How to Write a Headline That Attracts Attention

how to write a headlineWant to know how to write a headline that attracts attention?

  • Be specific
  • Create curiosity
  • Draw interest
  • Offer a benefit

Your headline doesn’t need to include all these things but it needs to be specific enough that your reader knows exactly what your content is about and then raise curiosity.

It doesn’t matter if you’re writing your newsletter, articles, creating sales letters, crafting your emails or writing web content, write a headline that attracts attention.

You can use any one of these 5 powerful attention getting strategies to do that.

1. Write a ‘How To’ Headline

Did you notice the headline of this post?   It asks the classic ‘How To’ question.

This headline is basic, yet so effective. It’s almost too simple.

I especially like the ‘how to’ headline because it forces you to think about what your product or service really does.

And look what happens if you follow it with a benefit.

  • How to write sales pulling copy that sells every time
  • How to cruise the world for only $20 a day
  • How to make delicious  meals in just 15 minutes a day
  • How to create an ebook in less than ten days
  • How to lose your belly without exercise

Here are a few more ideas for using ‘How To'”

  • How to have
  • How to know
  • How to find
  • How to make
  • How to start
  • How to be
  • How to begin
  • How to get
  • How to end
  • How to become
  • How to improve
  • How to develop
  • How to change your
  • How to avoid
  • How to conquer
  • How to better enjoy

2. Write a Headline That Creates Curiosity & Interest

Take a look at this headline:

Lose Ten pounds while sitting in your chair

Would that headline get attention?

If you sit all day at a desk it certainly would.

We don’t think of sitting as a way to lose weight, so this idea creates curiosity.

3. Write a Headline That Includes a Benefit

What benefit is your content offering?

Look at this headline:

How to train your dog in 24 hours

What’s the benefit?  Fast training.  This is more likely to attract attention than simply saying:

How to Train Your Dog

4. Be Specific when writing your Headline

If your headline is vague your reader will be less interested.  The more specific or descriptive you are, the more interest you’ll draw.

It’s the difference between a having a ‘lemon pie‘ or having a ‘ tangy lemon chiffon Pie‘.

It’s the difference between “How to save on your Grocery Bill” or “How to Save 40% on Your Grocery Bill Every Month“.

Getting the idea?  Give as much detail in your headline without getting too wordy.

5. Headlines Should Not Be Misleading

Don’t mislead your readers with headlines that promise things you can’t deliver.  That’s a quick way to lose your reader.

Instead, create an eye-catching headline that reflects what you’re actually delivering.

A headline that says, “How to make a million Dollars in one week“, will have readers rolling their eyeballs.  It’s not realistic.  You can’t deliver on that.

Never try to get your reader’s attention at the expense of misleading them or bending the truth.

6. Optimize Your headlines for the Search Engines

Just like Optimizing your copy for the search engines, you need to optimize your headlines as well. It’s all part of good SEO copywriting.

Start by using your favorite keyword tool to determine a keyword phrase that best describes your content.

For instance, if you are writing about dog training, a headline that reads:

How to train your Poodle in 24 hours

is much more specific and direct than:

‘Dog Training Tips’ which is a much more competitive keyword phrase.

How to Train your Poodle” is less competitive, more targeted and has a better chance of ranking higher in the search engines.

Once you’ve settled on the best keyword phrase, figure out how to write a headline that gets attention by using those keywords with a benefit that your reader will appreciate.

Hope that helps :-)



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