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I'm a successful online 'work at home' business owner so of course I preach the value of having your own business and I try to help as many people as I can do just that, however I know that not everyone has the time it takes to create, start and promote a business of their own.
Many people need to generate cash 'Now'. 

While I'm skeptical of many online companies, I know one company that can get you started earning cash fast, it's is just what the name implies. They are real site run by real working freelancers.

Rob Palmer, the site owner, is himself a Freelance Writer.

Rob Says:
"I'm committed to helping you find work and make money."

I think this is an excellent way to work at home making some quick money. You can choose to work part time to start and if things go well, who knows, you might be able to do it full time.

Whether full time or part time, it's an excellent way to generate a few extra paychecks a month.

For $2.90 you can get a 7-day trial membership. Try it, see what they have to offer. Even if you found only one job you could do at home, you've recovered the cost of your trial.

There's no commission fees paid to, they simply provide you with information on the latest projects and work-at-home opportunities available today, things like:

  • freelance writing opportunities
  • work-at-home internet jobs
  • home business possibilities
  • telecommuting jobs
  • medical transcription work
  • freelance web page designer projects
  • proofreading jobs
  • virtual office work

Twice weekly you'll receive bulletins packed with freelance jobs, news, advice and information.

Because they are supported by membership income, they can afford to invest in quality editorial with two new editions every week – packed with job news, professional advice and freelance resources.

Plus you'll get access to their jobs database and so much more.

Don't give up on starting and promoting your online business but if things are going a little slower than you'd like, try your hand at a few freelance jobs and pull in a few extra quick paychecks.

Try and work from the comfort of your own home.

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  1. I have purchased a couple of your e books, and have “some’ internet biz experience, but need some help. I am very interested in affiliate marketing, but so far have spent much more than I have made. Any advice? Thanks

    • Hi Marvin,
      I would suggest that you first find a niche that you are interested in, a topic niche, not a product niche. For example, what kinds of things interest you? Once you find a topic you like, offer good, useful information about it then promote products around that information.

      A personal example would be a shoes site that I have. I love shoes, so I built a site around shoes such a running shoes, dress shoes, wedding shoes, dance shoes, etc. You could even narrow your niche even further and create a site on just running shoes or wedding shoes

      My shoes site offers information that revolves around finding comfortable, practical, stylish, economical shoes for each type of shoes (running, dress, wedding, dance, etc.) If I buy shoes myself I do a review on them. As you develop the pages and information you can direct your readers to the affiliate site where they can purchase the shoes.

      This is just an example of an idea I’ve had, but there are hundreds of ideas you can develop.

      The process is to find a niche, build an informative site around the niche, find profitable affiliate programs then promote your site. The best guide for how to put each of these steps into place is the Super Affiliate Handbook . I don’t know if you have that book but it’s really the best guide available for creating an affiliate business. It goes through all the steps from beginning to end. Most guides don’t come anywhere near providing the information that the Super Affiliate Handbook does.

      I hope that helps,

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