Low-Cost Internet Business Opportunities for Moms

internet business opportunities for momsAre you a stay at home mom who wants to make some extra money at home through the internet but doesn’t require a huge investment?

There are plenty of internet business opportunities for moms that can help you generate an income but don’t be fooled.

Making money online, as with any legitimate money making opportunity, require a serious mindset and dedication.  If that’s

Here are my favorite internet business opportunities that will cost you less than $300 to get started and are the most doable.

==> Freelance and Data Entry Online Jobs

If  you’re not interested in building a website or selling products online, freelancing your time and talents may be perfect for you.

There are many ways to freelance on the web, from writing to graphic design to data entry online jobs.  There are actually lots of opportunities.

To get started quickly, you can simply sign up with sites like oDesk,com,  Elance.com, Guru.com or you can find data entry jobs through a legitimate service that trains and connects you directly with jobs that meet your skills.

Either way, freelancing is a quick way to bring your skills to the thousands of businesses that need your help.


==> SEO Affiliate Marketer

Affiliate marketing allows  you to generate income by promoting other people’s products.

It happens to be one of my favorite business models primarily because it’s a passive income model meaning my web pages, if optimized correctly, are earning for me 7/24,  even while I sleep 😉

But in order to get my web pages to actually bring me sales, they need to not only rank well in the search engines, they need to be optimized for my readers so someone reading my page is compelled to buy.

Your costs as an SEO affiliate marketer come from creating a website or blog ( blogging software is free) a domain name (roughly $10) and a hosting service (roughly $5 a month).  Learning to write effective SEO copy will be how you optimize for both the search engines and your readers.  This is additional training but very key to generating steady income checks with less active participation from you on a daily basis.

==> Tutoring

If you’re good in Math,  English, science, reading or other academic subjects, or you have other marketable skills like playing the piano, test taking skills or the like, why not make some money at it by tutoring others in your skill?

Browse Craigslist to see what other tutors are charging for similar services. Then, set up your own ad with a bit of detail about you and your background.

Set a rate that’s at or slightly below market rate. For most skills, you should be able to earn $20 to $40 an hour tutoring.

==> Wholesale Dropshipping

The Wholesale Dropshipping business model allows you to create a store on eBay, or an all-inclusive service like a Yahoo! Store and ship products all without having to hold any inventory yourself.

You can launch a full-fledged ecommerce business at an affordable start up cost.  Your primary expenses will come from incorporating your business into an LLC and getting a Federal Tax ID number in order to sell on the web. Most ecommerce sites offer all the tools you need to run your business such as payment processing, email, hosting service, etc.

The hardest part will be deciding what you want to sell and finding wholesale drop shippers that will have the products you want and ship them to your customers for you.  However the process should cost you less than about %300 if you do it on your own.

What Internet Business Opportunities are you interested in?

These are four  small business opportunities that you can launch from your home with your computer for less than $300.

Some will see an immediately revenue quickly (tutoring, freelancing) while others have higher earning potential but may take longer to generate substantial income  such as with dropshipping and SEO affiliate marketing.

Either way you go, if you can get started now it’s an investment in your future and an awesome opportunity to work from home :-)

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  1. Hey Natasha, great, I hope this is information she can use :-)

  2. Here’s what I think about online surveys :-)


  3. Laurie, forums don’t typically allow you to advertise, most forums expect you to tutor right on the forum.

    Sites like or http://crowntutoring.com/employment.html may be good places to start. However I have not used these sites so investigate them carefully first. Hope that helps, Liz :-)

  4. I like dropshipping and did it for a few years, however it’s a lot less passive than affiliate marketing or writing your own ebook. But it’s always about what you feel most comfortable doing and also what you feel you can be most successful with

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