How to Set Up An RSS Feed & Increase RSS Subscribers

If you’re not a fan of email marketing, you’ll want to use an RSS Feed so that your followers, fans and readers can easily access your blog content and posts.

Here’s how to set u an RSS Feed and Increase your RSS subscribers at the same time…

If you don’t already have an RSS feed, here’s how to set one up:

I use Feedburner to burn my feed.  There are other feedburners but I think this one’s the easiest and most straight forward to use.

1. If you don’t have an account already, go to the Feedburner site and register.  Feedburner is owned by Google, so if you have a Google account you can sign in with that.

2. Once logged into Feedburner with your Google account, go to the ‘myfeeds’ page


3.  In the prompt box, enter your blog’s address:

4. Next Feedburner will create your feed for you and provide you your feed’s address.


Once your feed is set up, go the the feedburner ‘Publicize’ Tab and where you can get the code to post your RSS button on your blog.  Most blogs today come equipped with the RSS feed button and all you have to do is add your RSS Feed address, but if you don’t have it,  Feedburner will supply it for you.

Now use these 5 ways to increase your RSS Subscribers and get more traffic to your blog posts.

#1  If you use email, include your RSS link in your email correspondence.  You can make it part of your email signature, just like how people include social networking links in their email signature, you can include an RSS link.

#2 Make sure you have your RSS subscribe button prominently placed on every single page of your blog.

Try using a motivational call to action. For example, “Stay up to date with all our content by  subscribing to our RSS Feed.”

#3 Use Your RSS feed with social networking. Use another call to action leading social networking friends and followers to subscribe to your RSS Feed. And include the link in some of the content you publish on your Facebook fan page, LinkedIn communications or Twitter posts.

#4  Provide a link to your RSS feed in your information products, even for your free products.  Always invite people to subscribe and stay in the loop.

#5 When you publish content online, whether article directories, YouTube or some other format, include a call to action, and a link, inviting your audience to subscribe.

RSS is a great way to connect with your audience on a consistent basis without having them give you their email address. Even if you use email, give your users the option of using RSS as well.

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  1. You have done a great work with screen shots to set Feedburner feed for the WordPress blog. I have included a live video to set up it. Hopes it may helps to your visitors.
    Best Regards!

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