Inspirational and Motivational Business Books I’m Reading

I generally try to slip in a few good inspirational and motivational books now to help keep me inspired and motivated. 

This month I found a few pretty good ones that I wanted to share with you.

Delivering Happiness by Tony Hsieh

Have you ever ordered shoes from Zappos?  I have.  I love that store, but what I really love is their customer service.  That’s a big deal to me, as a business owner and as a customer.

When Tony Hsieh, Zappos CEO, came out with this book I couldn’t resist reading it.  Having been in the service business myself before starting my own internet business I really wanted to read what he had to say.

Tony stresses delivering happiness.  But not just for your customers, it’s important to keep your employees happy too.  It’s a brilliant philosophy and one that works.   If you’ve ever had a bad customer service experience, and who hasn’t, think about the person directly helping you, they probably weren’t happy, in fact more often than not, they hated their job.

Tony’s basic secrets to success that he discusses in depth are delivering superior service, embracing change, continued education and creating a family environment.  He also believes in keeping things fun and interesting by being a little weird now and then.  Can’t be too serious all the time 😉

I’m thinking that since Zappos gets about 75% repeat business, his methods are working.

Whether you own a business or you’re just thinking about it, you’ll get some pretty good  insight into how corporate culture can influence the success of a business,  and that’s true for the major corporations all the way down to the small work at home businesses.


Crush It! By Gary Vaynerchuk

I’ve gotta say, I loved this book the most.   It’s been one of the most inspriational and motivating books I’ve ever read, that’s no lie!

Gary wants all of us to become millionaires and he thinks we are all capable, but sometimes we’re probably our own worst enemies.

Gary asks you to look outside of what other people say you should be or do in the name of earning a paycheck and instead really look at your passion, or as Gary puts it, what’s in your DNA.

He drives home the argument that if you learn to live your passion, things like skills, money to start a business and time are all incidentals, in other words, none of them should ever stand in your way.   Which I think is true, how many times we use excuses like I don’t have to time, money or skills to do something?  Where there’s a will, there’s a way 😉

There are four basic elements that Gary stresses for success:

1. Really find your passion – That’s certainly not a new concept, but it’s key.

I’ve always been a little on the fence with the whole ‘passion’ thing but Gary says it’s everything.  Anyone that has a passion and a skill set they can wrap around it can be wildly successful.   Don’t believe it?   Read the book, you will.  Talk about motivating.

2. Know who you are and be that person. Don’t try to be someone you’re not.  Not everyone will like you, so don’t even try. But those that do like you will love you.   Tell your story.  Stories Be who you are first, do what you do best and the rest will come naturally.

3. Be willing to Hustle. Gary did whatever it took to get ahead and preaches that you can’t be afraid to do that yourself.   Never look for reasons NOT to do something, focus on the reasons TO do something.

4. Build a following. This is sort of a ‘don’t try so hard’ kind of concept.   If you’re doing something you love then you’re probably doing it well and if you do it well people will be coming to you without even trying.

Get inspired with Gary. If you’re on the fence about starting an internet business or if you just need a boost of enthusiasm, get inspired with Gary.   This book just might change your life.


Words That Sell By Richard Bayan

I actually bought this book last year but I’ve been wanting to mention it because it’s a great reference guide that has come to my rescue more times than I can count.

This is a 133 page book that contains all the words that sell, more than 6000 of them to be exact.   The book is full of words and phrases that will tease, grab, appeal and persuade your readers.

But you don’t just get a book full of words, you’ll find examples and phrases of :

  • Headings and slogans
  • Opening questions
  • Statements and challenges
  • Snappy transitions
  • Flattering your reader
  • Selling yourself
  • Follow throughs
  • Calls to action
  • Decision makers
  • All purpose grabbers
  • …and so much more

Using this guide is almost a little like cheating it’s that good 😉

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  1. Ms. Liz says:

    Hey Thanks Mario for your feedback. Motivation is a tough one but listening to those you admire and who offer the occasional words of wisdom can help now and then 😉 Best of success to you.

  2. Hi Sunny, I’ll have to check “The Secret” out. Thanks for the tip and for your feedback :-)

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