How to Find a Niche in the Market

find a niche in a marketLooking for that perfect niche in the market?

It doesn’t have to be like finding a needle in the haystack.

Simply start by drilling down a topic that you are interested in.

To demonstrate what I mean let’s take a closer look at how this works.

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Let’s say that you have your eye on the topic of beauty.

Because beauty is a broad topic, there are simply too many high profile sites that will ruin your competitive edge.

So in order to be profitable we’ll need to drill down the niche to find more manageable competition.

Taking a closer look we can see that the most obvious ‘beauty’ niche categories might be:

  • anti-aging skin care
  • organic beauty
  • hair care
  • cosmetics

But these categories are still fairly broad, and also quite competitive.

We need to look at niches that are less broad and more specific yet  profitable enoug with a small numbers of visitors.

If we look closer at the ‘skin care’ category the sub-categories or niches might include things like

  • acne
  • eczema
  • age spots
  • wrinkles
  • psoriasis
  • Rosacea
  • dry skin

Now we’re getting more specific.

With these sub-niches,  we can build a much more effective site that will give us the opportunity to really focus our ideas, tips and remedies.

Drilling down your niche for what people want to know

Once you find a niche it’s time to fine out what people want to know about that niche.

If we take Rosacea for instance we begin to see some interesting search results using it with the following words:

  • how
  • how to
  • what
  • remedy
  • solution
  • learn
  • why
  • should
  • fix

So for example, entering  ‘how to rosacea’  these are just a few things that come up:

  • how to treat rosacea
  • how to clean your face with rosacea
  • how to get rid of rosacea naturally
  • how to kill smites that cause rosacea

Using  rosacea with the word ‘remedy’ or ‘remedies':

  • homeopathic remedies for rosacea
  • herbal remedies for rosacea
  • home remedies for mild rosacea

Using rosacea with the word ‘what':

  • What causes rosacea
  • what aggravates rosacea
  • what can you drink or eat to calm rosacea
  • what is the best makeup for rosacea

Using the phrases ‘how to’ , ‘remedies’ and ‘what’ with your main keyword phrase can turn up endless ideas.

The real value here is that these are the things people specifically type into the search engines when looking for information on a topic.

Drilling Down Your Demographic

Certain topics may seem like a great niche when in fact they cover a broad demographic.

Acne is a good niche topic but it also covers a wide demographic, for example  infant acne,  teenage acne and  adult acne.

You could certainly cover all demographics however it depends on what you are selling and the goal of your business.

Shoes is popular niche, but distinguishing your demographic from men, women and children is better for targeting a specific market.

Another example is the weight loss niche. Specific weight loss markets might look like this:

  • weight loss for men over 60
  • weight loss for women over 50
  • weight loss for teens
  • weight loss for school age children
  • weight loss for women post childbirth

Profitable niches are often those that target individuals that fit a specific demographic.   So identifying your target market is the best way to deliver specific interests that targeted individuals are looking for.

Knowing how to find a niche in the market is really about staying away from the broader more competitive categories, because if you can capture the smaller subsets of the market that the larger marketers don’t bother with, you stand to cash in substantially.

Contrary to popular belief, there are still profitable niches on the web but finding a good, profitable niche is a process and takes a little time to seek out.

Niche Finder Guide
(Right-click and select “save target as”)

If you’re more of a tools person, James Jones of micro niche finder has 5 free videos that will help you not only find the hot niche markets right now but also shows you how to dominate them.




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  1. Mavis Nong says:

    Hi Liz,

    Great tips you are sharing here. This is very helpful.

    One of the challenges of marketing online is finding good niches and niche products to promote or create.

    Thanks for sharing these tips on how to find a good niche market.

    All the best,

    • Hey Mavis, it’s interesting how some people are just drawn to great niche ideas and others really struggle to find something that they are interested in and that has a market. Going through the process may seem tedious but it’s surprising what gems people often discover from taking a closer look at things :-)

  2. This is very powerful post Ms. Liz. You’re sharing awesome tips.
    I just downloaded that niche finder guide and will going to read it tomorrow.

    Thanks for sharing. Retweeted.


  3. Vivek Parmar says:

    I have found my niche and dominating this niche already, now it’s time to make some money :-)

  4. Oliver Tausend says:

    Hi LIz,

    thanks for sharing this very helpful recipe how to find a niche and drill it down so that it’s both profitable and manageable.

    I agree with Mavis that this and finding good products can be challenging, but with proper market research and your advice it’s doable.

    Take care


    • Hi Oliver, I’ve seen some people get really discouraged with finding a niche but it is a process, so if you look at it with the right mindset and take your time, you can come up with a profitable, even clever niche. Thanks for your positive feedback.

  5. Hey Jimmy, thank you for your feedback. BTW, just checked out your site. Liked what I saw :-)

  6. Marcus Baker says:

    Hi Liz,

    Very useful and informative post. I think the problem for a lot of people is that they are only attracted to niches that are already quite larger and very competitive so it is harder to drill down in these.

    Financially it makes more sense to capture a smaller niche that is financially profitable.


    • Hi Marcus, yes that’s kind of a normal reaction for people.

      I had someone tell me once they wanted a bigger niche because they wanted to reach a bigger market and sell more. That’s a typical reaction and a mistake I’ve made myself.

      It’s hard to pass up marketing to 10,000 people and only market to 1000 people, but if those 1000 people are targeted to a tightly focused niche, you’ll make money, those 10,000 people in a ‘lets be everything to everyone’ category, aren’t likely to buy.

  7. Peter Fuller MBA says:

    Excellent tutorial on finding a profitable niche Liz.

    There is so much low hanging fruit out there one just needs to grab it :)


    • Hi Peter, yes, and it’s not really that hard to find if you can take a few minutes and do some snooping around 😉

  8. Heather C Stephens says:

    Hi Liz!

    What a fantastic post. I’m saving it for future reference. I hadn’t thought about using the how, what, remedy, solution, etc. in my niche but I feel like you’ve given me a whole slew of new post ideas with that list of suggestions. The gender and demographics are great tips too. I’ve found that writing locally is helpful for getting local traffic and leads too!

    Fantastic and thank you so much!


  9. Hi Liz, this was an excellent explanation.

    Its funny that we sometimes hear that all the good niches are gone, but I tend to disagree.

    It is necessary though, as you have said to do your research.

    Drilling down can take a bit of work, but often proves that a tiny slice of the cake is better than trying to inhale the whole thing!

    Thanks for your post!

    • Ms. Liz says:

      Absolutely Jayne, not everyone gets that. Finding that low hanging fruit can be a wise move when it comes to profiting online. Thanks for your feedback :-)

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