How to Create A WordPress Blog – Step by Step

If you want to create a WordPress blog, now’s the time, and it’s not hard.

In fact, yesterday I created a brand new blog in just a few hours.  I bought my domain name, created the blog, added my about page and my first blog post and had it all completed in just a few hours.  And today it’s already indexed in Google!

I’ll take you through each of the steps so you can have your own WordPress blog created and ready to go in just a few hours like I did.

It’s easy, honest.

Step 1.  Set up your hosting account

Start with setting up your hosting account.

I use Hostgator to host all my blogs, they make installation really easy, they have great email and phone support and it costs only about $10/month for unlimited blogs and websites.

You can use this link with the coupon code ‘ findmyhost ‘ and get your first month of Hostgator hosting for just a penny.

Step 2. Purchase your domain name

Probably the hardest part for most people is deciding on a domain name.

A good rule of thumb is that your domain name should contain your main topic keywords.  So for example, if your blog will be about spiritual healing,  include those words in your domain or a variation of the words that get the most daily searches.

I purchase my domain names from Godaddy.  No real reason other than I’ve just used Godaddy for years, I like their security and they’re convenient.

When purchasing your domain name ignore all the other hosting and side offers and just purchase your domain name.  It’s also not recommended to use the same service for your domain name and your hosting.

Step 3.  Set up your Nameservers

Once you’ve made your domain name purchase you’ll need to coordinate your domain name with your hosting service and this is done by pointing your domain name to your host’s nameservers.

To find your nameservers, go into your host’s CPanel.  On Hostgator my nameservers are found down the left hand side under the heading ‘Account Information’.

Jot those nameservers down, you’ll need them in a minute.

Once you’ve received your email confirmation on your domain name purchase, go back to Godaddy and find your new domain name under your account summary, click on your new domain name which will take you to your ‘domain details’ page.

Before we can change your nameservers on Godaddy you’ll need to ‘unlock’ your domain.  Within your domain information click the ‘manage’ button to unlock.

Next, look for the Nameservers icon and click on ‘set nameservers’.


Next  brings up the following screen where you can enter your host’s name servers that you jotted down from above:


That’s it!

It may take a few minutes to a few hours for the nameserver change to propagate through the system but while you’re waiting we can begin to set up your WordPress blog on your host.

Step 4. Set up your WordPress Blog

While you’re waiting, go to your Hostgator CPanel and under the Software/Services Section click on the ‘Fantastico De Luxe’ icon.

On the left hand side click on the ‘WordPress’ link.

Next, click on ‘New Installation’.  Complete the information making a note of the ‘Administrator User Name’ and password you choose as you’ll need these to log into your WordPress administration dashboard.


Click install WordPress and you’re done.

Chances are you’re still waiting for your domain name to propagate but you can check it by entering your domain name into your Google address bar.  Once your domain name has propagated you’ll see your WordPress blog display.  It will be the basic WordPress blog theme.

If you’re still waiting this would be a good time to check out some other WordPress themes that you can use to personalize your blog.

Step 5:  Choosing & Installing Your WordPress Theme

When searching for a new theme, don’t simply type in  “free WordPress themes” in the search engines, there are lots of themes that contain malicious code and hidden links.  Instead I recommend getting your themes from the free WordPress extend themes.  They’re all free and they’re safe from malicious code.

If you don’t find a theme there,  I especially like the Flexibility Theme.  It’s the theme I used for my latest healthypregnancy blog.  It’s super customizable with easy one click options, and it’s free :-)

Hopefully by now your domain has propagated, if it hasn’t, your only choice is to wait, however once it’s ready, you can go to your WordPress dashboard by entering your domain name followed by wp-admin into your Google address bar like this:

When the WordPress login window comes up, enter your login and password you set up in Step 4.

Once you’re logged into your dashboard you can change your theme.  If you need help, here’s a 2 minute video that will take you through the simple steps.

Congratulations, you’re a WordPress Blogger!

Now you’re ready to take the next steps:

  • Create your About page – here’s how
  • Choose your Categories
  • Write your first Welcome Post

Don’t forget to download 31 days to build a better blog.  This will definitely kick start your blog by giving you a task a day for 31 days. Following those tasks will start sending you traffic and sales pretty darn fast if not immediately.



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  1. Hi Nisha, Great question. A lot of the break ins and hacks are from vulnerable passwords, I use the the WordPress login lockdown plugin. You can find it here

  2. Hey Ramiro, Wonderful! If you have questions or problems getting set up, shoot me a message, I’ll try to help :-)

  3. Thanks Borgy for the heads up on your images. Good to know :-)

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