How To Prevent Your Website from Being Hijacked

Did you know that your website could be hijacked and you wouldn’t know it?

In fact your website visitors could be be stolen by other sites that are stealing your search engine rankings. For many this can go unnoticed for months or even years.

Here’s how it works and how to prevent your website from being hijacked.

Your site is listed in the Google, Yahoo or MSN results in which case visitors click on your entry and are taken to your site, but in the case of a hijacked URL, your visitor is taken to a completely different web site.

This happens because hijackers find the flaws within the software of the domain name servers (DNS) and they send incorrect information to the servers who in turn redirect the traffic to another site.

The problem is that the DNS server does not validate that the information is coming from the proper source allowing your visitors to go to the wrong pages meaning that when someone enters your URL in the web browser or clicks on your site listing, they get sent to the hijackers site instead of yours.

How can you protect your site from hackers?

First of all, get the scoop on choosing a web host that does not use open DNS server. I use Hostgator  and will never have a problem.

If you’re not sure whether or not your hosting company uses an open DNS server or not you can go to
and enter your website URL.  Look for ‘PASS’ on the Open DNS servers line.

If you fail, contact your hosting service right away.  If they can’t fix it, find yourself a new web host.

A secure DNS server only makes sure that no-one hijacks your search engine rankings.  To get high search engine rankings, you must make sure that search engines can parse your web pages and that you have many inbound links that tell search engines that your web site is important.

Hope that helps :-)

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  1. Thanks I needed this. I have had some problems with my site. I think you found the answer. BTW I am a regular visitor and love your website as well as your blog.


  2. Elizabeth says:

    Hey Megan,

    Glad it helped you. That’s definitely my goal :-)


  3. Not sure how you figure Hostgator is expensive. It’s been one of the cheapest hosts I’ve used and the most reliable. Even if I was paying twice what I pay it’s worth it to me for the security, the service and reliability.

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