Freelance Jobs for Data Entry – How to Get Them & Not Get Scammed

jobs for data entryThe numbers of freelance jobs online for data entry are on the rise.

There are data entry jobs that include article writers, typists, audio transcribers, data entry processors, marketing typists, just to name a few.

Unfortunately freelance scams are on the rise as well.  And to make matters worse, often times many of the freelance jobs go to people who have more marketing expertise and solid reputations.

So how do you find data entry jobs that provide legitimate work and will pay you?

Jobs for Data Entry Start with a Plan

Everything has to start with a plan and careful thought.  Know what skills and services you want to offer and make a list of why someone should hire you for those skills.

What have you done in the past?  What type of job did you have that effectively used those skills, etc.  Re-examine your resume and highlight the things that will make you stand out above the crowd.

Next, think about who the people are that you want to service. Will this be other stay at home moms working a business, corporate clients, web designers, web writers, home business workers, etc.  Who are the people you want to target?  Think about their needs and how you can help them in their business.

– Have Confidence in Your Abilities

No one will get a job if you don’t exude confidence in yourself and your abilities.  Be proud of who you are and what you can do, no matter how simple the task.  If you don’t have confidence in yourself you can’t expect others to have confidence in you.

– Tread Lightly

Don’t run out on a whim and quit your job.  If you are leaving a job to start a business, you’re not likely to get paid until you get some work so have an emergency fund ready that will pay your bills while your starting your freelance career.

Also have some money to dedicated to business start-up costs in case you need it.   Once you begin to pick up a few jobs and you begin seeing some obvious growth potential, then you can consider quitting your job, but I don’t suggest doing it before then.

Investigate Freelance jobs for Data Entry Carefully

If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is, so use your good judgement.  No one will pay you $75 for ten minutes of work.  It’s just not realistic.

Stuffing envelopes, assemblers needed, medical billing that requires you pay money up front, getting paid to send chain letters/emails are all examples of scams.

Don’t ever respond to ads that advertise jobs for data entry that want to send you training materials you pay for.   Typically this will  be a book telling you how to post the same ad that you responded to.

If  you find a job that looking interesting, carefully look over the website that posts the  job. How does the site strike you?  Does it look legitimate.

Be especially careful of things that say you need a large balance before they’ll pay you or there’s no contact info.  If there is contact information, use it.  Ask lots of questions and make sure you get answers.  If you don’t get timely informative answers, avoid them.

Check out all data entry online jobs and companies you come across on forums. Ask others if they have used them or use one of my favorite sites to ask questions,

Connect Socially

When finding job on your own, go where the market is and hang out there often.  Get online with Facebook and Twitter and start promoting yourself and your services.

If you have already done work for someone, keep in touch with them.  Send a social email to them once a month or so just to say and remind them that you’re still available for work should they need it.  Run specials on your pricing now and then and promote that socially. Staying in touch is good customer service.

Follow what others in your field of service are doing by joining niche forums and blogs, but, don’t just lurk on these forums and blogs, participate in discussions going on. This is how you can make useful connections with others to find opportunities to grow your business.

Also try offering a free sample for new clients who aren’t too sure about you so that they can get a taste of your work. This gives them a nice opportunity to see your work first. It can be a bit of a gamble, but one that often pays off.


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  1. Natasha,

    Right, flexible hours is part of the benefit if doing freelance work, however if you already have a 9-5 job, consider the extra hours it takes to do freelance work. Don’t work so much that you suffer burn out. Schedule your time carefully :-)

  2. Ms. Liz says:

    Laura Kauth’s Online Data Entry Jobs is the only resource I’d suggest, there are just too many scammers out there to suggest anything else.

  3. Hey Brian, If you’re just starting out with no marketing expertise, experience or reputation, you’ll need an “In” with someone that can guarantee you get proper training and of course, get a job.

    If you look around there are tons of places willing to help, but if you need a recommendation, Laura Kauth of Data Entry Online Jobs is excellent and she’s guaranteed. However you must be 18 years old, have a working computer, access to the internet, speak and type using good English, be able to understand and follow directions and be serious about earning online.

    Here’s where you can find Laura:

    My Best,

  4. Hey Mercedes, How did you get started, if you don’t mind me asking?

  5. Most of the data entry jobs are fake but some are really good too so its good to take better decision after careful investigation.

    • Hi Atish,

      Yes there are lots of data entry jobs that are fake and it pays to do your homework and investigate them thoroughly before signing up to do work that supposedly pays you.

      Thanks for stopping by Atish. Have a wonderful weekend :-)

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