How To Write Emotionally Charged Copy That Boosts Sales

The one thing that has worked the best for boosting sales with my copy is connecting with my readers emotionally.

To effectively write emotionally charged copy, your copy should be able to do these 3 things:

  • Appeal to your reader’s wants
  • Help your reader feel their own emotions in your copy
  • Help your reader justify their buying decision

But how do you effectively actually apply these things to your copy?

It starts with understanding who your reader is, what their needs and wants are.  By the way,  this is the most important most basic principle of all Copywriting courses, so make sure you have a good grasp of that concept.

Now that  your really understand your reader, let’s move on to how to actually move them to buy.

Appeal to Your Reader’s Wants

We buy lots of things every day; but aside from the necessities like food, clothing and shelter,  most of our purchases are triggered by our wants more than our needs.   For example, 

“I don’t need that 55″ flat screen HGTV, but I sure do want one”

What moves us to buy is the emotion we feel when buying the things we enjoy.

Many of our emotional purchases stem from these 5 things:

  • Beauty.  We want to look younger, slimmer, sexier
  • Money.    We want to make more money, have more money, save money
  • Health. We want to Live longer, be healthier, fight disease
  • Recreation. We love  Sports, TV, games, cars, vacations
  • Love.  We want to love and be loved through dating, relationships, marriage

We all want to feel better, look better, have fun, live longer and be loved; the more of these things we can get, the happier we are.

Help Your Reader Connect with Their Own Emotions in Your Writing

When you begin writing your sales copy you want to emotionally engage your reader by helping them feel their own emotions first.

For example,  if you have a weight loss program you’re probably targeting overweight people that want to lose weight.

What do those people feel?  Paint a picture for them.   An overweight person might struggle with feeling ugly, can’t get a date, clothes shopping can be agony and they feel insecure.  By helping your reader connect with those negative feelings you’re helping them crave a resolution.

This is an important element of writing emotionally charged copy because if you can engage the reader and demonstrate that you understand their struggles, they’ll also feel confident that you’ll know how to help them.

Boost Sales by Helping Your Reader Justify their Buying Decision

When we buy things, especially things we don’t really need, it helps if we can justify in our own minds why the decision to buy is a good one, so it’s vital that you help your reader justify their decision to buy.  Emphasize things like easier, faster, cheaper, safer, more convenient, luxurious, limited time offer, free delivery, money back guarantee, limited stock, etc.

Whatever you are selling stress any or all the elements that apply, but at the same time also remember to keep in mind the individuals you are marketing to.

For instance, I might stress comfort and speed when selling a BMW to a 30 year old; but if I were selling to a parent buying the car for his daughter, I’d be  stressing safety and warranty.

Once you understand what emotional state your visitors are in and which emotions will trigger them to take action, you’ll be writing copy that is much more effective at driving sales.

If your copy’s not getting results, you CAN boost your sales by learning to write emotionally charged copy. Karon Thackston will show you the exact steps in The Step-by-step Copywriting Course.  Not just a book… a complete self-paced course on writing copy that rocks!

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