How To Survive Google Ranking Dips

google ranking dipsI had a great question on my last post from Melva who asked,

“How does one recover from Google algorithm changes?”

Unfortunately, if you’ve suffered Google ranking dips from algorithm changes, it’s not easy to recover.

However, I say stop worrying about it.

You could chase Google all day long trying to figure out their algorithm, then drive yourself crazy keeping up with their changes so you can maintain your search engine ranking. Frankly, I think it’s a poor use of our time.

As long as you practice good, sound search engine optimization strategies, just wait, chances are your ranking will come back with the next algorithm change.   It’s like a crazy roller coaster ride.

But who can wait for that to happen?   Nobody!  Waiting for Google to come to their senses and realize you have a great site is a little silly.

So what should you be doing?

Rely less on Google and more on building your own traffic and sales. 

I’ve never loved the idea that the success of my business is dictated by the whims and changes of Google. That’s scary to me.  I prefer to depend less on the search engines and stand more on my own two feet, and you should too.

How to survive Google Ranking Dips and Keep Your Traffic Flowing

Be Active LinkedIn

I’ve had more success with LinkedIn than any other social site. That’s because there’s a lot of interaction on LinkedIn.  People are posting questions, articles, blog posts and making comments, so it’s easy to get involved in topics of interest and spark conversations.

If you’re not on LinkedIn already, get signed up and create an account.

– Complete your profile.

– Click on ‘Groups’ at the top of the page. Then click on ‘Groups You May Like’.

– Enter your niche keyword and request to be in groups that are relevant to your niche.

As you join a group, update your settings to send you an email for all new discussions and topic updates.  I have a separate email for all my LinkedIn activity, that way it’s easy to read only what I’m interested in.

You’ll be amazed at the traffic you’ll receive with daily participation.

Be Active on Twitter

4 times a day get on Twitter and do the following:

  • Create 1 tweet about 1 of your own blog posts or articles
  • Tweet 2 blog posts that you find useful and interesting for your followers that are not yours
  • Tweet 1 personal saying or inspirational tweet.

I personally recommend doing this first thing in the morning and then repeat about every 4-5  hours.

Be Active on Facebook

I confess, I don’t love Facebook, but many of the connections I’ve made there, I’ve learned tons from. I’ve made some great friends there as well.  So even though it’s not my favorite platform, it has a lot to offer your business.

– If you offer free ebooks or guides, ask readers to show support by liking your FaceBook page.

– Share your articles and blog post on Facebook and share other articles and posts you come across.

– Ask relevant questions and solicit responses that will engage readers.

Funnel your Traffic To your email list

Have  an email opt-in box present on every page of your site or blog and funnel your traffic to that list. If you don’t have an opt in email list, think about creating one.


Because people that subscribe to your email list are highly targeted, those are your best potential customers.  If they sign up, they’re interested.  So use that to your advantage.

I don’t mean pitch sales to them.  Instead connect with them as their friend and mentor. Give them the best of you.  Make it so they don’t need to look any farther.  If they trust and like you, they’ll trust your recommendations.

Promote your LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Google+ accounts to those on your list.  Send them your posts and discussions going on.  If they appreciate your content, blog posts or articles ask them to  ‘Like’ it on Facebook.

Involve them just as you would a good friend.  Sometimes people just need to be asked, and they love invitations 😉

What are some of the ways you’ve survived Google ranking dips? Or maybe you haven’t. Then again maybe you haven’t seen any ranking changes at all.  Whatever your experiences, let us hear your thoughts, or rants 😉


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  1. Hi Liz,

    I totally agree with you. We should not always depend on Google in terms of reaching the success of our online business. Updates on its search algorithm is unpredictable and the range of effect towards our search engine ranking is difficult to monitor. That is why we have to make pour own simple ways how to keep our business alive despite of these many changes.

    The idea of keeping an active connections and relationships on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn can be the best solution to still keep on earning without worrying Google’s search updates.

    Thanks for sharing those helpful tips.


  2. Consequently, I would not call them failures as ranking dips are often attributed to Google’s collateral damage during their algorithm updates. Improving site quality is very important as well as adding new content.

    • Ms. Liz says:

      Hi Sarah,

      I like that, ‘collateral damage’. That’s a great way of referring to algorithm updates and hopefully that’s just what it is.

      But you’re also right, to avoid all the damage that can be caused, its really important to keep quality assurance on you site and add new ‘quality’ content as often as possible :-)

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