Get Instant Traffic Generation With These 2 Powerhouse Options

instant traffic generationWant to start getting instant traffic to your blog or website?

Start blog commenting.

Now you may be saying, I do blog commenting but it’s not doing much for instant traffic generation.

That may be because you’re not commenting on the right blogs or your comments are being thrown in the spam bucket.

So let me share 2 easy ways I find relevant, authority blog posts that I can comment on every day without the stress of having to find these targeted, authority blogs on my own.

Option 1 for Instant Traffic Generation

Use Google Alerts

It’s easy to find blogs to comment on using Google Alerts.  But the real success using this tool is how you set Google alerts up, which I’ll get to in a minute.

The real advantage to getting these alerts is that Google notifies me immediately every time a new blog post related to my keywords gets published.  That saves me a ton of time; which is my goal.

Secondly, if you comment right away on a newly published blog post, your comments have a better chance of being seen as they’ll be near the top of the comments list. For blogs that get lots of comments, being at the top is a good thing.

Since implementing  this strategy myself I’ve seen a substantial increase of visitors to my blog which is instant traffic generation at its best.

Setting up Google Alerts is super simple.  You’ll need to create a Google account which is easy and free, then just go to  The screen will look like this.

Just enter your keyword phrase. These will be the main keywords of the posts you’re interested in commenting on.

I choose once a day to be alerted of posts, with this option I’ll get several alerts each day that I can comment on.  Over the course of even a few days I can get several blog comments created.  This works to my benefit for backlinks as well as getting my comments seen.

I also choose the option ‘only the best results’.  This returns the most authoritative blogs, which is what I want since finding these blogs is the hardest part of blog commenting.

Now click ‘create alert’ and that’s it.  You’ll almost instantly start receiving blog posts alerts in your email.

You can do this for as many keyword phrases as you like. You might try creating several keyword alerts just to make sure you get a good amount of posts to comment on.

Option 2 for Instant Traffic Generation

Use Comment LUV

Comment LUV is free, although there is a paid version which I highly recommend, but the free version will get you started.

With CommentLuv you get more traffic & multiple back links just by making thoughtful comments.
It also encourages visitors to comment because they get a link back to their site which also displays below the comment their last blog post.

But, if you’re serious about boosting your sites rankings and getting more traffic, CommentLuv Premium is no slouch.

The premium version adds tons of commenting benefits and social enticements, but one thing I really love about it is access to the CommentLuv search engine.  I can easily find quality blogs to comment on that are in the premium CommentLuv network that not only help me find blogs to comment on but others will easily find me.

You Won’t get Instant Traffic Generation if You Post Crappy Comments

Make  your blog comments informative, interesting, and related to the post you’re commenting on. The more value a reader gets from reading your comment the better your chances of getting them to visit your site.

Remember, comments can bring you quality back links but they are also a great source of human traffic as well.   The idea is to impress readers so they want to visit your site.

If you leave generic, uninformative, “thanks for the great post” type of comments, they’ll be deleted as spam and your efforts will be wasted.   Here are ten blog posting comment tips that will help:

Once you start getting your Google alerts in your email, take a few minutes each the day to start commenting.  I like to do this first thing in the morning, that’s when I do my best work, but doing this at the end of the day is OK too.   Do whatever works for you, but schedule in a few minutes each day to get this done.

The beauty of Google alerts is that the notifications come to your email, so they’re there ready for you to comment on. That makes this strategy a lot easier and it’s a great reminder each day as well.

Try posting a comment below to see the CommentLuv plugin in action.  If you want to find out more about it just click on the CommentLuv Icon.

Both Google Alerts and CommentLuv help you leverage using comments in a much more positive way making it easier to find blogs to comment on and help you get more instant traffic generation without spending all day trying to find worthwhile blogs to comment on.


  1. Thanks Liz for a great guide on blog commenting :)

    I personally use it solely as a way to generate backlinks but sometimes, I get traffic as well. The Google Alerts trick is really underused by me and I think it’s time to give it another try.

    Have a nice day!

  2. Hi Liz,
    I have to agree that commenting can be boring and tedious but it is also a great way to build backlinks. If anyone leaves a comment that says,”Nice post” its getting deleted.

    I haven’t used Google alerts except to notify me about my blog. I will try your suggestion to find relevant blogs to comment on.

    • Hi Justin, Have you also noticed the comments that come in from different commenters but the comments are the same? I also get those automated comments that could apply to any blog or blog post. Of course they all just get deleted.

      Do try Google alerts, it’s a convenient way to find other relevant blogs to comment on, it’s a big help. Thanks for your feedback :-)

  3. Debra,

    There are two WordPress blogging platforms. There’s and is like it’s TOTALLY free. The Wordpess software, domain name and hosting are all provided free of charge. All you do is sign up and following the steps to create your blog. However those platforms are limiting and restrictive. Honestly, I don’t recommend them if your creating a blog to be in business.

    I’d suggest using to create a self-hosting WordPress blog. The WordPress software is still free but you’ll need to purchase a domain name and hosting service which in total is about $15 to get started. If you sign up for my newsletter I’ll send you a free guide with the steps for setting up a self-hosted WordPress blog and I have a coupon code for your first month of hosting free at Hostgator, which is the service I use. After the first month if you go with the baby plan is about $8 a month I think.

    I also have some posts with the same information that you can read here:

    Got questions? Shoot ;-)

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