Know Your Target Market – It Means More Sales For You!

know your target marketWe hear a lot about knowing your target market, but who is your target market really?

Who are these people?

Where do you find them and how do you get their attention?

More importantly, how do you persuade them to buy from you?

You can’t effectively sell to someone you don’t know.  So who is your target market, where do you find them and how do you get them to buy from you?

Your target market is a specific group of people with individual likes, frustrations, goals, interests and views. Your job to find out what those things are so you can relate to those individuals in a way they’ll identify with. 

Knowing these things is significant to getting your market to buy from you.  It’s also essential to your content marketing strategy and the ability to persuade.

 So what do you need to know about your market that will improve sales?

What Makes Your Ideal Target Market Tick?

You can never know too much about your target market.

I love the example of the home school mom.  Who is she?  

She’s someone that values education.  The safety of her children is important.

She’s certainly busy with kids to care for and teach with a home to manage as well. She’s most likely on a budget. She loves organization and convenience. 

These are the kinds of things you need to examine about your target market.

Know what motivates them, what makes them tick, what they love, hate and enjoy.  What tools would help them?  What do they need to save time, money and effort?  

When you know these things you’ll know how to tailor what you offer to what they need. 

Why Would Someone Want what You Are Offering?

It’s the benefits!  

Whether you are someone that motivates, has a great service, offers products or has awesome information. It’s the benefits that keep your readers and customers coming back for more. 

So what benefits does your market look for? What benefits do they appreciate?

Always keep your focus on what benefits your market, not what benefits you.

Keep in mind that your potential customer doesn’t just want to know the features; they want to know how the features produce a benefit. Make it obviously clear.

Here are a few generic examples:

» Example 1.   An anti acne cream makes pimple disappear and the benefit is more self-esteem.

» Example 2.  A one cup coffee maker makes one cup of coffee. The benefit is a faster cup of coffee and always a fresh taste.

» Example 3.  A whitening toothpaste offers stain fighting ingredients. The benefit is a whiter more attractive smile every day. 

Carefully look at what you offer.   This isn’t such an easy question. Most marketers are just happy to have customers and enjoy serving them. But you really do need to know why they come back or don’t come back so you can continue to serve them better and attract even more customers. 

Segment Your Market

Dividing your market up into segments helps you know where your market is, exactly who they are and what they are feeling.

Here’s a closer look at the different segments and what they mean:

– Geographic Segmentation

This segment is about determining the geography or physical location of your market.

For example your market’s country, region, state, city or neighborhood. Marketing on the internet is much less limiting when it comes to geographic location; but if you sell locally you may have a much smaller, limited market.   

– Demographic Segmentation

A market’s demographics include things like age, income, gender, education, marital status, occupation and race.

Here’s an example of a customer profile after close examination of the customer demographics:

An upscale handbag company targets women executives between the ages of 30 and 55, with an average household income of greater than $80,000, who look for light weight travel bags for business travel.

That’s pretty darn specific. This demographic covers gender, age income and occupation. 

The more focused your demographic, the easier it is to find your market and tailor your marketing strategies to those specific individuals.  

Your market may be smaller but it’s much more targeted and that’s key to making the most sales.

– Psychographics

Psychographics considers behaviors, lifestyles, attitudes and values.

You can find out a lot about people’s interests, hobbies, how they behave and what they value using Psychographics. 

It’s also helps you determine if your products or services are appealing enough that people will pay for.

Here’s where it gets fun.

You can develop a powerful strategy for helping your market make the buying decision by combining psychographics with the power of emotion

For example, most buying decisions are triggered by emotion.  Here’s an example:

“I may not need that 70″ wide screen HDTV, but I sure do want one!

Can you see the emotion there?

If you can appeal to your audience’s emotion you can make  the sale.  

Timing is important too.

In our above example a great time to promote a wide screen TV would be just before big TV watching events such as Super Bowl, Olympics, etc.  This is when people host parties at home so you can appeal to their ego for wanting to be a ‘super host’. 

See how that works?

Knowing what interests your target market and what triggers their emotions helps you know exactly how to market to them.

Where does emotional buying occur?  

Here are 5 of the most common things that trigger emotional buying:

  • Look better – Vanity/Beauty
  • Hobbies/Recreation – Hobbies, Sports, Relaxation and Fun.
  • Health – Fighting disease, Living Better, Longer, and with less pain and discomfort.  
  • Money – Have more money, making more money and saving money.
  • Love – Find love, nurturing love, showing affection and support (i.e., the popularity of dating sites)

Try connecting your products/services with emotions associated above.  For example if you have a skin care site appeal to your markets desire to look better and be more beautiful. 

Target Market Clues For What Kinds of Content to Create

Writing great content that triggers sales requires being well tuned into your market.

It’s a lot about knowing the things that interest them and gets their attention.  

For example:

  • What goals does your market have?
  • What are their dreams and ambitions?
  • What tools would they love to have to make their lives easier?  
  • What problems do they have?

What keeps your market from spending money with you?

There are generally 4 things that keep people from spending money with you.  

Your product/Service might be:

1. Too expensive.   If your product has a higher price tag than average, emphasize the benefits your market is sensitive to. Emphasize how it will help them achieve their goals. And finally emphasize how you can help them save money in the end.
2. Too cheap. A product priced below the average could indicate poor quality.  Here it’s important to emphasize ‘value’. 
3. Not convinced it will help them or do what they want.  Your marketing content must be clear about what your product/service does and also convince them it’s what they need.
4. Not convinced your product/service is the best available.  People love to shop and the internet makes that easy, so know be enthusiastic about your product and get your potential customers excited too. 

Ways to get to Know Your Target Market

Start by finding your market where they are at.  If you’re an online marketer find your market in forum hangouts, on social sites or blogs related to your niche.  

Once you find these areas, interact as much as possible.  Ask and answer questions. Make comments the encourage people to think. Be free with sharing information and ideas. 

Zone in on your target market even further by getting as clear  a picture as you can of who they are. How old they are. Are they men or women or both? Are they single or married? Moms or Dads and do they have kids?  Are they professionals or stay at home moms.  What are their morals, values, behaviors, life goals, likes, dislikes, frustrations.

Many of these things may not be so obvious and will require a bit more research but just spending a day or two at it will help you better understand them.  To find out more about your target market try also using free survey sites like or 

You’d be surprised what you can find out about people just by asking. People love to share :-)

In summary…

Your most important goal is to reach the individuals who have the most potential to buy what you have to offer and that comes by identifying and knowing your target market and relating to them where they are now. 

Grab this FREE No strings guide:

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It’s super useful for making selling easier with your content.



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  1. dheeraj jain says:

    Hello Liz,
    Great marketing tips. I must say all the tips are basic but really effecting and these must be considered while marketing.
    Thanks for sharing this informative and to the point article with us.

  2. Hi Liz,

    Informative post indeed :)

    Although I am not from the marketing niche, nor do I have anything to offer or sell, but I have lots of friends who do, so I can understand what you mean, and these tips would surely be handy to a lot of people who are into all of it.

    I think dealing with the emotional levels of the audience is huge yes, and that is something we also do when we write, as they say if you can make a person laugh, cry, or take action from your post, it means it’s been all worth the effort :)

    Thanks for sharing these with us. Have a nice week ahead :)

  3. Nanda Rahmanius says:

    Hi Liz,

    I saw your blog from your comment on Tim’s blog :)

    Interesting topic, indeed!
    You are right. To be successful in online marketing, determine the right market for you product is the first step to success. If you can not find a market, where you will sell your products, right?

    To be able to do so, it requires research, as you said. Although time-consuming, but research is worth to be done :)

    Thanks for sharing this post, Liz.
    Nice share!


  4. Hey Liz,

    I’m currently going through B-School right now and this was in our very first module. What Marie said is if you can’t hone in on who your ideal customer is then you’re going to have difficulty creating your business.

    I mean she took us through steps I had not been told before and I know that when I was given this exercise in the past I did learn from Frank Kern. Although I did think he was kinda nuts back to be honest with you. The reason was because he was telling us to focus on just one person so I couldn’t understand how just one person could be my idea customer. What he failed to tell us is that it’s not just one but you have to focus on one in order to get all the specifics down. Duh!!! I fought that for the longest darn time because of that missing step.

    It’s really a process that you have to get inside their minds, their thoughts and what they’re feeling. Take me for instance and what information I really wanted to learn which got me to join B-School. The problems I was having, the feelings I was feeling and the outcome that I wanted to achieve with my business. She focused on all of my issues and it was like she’s inside my darn head. How the heck did you even know that. That’s how you market to them and get them to just get interested in what you offer because you know the outcome they want to achieve.

    It’s interesting stuff I guarantee and you did a great job explaining it here. Thanks Liz, well done girl.

    Adrienne recently posted..The Perfect Posting Schedule RevealedMy Profile

    • Hi Adrienne,

      Speaking of your class. I was just reading your latest notes and loved them! Awesome of you to share those with us.

      Believe it or not I use to ignore the whole target market thing for a long time until I really got serious with it for one of my other sites. It’s truly about figuring out what your market is thinking, getting inside their heads, knowing what they’re thinking. One thing that helps is if you’ve had the advantage of being your own customer. It can be a handicap to sell things that they’ve never been a customer for yourself.

      A classic example was when my daughter worked for Starbucks coffee. She hated coffee at the time. She never told them that, but if someone came into the store looking for a specific type of coffee she couldn’t effectively direct them on a great coffee because she wasn’t a coffee drinker. She didn’t know what it meant to enjoy a cup of coffee, nor did she know a good cup of coffee from a jar of instant.

      That’s a pretty simple example but it really speaks to the value of knowing your product and knowing your target market. Knowing them well enough that you can get them to confidently make that buying decision.

      It definitely takes practice.

      Anyway, good luck with your class and thanks for dropping by. Always appreciate your feedback and candid advice Adrienne :-)

      Have a wonderful rest of the week :-)

      Elizabeth McGee recently posted..Know Your Target Market – It Means More Sales For You!My Profile

  5. Hey Liz,

    This is a great target marketing 101 lesson. A lot of people who come in have no idea about the details you’ve given here. You definitely want to know who are the people that wants your offer and although there is some work involved, it makes it easier for you to pique their interest and get the sell once they see that your offer fulfills their needs. A lot of us online marketers heard this over and over again, but still don’t do it. This is why the majority fail at online marketing! But once you develop this mindset and put it to action, then can only look up! Thanks for sharing Liz!
    Sherman Smith recently posted..Simple Way To Set Up Tracking For Your Sites’ PerformanceMy Profile

  6. Nikhil Ganotra says:

    Hello Elizabeth,
    Great research indeed. I visited your blog for the first time and read many of your articles. You write so good. This was an ultimate post regarding boosting our product sales by targeting our market.
    Truly,You are an excellent writer.

    Thanks Maam for delivering such an ultimate article. Have a great day :)

    • Welcome Nikhil and thank you so much for your kind words.

      Knowing your target audience is a big deal when writing, especially for content marketing. You can’t persuade or get attention of you aren’t first addressing what interests your reader, right? Anyway, it’s a point that lots of writers forget so it’s good to go over it now and again :-)

      Thanks for dropping by Nikhil. Hope to see you back again soon.

      Elizabeth McGee recently posted..Know Your Target Market – It Means More Sales For You!My Profile

  7. Awesome article on increasing the sales. Identifying your target market is very crucial for getting the maximum conversion and make more money in your business.

  8. Rahul Suresh says:

    Hello Elizabeth,
    Great research indeed. This is first time i’m visiting your blog and able to read many of your articles. You write so excellent.
    This article is something what to say,unfamiliar with me.. and i would like to know more these kind of articles over at the upcoming articles..

    • Hi Rahul,

      Thanks for the compliment. And thank you for stopping by and taking the time to comment. Always appreciated :-)

      I have lots of information on using content to sell your products or services but I think knowing your target market is one of the basic but important concepts when it comes to making sales because if you’re not reaching your target markets values, likes and dislikes you can’t persuade effectively and if you can’t persuade then to buy you can’t make a sale.

      Have a wonderful day Rahul :-)
      Elizabeth McGee recently posted..Know Your Target Market – It Means More Sales For You!My Profile

  9. Bhavesh Patel says:

    Hello Liz,
    Great marketing tips. I must say all the tips are basic but really effecting and these must be considered while marketing.
    Thanks for sharing this informative and to the point article with us.

  10. Liz:

    You really did a fabulous job explaining the basic and extremely crucial elements, in determining just “who” is your ideal customer/client.

    Your list is extremely comprehensive and easy to follow. Without a doubt, by following your proven “ideal target market customer gravatar” blueprint that you’ve laid out here.

    It will make us much better and far more responsive marketers, because we’ll be armed with the exact information needed to better serve our clientele! great post!

    Thanks for sharing!
    Mark recently posted..Time Management Strategies: Three Deadly Signs That Yours Is Sabotaging Your Success!My Profile

  11. You’re so welcome Liz!

    You really explain the complex parts of successful online marketing in
    a very understandable and non convoluted way!

    Boy, back when I first started trying to learn this subject, most of the training I found
    was just way too techie for me to really follow and it
    was incredibly intimidating and extremely frustrating!

    It would have been really nice to have an expert like yourself to study under! Thank for
    sharing your expertise!! Your teachings are extremely easy to follow!
    Mark recently posted..How To Increase Sales: Especially On A Shoestring Budget!Part TwoMy Profile

  12. surajjagoori says:

    All the tips you are truly helpful to know our target and how to achieve it. I like your way of explaining the sturdy things in a simpler manner. your tips and research work is awesome and informative.

  13. Hey Liz,

    There is a lot to think about in this post for sure. You give some good tips and ask some great questions.

    Oh boy does it take some time to really break into a niche. Now of days you really can come up with a never before read topic. You are really just trying to deliver the same info in a way that seems fresh and compelling!

    In closing you are so right about people loving to share. It’s as easy as looking at there about me page or profile to find ways to connect with their interest etc.

    I hope everything is going well on your end. See ya Liz
    Steven Wilson recently posted..Turn Your Blog Post Into A Beautiful PowerPoint Quickly And EasilyMy Profile

    • Thanks for stopping by Steven. The about me page DOES give you clues about who’s behind the wheel of a blog. That’s why I encourage folks to get a little personal on their about me page and give their readers information about why they started their blog, what their passions are what makes them tick. That makes it a lot easier to know who to connect with and also help you know what to write about that will interest them.

      So thanks for your feedback, always appreciated :-)

      BTW things are going well for me and I hope they’re going great for you as well.
      Elizabeth McGee recently posted..Know Your Target Market – It Means More Sales For You!My Profile

  14. Micahel says:

    Now, this is what I’m talking about. I actually skipped the part of target market on my business plan but with this article, I am good to go. It really explains the pros and cons of target market from the market segment to the market trend. This is really interesting. Thumb up

    • Hi Micahel,

      Don’t feel bad :-) Most folks never think about their target market at first. It’s one of those things you seem to figure out later in the game. As long as you realize how important your target market it and learn to figure out who they are and how to market to them you’re good to go.

      Thanks for stopping by and giving us your feedback. Always appreciated.

      Elizabeth McGee recently posted..Know Your Target Market – It Means More Sales For You!My Profile

  15. Hi Elizabeth McGee
    It is rightly said that to find your target market is damned difficult but once you find it the next task is to make it believe in you. Even this one can do by offering them free what they really know. The major challenge comes after that to sell them to earn from it. Here you need to be a perfect online seller who doesn’t sell features but sell benefits.
    Apparently it seems so fascinating to learn why it is necessary to sell benefits instead of features. But once you start writing a review of a product you stuck up how to highlight benefits and make them sound real benefits of your target audience. That is why it widely believe blogging is a business where you have to sell the best products to your perfect target market to earn maximum money.
    Thanks a lot for sharing this wonderful post.
    Mi Muba recently posted..How to take interview of a pro blogger that must go viral?My Profile

    • Hi Mi Muba,

      That’s an important point. It’s important to persuade your audience and emphasize the benefits that the features create but we have to remember that it’s not really about making money for us, we have to start with selling the BEST products to your TARGET market. Sounds simple enough but not always easy to do. Making money is important, after all that’s why we’re in business but we have to put our customers first by keeping their best interest in mind. If you do this and create a sense of trust for your market you can sell anything.

      Thanks for stopping by Mi Muba. I so appreciate your feedback.

      Elizabeth McGee recently posted..Know Your Target Market – It Means More Sales For You!My Profile

  16. That’s really it Ryan. It’s all about catering to emotion. Outside of the necessities our buying habits stem from emotion. “I don’t need the shiny new sporty BMW, but I sure want one!” If you think about why someone wants a shiny new sports car and appeal to those emotions, you can make the sale. Features are important but what the features do for us are the things to drive home.

    Thanks for stopping by Ryan. Always a pleasure :-)

    Elizabeth McGee recently posted..Know Your Target Market – It Means More Sales For You!My Profile

  17. Bhanu Chander says:

    Hello Elizabeth,

    This is my first visit to your blog and I’m happy I came across this particular post :)

    Like you said, everybody speak about audience, target market etc, but it’s really difficult to find whom they are ! and you gave some good ways of finding as well a strengthening their relationship. I’m surprised to see such a descriptive post giving in-depth explanations about the topic and it’s related content. Great work !

    Psychological aspects for reaching the target market is really an appreciable thought and that has to be taken into consideration for sure.

    Thank you for the post. Great day :)

  18. Hi Liz,

    What a timely post for me! I’m currently marketing my product and have learned the above, but you have put it together so well, that it makes so much sense. Always need a refresher course!

    I have been testing my target market and found that the most responsive of all are people in a certain age group. There is a lot of testing we have to do to find our target market.

    I like how you mentioned the fun part… “You can develop a powerful strategy for helping your market make the buying decision by combining psychographics with the power of emotion. ”

    To me that’s the fun part too!

    You have giving such great information here I thank you!

    donna merrill recently posted..Taking Time For Your SelfMy Profile

    • Hi Donna,

      Age is a good determination of who’s interested in what you have. But emotion is a big one too. Outside of life’s necessities most of our buying decisions are based on emotion. But like you say, testing is the real key here. We could have the same niche site but what works for you may not work for me. We all project our thoughts and personalities differently.

      So glad you stopped by and thank you so much for your thoughtful feedback. Always appreciated :-)

      Hope you are doing well.

      Elizabeth McGee recently posted..Know Your Target Market – It Means More Sales For You!My Profile

  19. Hello Liz,

    Such a wonderful post.
    There is always a point come in the light about knowing the market for every business but it’s really hard to know that.
    You have explained it in a really good manner. It will help many bloggers like me. For business owners, marketers, bloggers and all other people the main thing is to know to whom they are going to sell their product. Age factor matters a lot. There may be a particular product which will be liked by adults only and may be another one may become famous among old people.

    It’s necessary to know our market, people so that we can get more benefit.
    Thanks a lot for reminding me.:)

    Hope you are having fun.;)

    Ravi Chahar recently posted..Simple Steps To Install WordPress Plugins For BeginnersMy Profile

    • You’re so right Ravi. One of my favorite stories about target market is the car salesman. The salesman is going to market very differently to a father buying a car for his daughter versus selling to a 30 year old single guy. Each person is looking for very different things.

      We have to think about that with our audience. Know who your audience is likely to be and what are they thinking? What do they look for and what are their red flags?

      I’ve noticed that not many folks really take the time to look at their audiences closely and it’s so important for your profiting success.

      Thanks for stopping by Ravi :-) Have a wonderful day!
      Elizabeth McGee recently posted..Summertime And The Blogging Is EasyMy Profile

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