s FREE guide ‘The Ezine traffic Formula‘. Even if you don’t want to advertise in ezines right now you’ll get awesome ad writing tips and clever ways to use ezines for finding more traffic.

So there  you have it my friends. Just two tips, but two of my favorite tips for expanding your reach far beyond what you can do on your own — and do it quicker.



Photo Courtest of  hywards and freedigitalphotos.net

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  1. Hi Liz, Wow, you have a really interesting way of doing things. I like your methods of organization. You’re right, commenting on blogs can bring a lot of traffic, but these efforts take time. You have great ideas of how to save time in commenting.

    I also like your ideas about Ezines. I tried publishing on Ezine when I first started blogging, but I found that they were too restrictive, only allowing 3 uses of keywords in an article. Well, if I’m writing about an iPhone, I will need to use the word “iPhone” more than 3 times in the article. I also was concerned about duplicate content on the web.

    Thanks for sharing these helpful tips, Liz!
    Carolyn Nicander Mohr recently posted..How to Use New Analytics on Twitter and Pinterest to See the Impact of Your Sharing!My Profile

    • Hi Carolyn,

      Not sure about the ezine restrictions you spoke about. When I talk about ezine I’m referring to a publication, like a newsletter that is all your own and publish it through your email to your subscriber list. Ezines generally contain articles, ads tips, whatever you want. You have full control. A newsletter is very similar but doesn’t generally contain ads, although it could. A blog newsletter is generally an email sent to subscribers that talks about changes in your business, industry or with your blog, such as new blog posts, etc.

      The benefit of putting out a newsletter or ezine that contains small ads is that you can exchange ads with other newsletters or ezines expanding your reach. It’s quite powerful.

      I actually enjoy commenting and it works in my favor so I have to find ways to comment in a timely fashion. I also find forum commenting well worth the time too. I’ve picked up some great tips on forums and many of my suggestions have drawn in a few loyal fans.

      Thanks for dropping by Carolyn. I enjoy your feedback.

      Elizabeth McGee recently posted..2 Killer Tips For More Traffic To Your BlogMy Profile

      • Hi Liz, Lol, I was referring to a specific website where you could submit your articles to get more traffic to your blog. Your articles would be published there and on your website. Sorry about the confusion! :-)
        Carolyn Nicander Mohr recently posted..How to Use New Analytics on Twitter and Pinterest to See the Impact of Your Sharing!My Profile

        • Oh you meant publishing articles, not publishing your own ezine.

          Yes, publishing articles, especially on ezinearticles.com has keyword restrictions, however don’t worry about duplicate content. I have articles published on ezinearticles and on my website and I’ve had no problems with so called duplicate content penalties. My articles on ezine articles still get good traffic and so do the pages on my site.

          Much of the duplicate content theories are misguided. Having duplicate content on your site isn’t a good thing, but adding your articles to prominent article sites and having others using your articles on THEIR sites with proper bylines is a good thing for YOU. The site that uses your article won’t get much traffic to that article, but you will because it’s YOUR article.

          Elizabeth McGee recently posted..2 Killer Tips For More Traffic To Your BlogMy Profile

  2. Nathan AMBROSE says:

    Hi Liz.

    That was a great tip about the .bat file. I’ve never seen or heard that trick before, but I’m going to give it a try. Sounds like just what I need.


    • Hey Nathan,
      Thanks for dropping by and yes, try to .bat file. I have the file on my desktop and click on it as one of the first things I do in the morning. I spend as much time as I can commenting then I move on. You can create a separate file with different name for each day of the week if you like. If you have 5 files, one for each day with 10 blogs in each file that’s 50 blogging comments a week. That will add up for bringing folks back to your blog.

      Thanks so much for your feedback and good luck with trying the .bat file.

      Elizabeth McGee recently posted..2 Killer Tips For More Traffic To Your BlogMy Profile

  3. Hi Liz
    Thanks for those tips – we can all do with as many visitors as possible.
    I’ll investigate the ezine route. It’s not something I’ve ever tried.
    I blogged alone for ages before I found CommentLuv – and its informal blogging community. I Luv it :-) And have learned SO MUCH from reading more experienced bloggers’ articles,
    What surprises me is that I see some bloggers switching away from CommentLuv to other systems. But for me CommentLuv is still number one, and I’m glad to see that many others still feel the same about it.
    Have a good week, Joy
    Joy Healey recently posted..Top 100 Blogging Tips For Small BusinessesMy Profile

    • Hi Joy,

      Don’t be too concerned about people moving away from commentLuv. Blogging is a work in progress and people need to experiment with new things. But don’t feel you need to jump on the bandwagon either. What works for me may not work for you. If you like commentluv and it works, I say don’t change it.

      Thanks so much for dropping by and have a wonderful week ahead.

      Elizabeth McGee recently posted..2 Killer Tips For More Traffic To Your BlogMy Profile

  4. Hey Liz,

    The .bat file is a new one for me! I like your method on that. I will have to give it a try.
    As for Google Alerts, I don’t utilize it as much as I should. After reading this I will set up some alerts tonight. I enjoy commenting and do have relevant post coming to me and me not having to hunt for them is a no brainer!

    I normally use other commentors on the post I’m commenting on to find relevant post or blog to visit. It works well and I think introducing yourself to someone in the comments who has a rapport with another person you know is an easy way to connect beyond the content itself.

    I’ll keep in touch and let you know how the alerts are working out for me :)

    Have a great week Liz!
    Steven J Wilson recently posted..8 Tips That Will Help Your Content Survive LongerMy Profile

    • Hey Steven,

      Yes, try the .bat file. I use it a lot. There may be some other way to autoload your browser with sites but I haven’t found it, so this works well for me.

      I love the Google alerts. They come to me in an email and I can act on them as they come in. It’s automatic for me which I like. Of course let me know how they work out for you. I think they’ll help you find some great blogs and stay engaged with other bloggers.

      Thanks for stopping by Steven, always a pleasure.

      Liz :-)
      Elizabeth McGee recently posted..2 Killer Tips For More Traffic To Your BlogMy Profile

  5. Love what you’ve shared here Liz. I’m all in for blog commenting. I find it to be a very effective strategy to draw traffic and also to build genuine connections all around the web. I find that the traffic I get via blog commenting is good quality, sticky traffic. Plus I get to build my brand along the way.

    Yes blog commenting can become overwhelming if we don’t adopt a strategy and if we are not organized. I use Feedly and have a separate category “Blog Commenting” and have added the blogs I comment in there. I use the Feedly app on my Mac which sits there in the dock and shows the unread count. I visit my Feedly during the time I’ve allocated for blog commenting and start working on interesting posts. I also continue to add new blogs to my commenting list as I find them (I only add high quality blogs).

    Again, if I don’t feel like saying anything I just won’t leave a comment :) I don’t force myself to comment for the sake of doing it.

    Ezines is something that I haven’t tried myself :)

    Thanks for the wonderful post Liz!

    • Hi Jane,

      Commenting is a great strategy to find new bloggers to connect with. But commenting can be hugely time consuming effort so streamlining it and using your time wisely is a must.

      But I’m the same way, I don’t always comment on everything. I don’t force comments. If I can’t contribute something useful I don’t tend to comment.

      Thank you for your feedback, it means a lot to have you here.

      Have a wonderful day Jane :-)

      Elizabeth McGee recently posted..2 Killer Tips For More Traffic To Your BlogMy Profile

  6. Moumita Ghosh says:

    Hello Liz,

    I agree with #1. Blog commenting really works. I never try Ezine Marketing. I just want to add one thing that Social Media Marketing also help to increase traffic for a blog. Thanks you so much for sharing such a wonderful article. :)

  7. Hi Liz,

    Sorry for coming in late, just having a great time with Dad, as we just hopped in for his 75th birthday celebration tomorrow, though glad I finally made it :)

    You are SO right about blog commenting and nothing works better than that, something that I’d always vouch for as I’ve seen my blog traffic and now blog community grow and just get better with time. Yes, Commentluv is a great plugin that brings in many new people to your blog and those help to build stronger relationships with each other.

    I haven’t really tried the ezine option other than submitting my posts to a few ezines, but that was a few years ago, and never really went ahead with it. Presently, it’s the new blog community and forum that’s helping to bring in huge traffic and we are trying to make it all better for our members and readers, so busy in that – thus the blog commenting is at a slow pace, but that’s just temporary till it’s all set up. I know it works like magic, and you are right, Adrienne’s blog is one place where I too have found so many of my blogging friends – she rocks!

    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice week ahead :)
    Harleena Singh recently posted..What Can You Learn From GrandparentsMy Profile

    • You’re never too late Harleena. Always a pleasure to read your feedback :-)

      That’s so great that you’re making your blog better for your members and friends, that’s what it’s all about. And the fact that you are working on that is a testament of your loyalty to your readers. That’s where traffic originates, from people who find you genuine, informative and caring which is certainly what your blog is all about. :-)

      Thanks for your feedback Harleena. Have a wonderful rest of the week.

      Elizabeth McGee recently posted..2 Killer Tips For More Traffic To Your BlogMy Profile

  8. Hey Liz,

    I don’t have to tell you what I think about blog commenting that’s for sure.

    I’ve never had much luck with Google or the alerts feature. I guess maybe my keywords were too broad but I always seemed to get a lot of junk posts so I just did away with that alert. I’m glad you’re having luck with it.

    One more option I can share with you for loading up posts or blogs you might like is using Pocket. It’s a browser extension for Chrome and FireFox and you just save that post or page by clicking on a button so when you get ready to read those posts they will be there waiting for you. You can also read them while you’re offline and you don’t need the internet but you can’t comment. At least you’ll have read it and can come back later and comment when you’re online. I love it.

    I’ve never done the Ezines although I believe I’ve grabbed that directory before way back when. At that time I think I couldn’t find a newsletter for what I wanted to promote so I scratched it all. Now that was some time back so it’s definitely been a number of years.

    Thanks for sharing this though, great job.

    Adrienne recently posted..Why Being Everywhere For Traffic Is A LieMy Profile

    • Thanks for the tip on Pocket Adrienne. I’ll check that one out.

      There’s definitely a knack to using Google alerts, you need to be very specific with keywords. I do still get junk but that’s OK, among the coals are lots of diamonds so I have had good luck with it.

      Thanks so much for stopping by Adrienne, always good to hear from you.

      Elizabeth McGee recently posted..2 Killer Tips For More Traffic To Your BlogMy Profile

  9. Hey Liz,

    You named some powerful ways two get more traffic to your blog.

    Commenting is absolutely been the best way for me to generate traffic. Especially if the author has commentluv. It encourages visitors to leave a comment so that their last blog post can pop up. If that blog is getting a lot of traffic and comments, then more than likely some of those people will come to your blog. This has happened to me countless of time.

    I have used solo ads, some work well and others don’t. I’ve used Ezines before but I personally didn’t have success with the solo ads. I used other alternatives and found them quite useful. I’m not saying that the Ezine solo ads would not work for anyone else, but for me I didn’t getting great results.

    Thanks for sharing and I hope you’re having a great week!
    Sherman Smith recently posted..Paying Homage To Some Influencial BloggersMy Profile

    • Hi Sherman,

      Comments is hands down the most popular strategy for more traffic. At least with the commenters on this post. But there’s a reason for that and it’s because it works if done with the intention of adding to the conversation. To get people to your blog and help you make connections with new bloggers your comments have to say something about you, specifically that you’re a real person with something to offer in your niche and you have a blog yourself.

      On the topic of solo ads, they can be a good thing, or not. It really depends on the ad, how it’s written and the audience of the ezine or newsletter you’re advertising in. The ad itself has to be one that gets clicks, so many ads are not. When I joined Charlie Page’s Direcotry or Ezines he wrote an ad for me as part of his package. That was super helpful I still use that ad today and get results. But the ezine has to have the right audience too. I see people place ads in ezines and newsletters all the time that aren’t appropriate for the audience of that ezine. It won’t matter how great the ad is, the wrong ezine won’t deliver many clicks, if any.

      Thanks so much for your comments and feedback Sherman. Great to hear from you :-)

      Elizabeth McGee recently posted..2 Killer Tips For More Traffic To Your BlogMy Profile

  10. Being a Blogger is easy, Creating a Blog is too easy But Getting Traffic is too Hard ! Admin I read your post & this helpful tips to increase traffic ! I save note pad file But after that What I need to do with my Chrome Broswer that I did’t understand.

    • HI Monika,

      After you create your .bat file save it to your desktop, now you should have an autoload .bat file on your desktop. After you open your chrome browser go to the .bat file on your desktop and click on it. All the files you added to your .bat file will automatically load into your browser reader for you to read the blog posts and comment.

      Thanks for asking Monika and I hope that clears things up.

      Elizabeth McGee recently posted..2 Killer Tips For More Traffic To Your BlogMy Profile

  11. Hi Liz,

    You have these two valuable points to follow for getting more traffic to your blog.

    I love blog commenting as it increasing our moral values and we can connect with more and more bloggers. You may find many newbies and many famous bloggers from whom you can learn a lot.

    It’s the matter of choice that bloggers choose different commenting systems for their blog. Like you said CommentLuv is an amazing plugin and bloggers should switch to it to get more visitors.

    The second point you have mentioned is quite unfamiliar to me. I have never visited Ezine.

    Thanks for sharing with us.

    Hope you are enjoying this week.:)

    Ravi Chahar recently posted..10 Killer Tips To Provide Customer Service Via Social MediaMy Profile

    • Hi Ravi,

      Commenting is a time intensive strategy but as you mentioned the benefit are many, you learn a lot, connect with others and get more visitors. What’s not to like, right?

      Ezine advertising seems to be something not many folks are familiar with but it’s powerful. If you can connect with another blogger that publishes a newsletter or ezine and they do advertising within the ezine you can certainly extend your reach, but the best part is it’s not expensive.

      Thanks for stopping by and adding our feedback Ravi, always appreciated.

      Elizabeth McGee recently posted..2 Killer Tips For More Traffic To Your BlogMy Profile

  12. Hi Liz,

    Really good post here. I’m a HUGE fan of commenting ever since I came across Adrienne’s site and then learned of Harleena’s site. Since then, I’ve seen the true power that commenting can have. But with commenting, you have to really leave something of value or something that adds to the conversation. Too many times on my blog, I was getting generic comments like “Great post” or “Nice Share” to a post I wrote … and I would delete those comments because they added nothing.

    “Next create a list of blogs that you can comment on every week. Start out with 5-10 and work up from there. Ideally you want to have about 50-75 blogs you comment on regularly.”

    I started this a little while back. I’m up to 30 blogs I check on a weekly basis and if their content is something I have some knowledge about and could add to the conversation, I’ll comment. If not, I’ll wait for their next post.

    Regarding E-zines, does that still work? I’ll have to try it out again and see.

    Thanks for this post, Liz. Hope you have a great week.

    – Andrew
    Andrew M. Warner recently posted..The Shocking Truth About Every Piece Of Blogging Advice You ReceiveMy Profile

    • Hi Andrew,

      Yes, ezine advertising does still work and it works well, however the downside is that people write poor ads and advertise in the wrong ezines. However a popular blog that publishes a good ezine in your niche can be a very profitable way to promote your product, increase subscribers or just get more traffic.

      The great thing about comments is they are content too. So commenters that add good info, ideas and strategies are like gold and you want to hang on to them.

      Thanks so much for stopping by and sharing. Have a wonderful rest of the week :-)

      Elizabeth McGee recently posted..2 Killer Tips For More Traffic To Your BlogMy Profile

  13. Hey Liz,

    Thanks for sharing the link for Charlie’s FREE guide “The Ezine traffic Formula”… :)
    But sometimes I find that commenting is more difficulty that creating CONTENT or even maintaining your blog… :)
    By the way… How is your Grand daughter??…

    Karmakar recently posted..Zero Backlink Vs Quality Content – My Ranking Experiment resultMy Profile

    • Hi Karmakar,

      My granddaughter is doing well, thank you so much for asking. You’re so kind :-) I really do love being a grandma even though the word makes me feel ancient.

      I don’t find commenting so difficult as it is time consuming. I do try to streamline it as much as possible but it still takes time no matter how you look at it, that is if you’re going to do it right. But it’s worth it to me. It’s allowed me to read some awesome content and get some great ideas. But also I’ve made some great friends. People who are smart, creative and just plain a pleasure to know — like you! :-)

      Thanks so much for stopping by, always a pleasure.

      Elizabeth McGee recently posted..2 Killer Tips For More Traffic To Your BlogMy Profile

    • eid mubarak wishes 2015 says:

      Commenting is a great way to build relationships and get you noticed, but comments alone aren’t good enough try ezine marketing. It’s well worth trying and it’s not expensive. There are so many ezine writers out there that would love to advertise your products or services or even have your write an article for them. Charlie Page is the big ezine advertising guru and his directory of ezines is the best I’ve found anywhere. I subscribe to it and it’s brought me some good recognition.

      • Commenting is a great way to generate traffic but it’s also time consuming and in some ways superficial. I do comment myself on lots of blogs honestly I think it’s better to create content that impresses people. There are many bloggers that spend all day commenting on other blogs simply to get those bloggers to comment on their blog. That’s one way to bring people to your blog but is your content impressive? I think you gather more ‘genuine’ long lasting traffic if you have good content, not lots of commenters coming to your blog simply because you were at their blog. Make sense?

        I like Charlie Page too :-) He has lots of great info with regard to cheap advertising on other blogs and ezines.

        Thanks for stopping by!
        Elizabeth McGee recently posted..Powerful Mind Success Strategies For BloggersMy Profile

  14. Hi Liz,

    It’s my first time to your blog and I’m coming to you from a comment you left on Sherman Smith’s blog. See, this stuff really does work!!!

    I completely agree about the power of blog commenting, especially when the commentor leaves strong, useful, compelling comments.

    I get hundreds of new visitors every month to my blog just from comments I leave around the blogosphere. Because I follow people who write about blogging, business journalists, and business magazines it helps me reach my target audience.

    You really do have to stop and think about what business you’re “really” in, what problems you “really” solve and who you “specifically” solve them for… Then create your strategies, goals and objectives around those answers. It is hard work initially but in the end it pays off significantly!!!!

    I’ve never written an Ezine but I do have an email that goes out with each new article that’s posted. That helps drive a good amount of traffic as well. I never sell, spam, or ask anyone to do anything other than read the article. In many articles I may a free call-to-action at the end of it but that’s it.

    My sales have never been better!!!!!!

    Thanks for the idea about the Ezine’s. I think it’s definitely worth some thought and consideration.

    I hope you have an amazing finish to your week!

    ~ Don Purdum

    • Thanks Don for visiting and your valued feedback.

      Yes comments do work! I do comment a lot on thinking about an online business. So many people jump in because it looks easy and promising, but neither of those things is true. There’s a lot of thought planning and even expense to getting online and generating an income, certainly there’s education as well.

      On your blog I read that you had an online newspaper, that’s probably similar to having an ezine. The thing about owning and publishing an ezine is you can exchange ads with other ezines or newsletters.

      Anyway, glad we connected. Hope we can continue to share ideas and strategies.

      Elizabeth McGee recently posted..2 Killer Tips For More Traffic To Your BlogMy Profile

  15. Hey Liz,
    Blog commenting is a strong way to build traffic and connect wit others. If you do it the right way, it’s surely going to generate more positive results.

    You also have added a lot more useful tips to these points. It sometimes can be very difficult to find the right blogs to comment on. Thank for the tips.

    I have not done point 2 before. I think I should look into it deeply from your point of view. I’ll happily share my results after trying this out 😉

    Submitting articles to broaded.net may constiture another powerful traffic source 😉
    Thanks for sharing these tips Liz
    Enstine Muki recently posted..BroadedNet ~ Traffic without SEO or Social MediaMy Profile

    • Hey Enstine,

      Thanks so much for your valuable feedback. It’s funny how now many people use point 2 about ezines. I find that interesting since it’s such a great tip and it works quite well if you hook up with the right ezines. If you can get someone with thousands of subscribers to their newsletter or ezine to put a plug in for your newsletter or ezine and you do the same for them the exchange can be quite an amazing turn out for each of you.

      Always good to hear from you Enstine. Have a great weekend coming up :-)

      Elizabeth McGee recently posted..2 Killer Tips For More Traffic To Your BlogMy Profile

  16. I like your idea about how you open all your regular commenting sites at once. Yet that is a little complicated. I prefer to use Feedly. It only populates the latest posts from my favorite blogs and shows their featured image and a quick description of the post so I can tell if it is something I am interested in and a post I can possibly leave a valuable comment on.

    • Hi Troy,

      Thanks for stopping by!

      The commenting file I set up really isn’t complicated at all. Maybe it looks that way though. Once it’s set up it requires just a click on the desktop file and you’re browser is automatically populated. I have a file set up for each day of the week with about 5-10 files in each. Commenting is the first thing I do each day so I get it out of the way quickly. Feedly works too. It’s just a matter of what you prefer :-)

      I paid a a visit to your site and it’s a great niche to be in. There are certainly a million things to smile about and it’s good you’re bringing those things to light.

      Elizabeth McGee recently posted..2 Killer Tips For More Traffic To Your BlogMy Profile

      • Fair enough. I will sit this weekend and have a go with your system perhaps and will see if that works out for me. I notice in some of the other comments you broke the process down further so I will study those as well.
        Thank you for visiting 1KSmiles. I appreciate you popping round and leaving your comment. Please come back and visit again. I try to post five days per week so always something new to make you smile.
        And I have this site on my Feedly so… LOL!

  17. Hi Liz,

    Such a wonderful tips. I used to comment on other’s blog. This is really good method to attract visitors and have interaction with blog owner and other commentators too.

    I was really panic about that how to save our regular commenting blog list. But, you really helped me here with this method:- @echo off

    This is very helpful for who are not aware of. I will share this tip with my network. Hope, it will be helpful for others too.

    Thanks for sharing. Have a great week ahead!
    Nisha Pandey recently posted..Sony Xperia M2 Aqua – The Mid Range Device Having Waterproof BodyMy Profile

  18. Hi Liz,
    first time on your blog and happy to land here. :-)

    You shared two effective ways to build traffic.
    I love blog commenting, as it is not just a method to get visits, but also a great way to build new connections.

    I landedtno your site, from the comment you left on Andrew’s blog, “Shade of Info”.
    This is the proof that blog commenting really works!

    Thanks for sharing,
    and have a productive week! :-)
    Erik Emanuelli recently posted..How to Use Twitter Cards to Improve Your Visibility and Social Media AudienceMy Profile

    • Absolutely Erik, commenting brings visitors to your blog but it also brings us closer to new friends, friendships and connections. It’s also a way to connect with like minded individuals or find people that are interested in what you share and can teach them, so the people you’re connecting with are more targeted.

      Commenting takes time and it also takes effort making thoughtful contributions to someone’s blog but it’s one of the best ways I know to help others get to know you, your thoughts, experience and ideas.

      Thanks for stopping by Erik. Good to meet you :-)

      Elizabeth McGee recently posted..2 Killer Tips For More Traffic To Your BlogMy Profile

  19. Hi Liz,
    I really loved your post. Although I could not grab much from the second point, I looted the first point. You tips were awesome. I did not know that you could actually save domain names like that in a text file and then they open all at once.. That’s fantastic! I mean that could save so much of time. And it also proves you to be regular and loyal to other blogs. Otherwise, what happens with me is that I forget the blog names which I have commented before. Also, I have bookmarked Google Alerts. This one is even better. Oh! I just loved this post. So much of information!
    Kaustav Banerjee recently posted..Reddit Ghost Ban avoiding during Reddit marketingMy Profile

  20. Hi Liz,

    Wow, These two tricks are really great.
    I also love commenting. especially comment on those blog that have commenting LUV plugin enable.
    Because of commenting on that blog. I create lots of community.

    There are two main benefit of commenting on commenting LUV enable blogs.
    First, You can make relation with other because now a days, most of blogger comment on these.
    other, you can generate lots of backlinks from different site.
    because of these reason, I love to comment on these site.

    Any way thanks for giving us great idea to gain more and more traffic.

    AReesha Noor
    areesha Noor recently posted..Happy new year wishes for loverMy Profile

  21. Totally spot on advice Liz!

    And just like you pointed, start out with a number of blogs that you feel pretty strongly that you can not only consistently leave quality comments on.

    But that you can and will be able to stay committed to as well. Because we both know, it virtually does you no good in the long run, to start out commenting on some huge number of blogs and within just a few short weeks, we fizzle out and totally abandon, what is clearly a truly effective, highly targeted traffic generating strategy.

    I dare say, (especially if) your cash is currently extremely tight, then just start out and really commit to consistently blog commenting on related blogs.

    And as soon as you can add the (either) the free or paid version of the commentluv plugin that you referenced.

    And stick to it! Awesome post and you you offer some potentially profitable real world advice! As always! Thanks!
    Mark recently posted..Isn’t It A Shame That Kmart Isn’t Really Into Creative Sales Ideas?Part ThreeMy Profile

  22. Hi Elizabeth

    The most impressive aspect of this post is its being to the point. Instead of giving a lengthy list of tricks and tips as usually done widely you just mentioned the two most important tips to get more traffic.

    Blog commenting is now leading all the other ways to get more traffic at your blog. One just needs to be honest while commenting and must not comment just for the sake of commenting.

    It is also wrong to prolong the comments by just stuffing words without any purpose. Once you have nothing to say more you must stop your comments and say goodbye.

    Salutation reflects the human aspect in communication but it should not be in lengthy sentences with a lot of repitition of so many exclamatory phrases to show how much you like that post.

    Thanks a lot for sharing this wonderful post of huge value.
    Mi Muba recently posted..5 proven ways to make your digital product the best sellerMy Profile

  23. Hello,

    Too good post indeed.

    I am using blog commenting to increase my blog traffic. But now I will try Ezine marketing also to boost my blog traffic. Its really tough work to get some good visitors for your blog. But you bloggers make it possible for us by telling us the right way.

    Dr. Diana
    Dr. Diana recently posted..SuicideMy Profile

    • Hi Dr. Diana,

      Thank you so much for stopping by and you’re right about how it can be tough to find good visitors or at least visitors that are serious bloggers and something valuable to contribute. Along with your comment I had 300 spammy comments. Thanks to tools like Commentluv they’re easy to detect and delete but I would love 300 constructive comments :-)

      BTW, I love your rewine magazine blog! It’s refreshing and I found some very inspiring reading there.

      That’s why I love commenting. I meet some wonderful folks like YOU!

      Elizabeth McGee recently posted..2 Killer Tips For More Traffic To Your BlogMy Profile

  24. Commenting is obviously the best way to attract traffic, engagement, build relationships and many more. Commenting puts you in spotlight if you do it right way. Harleena of aha-now being the best example, I came to know her by her long and descriptive comments. Not only me but 100s of bloggers might know Harleena at first by her commenting.
    So, I always advocate blog commenting however I hardly get time to read more blog posts and comment on each of them but full time bloggers can easily take some tiime out to read, comment share others post.
    Nice write up Eliz.
    Atish Ranjan recently posted..How to Choose the Perfect Theme for your WordPress Blog?My Profile

    • Hi Atish,

      There are lots of great commenters and I’m lucky enough to have them here on my blog commenting. But commenting offers a few things. It gets us reading more. That’s a good thing because reading helps us with our writing. It also helps expose us to other blogs in our niche. Commenting of course helps expand our reach and allows us to demonstrate our expertise. It offers lots of benefits.

      Thanks for stopping by Atish.

      Elizabeth McGee recently posted..10 Reasons To Put CommentLuv To Work For Your BlogMy Profile

  25. Hey Liz,

    Thank you for elaborating on these 2 simple yet very powerful tips. People usually go for a long list of tips to woo readers, but you chose to stick with basics. :) According to me, the 1st tip yields in your favor quicker than the 2nd. But yes, you need to really involve yourself in the topic under discussion, without simply aiming towards leaving your url and wait for the followers. The 2nd tip Ezine thing though works good, you still need to wait someone to read your content. More so, you need to take care of the quality of information you provide in your ezine articles. Coming to the Comment Luv , it simply catalyzes the process of commenting. Good post Liz.

    • Hi Nisha,

      I like your phrase of ‘it catalyzes the process’. That’s a good way to look at CommentLuv. It does act like a catalyst for readers incentivizing them to comment. I do enjoy the variety of people I get to my blog posts to comment but I also like the spam benefits of Commentluv. It does save me having to week through useless comments every day and every little bit of time I can save the better, right? Ezines are more of an advertising option putting your ad in someone else’s ezine. But ezine advertising doesn’t have to be expensive. Ezine ad exchanges are a great option. The hard part with this is writing an ad that gets attention. It’s like writing a blog post title that attracts the reader.

      Thanks for stopping by Nisha. Always to to see you :-)

      Elizabeth McGee recently posted..10 Reasons To Put CommentLuv To Work For Your BlogMy Profile

  26. Gurwinder Singh Bhinder says:

    Hello Elizabeth,

    That was a good read.

    You’re absolutely right, blog commenting is definitely the best way to build out relationships with other people. And genuine content definitely do grab the attention of not only the blog owner but other readers as well.

    It’s very important to engage with others if you really want to get some additional traffic to your blog, as you pointed out in the article itself. Ezine marketing is something new to me, I will have to spend some more time reading about this on web.

    I hope you have a wonderful day ahead.

    Gurwinder Singh Bhinder

    • Hey Gurwinder,

      Yes, try ezine marketing. It’s well worth trying and it’s not expensive. There are so many ezine writers out there that would love to advertise your products or services or even have your write an article for them. Charlie Page is the big ezine advertising guru and his directory of ezines is the best I’ve found anywhere. I subscribe to it and it’s brought me some good recognition.

      Have a wonderful day and thanks so much for stopping by :-)

      Elizabeth McGee recently posted..Create Traffic Pulling Blog Post Headlines Every Time!My Profile

  27. Dear Elizabeth,

    I have to first wish you a very happy new year. I am guilty if not commenting enough on other blogs. One year now since I started blogging I never gave time to commenting. But your post was timely and an eye opener. Thankyou for the two killer tips. Never heard of Ezine before now.

    • Hi Hema,

      Thanks for stopping by. Commenting is a great way to build relationships and get you noticed, but comments alone aren’t good enough. You need to offer value and contribute. Most of the comments I get are pure garbage and get deleted. I always look at the site of the person commenting to make sure they are legit. Speaking of which, I like your blog :-) you’ve got some helpful advice there.

      Have a wonderful and prosperous new year Hema :-)

      Elizabeth McGee recently posted..Powerful Mind Success Strategies For BloggersMy Profile

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