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How to Make Money Copywriting!

make money copywriting

Copywriters, both on the web and off, are some of the highest paid people in the world.

That includes individuals that write their own copy as well as those that go on to pursue a full blown career in Copywriting.


Anyone can learn to write great copy. It’s simply a matter of knowing the strategies and applying the powerful methods for writing COPY THAT SELLS!

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  1. Liz~

    Do all copywriters need to know HTML in order to create copy for anyone or any business. I have seen some jobs ask for HTML, not as a requirement but as a good thing to have. But is it really necessary?

    Thank you for your time,

    • Hi Kim,

      No. Knowing HTML isn’t typically a requirement. Writing good content or good copy doesn’t have anything to do with knowing html. Copywriting is about creating copy that sells and persuades. Writing hardcopy sales letters or brochures wouldn’t require knowing HTML at all.

      If you’re writing copy for a website, it might help to know some HTML, but even then it’s not necessary as there are lots of free web page editors that let you create and upload web content without knowing HTML. If a job requires you to know HTML I guess you’ll need to know it, but I think that’s an exception and not the rule.

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