Declaring Your Own Independence Online

independence onlineHappy 4th of July!  It’s independence day here in the U.S. and what a celebration it is.

But let me ask you something?  Have your declared you own independence?

I mean your independence Online?  Exercising your freedom to create your own online business?

Is that a dream of yours? If it is, have you gotten started yet?

It takes courage to set out on your own and establish financial freedom. It’s a lot easier to depend on someone else to hand you a paycheck every month, but there can be a heavy price to pay when it comes to job satisfaction fulfillment and income potential. That’s exactly how it was for me.

With the year half over and this awesome day of freedom we’re celebrating, I’m asking you to think about what it might take for you to find your own independence with an online business.

It may sound like an impossible task but honestly I think you can do it.

I’m saying that because I’ve done it and if I can do it, so can you.

I didn’t know what I was doing when I started. I didn’t know how to create a blog, make sales or even write very well. The only skills I had were those I got working for someone else. But I could learn and follow directions; and folks, it’s really not any harder than that.

If you’re feeling encouraged and I hope you are, here’s what to do next.

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Profitable Internet Business Ideas With Money Making Reputations

profitable internet business ideasHere’s a question I get a lot:

‘Whats a profitable internet business idea that I can be sure to make money with?”

That’s really a personal question, and unfortunately, there’s no one size fits all.

The web is an awesome place to find profitable internet business ideas that will make you money, but it’s also a great place to fall flat on your face and make NO money at all.

Your success won’t come from what I say  is the best internet business.  Frankly, if I tell you exactly what internet business you should be making money with, you might want to be suspicious of my motives ;-)

Everyone is different, but whatever business you fancy, it demands thorough research and should fit into your personal business goals, ambitions, and lifestyle.

Having said that, these are some of the most profitable internet business ideas that online business owners have been wildly successful with and that I’d say are worthy of your research and careful consideration.

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Digital Product Protection – How I Stop The Thieves!

digital product protection When I created my first digital product, protection from thieves wasn’t a concern of mine at the time, but it should have been.

It wasn’t until I took a quick look at my hosting logs that I noticed my digital ebook product download page had visitors downloading the ebook several times a month without any sales being made.

 I was sick! A product I spent months planning and creating was simply stolen right out from under me.

But what could I do?

Many experts will tell you that there’s not much you can do to stop digital product theft, but don’t believe it.  There are a few ways to stop the thieves.

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Managing Your Internet Home Business – Finding Time & Focus

Managing your internet business and finding time and focus can be a challenge for just about anyone at one time or another, it has been for me.

It takes planning, research and strategies to achieve success as a business owner, you’re responsible for making important day-to-day operating decisions as well doing the job of writing, selling, marketing, accountant, analyst, etc.

Having all those responsibilities, and a life too, can drain your time and energy.

Here are a few things that have helped  me that I think can help you too.

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37 Bite Size Steps To Get Your Online Business Started

Are you trying to get your online business started but find yourself dragging your feet?

I can tell you from experience, half the battle is simply getting started.

If you let them, questions like…

  • Where do I begin?
  • What do I sell?
  • How do I build a website?
  • How will I make money?
  • Will I be successful?
  • How do I connect?
  • How do I get customers?

can stop you dead in your tracks.  Don’t do it!

Getting a job done, even something as monumental as starting an online business begins with the simple things or just taking small bite size chunks that will get the ball rolling.

As you do one simple thing, it leads to another simple thing until before you know it, you’ve accomplished several things that will put your business in motion.

Here’s some things to think about, and do, that can help you get excited about starting your online business and help you build momentum. [Read more...]

Choosing the Best Online Business Idea – For YOU!

It’s tough coming up with online business ideas, much less the best online business idea for you.

How many business ideas do you have?

Probably a lot.

But even if you’re at a loss for ideas, you still want to know if the ideas you do have, or are about to have, are profitable ones, right?

So how do you know?  

Here are the things that will help you decide if an online business idea is right for you and if it will be a profitable one.

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Low-Cost Internet Business Opportunities for Moms

Are you a mom that wants to find internet business opportunities without investing an arm and a leg?

Here are my favorite internet business opportunities that will cost you less than $300 to get started and are the most doable. [Read more...]

Inspirational and Motivational Business Books I’m Reading

I generally try to slip in a few good inspirational and motivational books now to help keep me inspired and motivated. 

This month I found a few pretty good ones that I wanted to share with you.

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