How We Use Keywords In Copy Is Changing – What To Do

keywords in copyGoogle has significantly raised the bar for how we use keywords in copy.

For those that have seen a drop in traffic and sales you’ll especially need to think about making some changes.

As bloggers and website owners we can’t keep optimizing our copy with keyword strategies that are outdated.

We need to get up to speed with doing it right – and doing it quickly to avoid dropping out the search engine rankings altogether.

Here’s how.


The Way We Use Keywords Isn’t So Obvious Anymore

I use to make SEO and keyword changes by simply trying to figure out what others were doing, listening to the experts, and following Google’s recommendations. Those things can help but, sort of.

However there are more things, specific things, that you can do to improve how you use keywords in your copy that others aren’t doing.  These ideas have actually come from getting into the mind of Google.

Nope, I haven’t done that, but an accomplished copywriter, SEO and Keyword specialist and a mentor of mine, Karon Thackston has.

A few years ago Karon wrote a book called ‘Writing with Keywords‘ which was a guide for how to use keywords for writing copy in a way that attracts both visitors and the search engines. It was excellent.

But a few months ago Karon did an interview with Google’s Matt Cutts that changed everything.  The interview enlightened Karon to  completely new ways for how to use keywords in our copy.  New more effective ways that anything we’ve been use to.

From that one interview Karon completely re-vamped ‘Writing with Keywords‘. Many of her old unique tips and strategies are still there but she has given us some new more search engine savvy keyword strategies and  optimization tips along with specific steps to help us improve sluggish copy –  all based on her interview with Matt.

New Ways To Use Keywords for Writing Copy

writing with keywordsKaron’s ‘Writing with Keywords‘ book has now become a short, but detailed video series that will take you through the exact steps you need to write keyword-optimized copy that Google will smile on.

It won’t take you days to complete this series. There are 4 modules with 5 videos. You could easily finish it in about 2-3 hours if you went straight through it.  I’m going through the course now and so far I’m hanging on every word, it’s that good :-)

Here’s the link to find out more about this awesome course.


P.S. Because of all the outdated information online right now with regard to using keywords for writing and optimizing copy, about 85% of it is totally inaccurate. Get up to speed now and keep your site from being left behind.


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  1. Ms. Liz says:

    Hey Clint, I think you’ll find the course useful. Let me know what you think :-)

  2. Roofing Contractors Orlando says:

    Thanks Liz. Much needed tips; looking forward to great tips in video. Keyword strategies need to be revisited on regular basis due to changing search algorithms.

    • Ms. Liz says:

      Hi Orlando,

      Keyword strategies do change but also we can do things that are viewed as spamming without even knowing it. Thanks for your feedback.

  3. Hi Liz,

    Nice write up. I feel keywords been changing really a lot since lately.

    Last time, everyone was trying to rank for major keywords. Now, everyone is trying to go long tail. What’s for tomorrow? :)

    Can’t agree more with what you said above and thanks for sharing!


    • Hey Reginald,

      Thanks for stopping by :-) Ranking for the long tail isn’t new, I’ve been doing it for about 8 years. In fact I did a post on it here.

      Using the long tail keywords brings me less traffic but the traffic is far more specific therefore more targeted, which is exactly what you want. Besides ranking for major keywords is just too difficult with too much competition, even in advertising.

      Have a great day Reginald,

      • Reginald says:

        Hi Liz,

        Oh yes, damn true about the long tail keyword. You won’t have a good market or traffic but those traffic you are receiving will be very specific. This is excellent especially when you are targeting for affiliate sales or just want to rank on SE :)

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