How To Create a Targeted Email List

targeted email listHaving a subscriber email list for your business is a good thing, but do you have a targeted email list.

What’s the difference?

A targeted email list is   list of subscribers interested in exactly what you have to offer as opposed to subscribers that aren’t sure of what they want.

Are you targeting the right people?

Most websites with an opt-in subscriber list focus on achieving large numbers of subscribers, but that should never be the goal.

You want to attract people searching with a purpose.

It’s not about the number of people on your list, it’s about finding that want precisely what you have.  I’d much rather build an email list of 50 targeted subscribers than a list of 1000 subscribers that aren’t quite sure what they’re looking.

Here’s how to create a targeted email list that is made up of a targeted group of people most likely to buy from you.

1.  Be Niche Focused Yourself

If your business or niche is too broad the harder it is to make a sale.  

When people buy they buy for specific reasons. If you appeal to too many areas of your niche, it’s harder to find a specific buyer.

I use to have a skin care website that covered a broad range of skin care problems and products.  So take for example the person that opts into my skin care email list that has a problem with acne.  

As soon as I start delivering information on anti-aging they’ll opt out, they’re not interested in that information. And of course they’re a lot less likely to buy from me. If I”m not focused and my reader’s not targeted, I’ll most likely lose a subscriber and never make a sale.

2. Know Who Your Audience Is and what they are looking for.

You have to know who your target audience is and get in front of them in their Environment.

So let’s start with who your audience is?

Before you can attract the people you want to attract you have to know who they are, right?

Who is the perfect customer to buy your product? 

What is their age, sex, income, etc.? 

What problems do people have that your service or product can solve, and finally what is your target customer looking for from your product or service.

For example,  if I’m selling strollers, who’s likely to buy them?  Moms right?  Specifically moms in their 20’s and early 30’s.

So how do you talk to a 20 year old mom?  How do you appeal to her? What does she like, dislike and need? 

Those are questions you need to answer in order to connect with her so she’ll buy. Answer these questions and you will know how to appeal to your audience in a way they’ll be compelled to buy.

3. Create a free offer that compels visitors to subscribe.

People aren’t simply going to opt-in to your newsletter or email just because they see an opt-in box.  

They’re going to need a good reason to give you their name and email address.

They’ll need an offer they can’t refuse. A compelling offer could be a free ‘how to’ guide, a free tips resource, e-course or some sort of special report.   Once you have an offer to share  created your free offer I’d also suggest boosting your opt-ins with a squeeze page that will highlight your free by clearing describing your free offer and showing the benefits.

4. Get in front of your target market in their environment

I have two favorite ways of getting in front of my target market that’s extremely useful for building an email list that is targeted:

– Do an email list exchange with other sites in your niche.

For example, let’s say you had a free guide on how to market articles.  Start by researching the web for other internet marketing sites and ask them if they’d be interested in offering your free guide to their email list.  In return you can offer a valued resource that they have to your list.

Don’t look for sites that are in direct competition with you, instead look for sites in your general niche that would have subscribers that may be interested in your free resource.

Not every webmaster will take you up on your offer, so don’t let that discourage you, but those that are interested will help you expand your reach considerably.

– Guest Blogging.

Guest posting on blogs is another one of my favorite ways to create as well as expand my email list.

Most bloggers love getting good guest posts.  It saves them from writing a post themselves and it gives their blog a little different flavor having someone else write for them from time to time.

If I can get just one guest blogging opportunity a week I can expand my reach considerably for the month.  Especially if the blog owner does a good job of social networking their blog posts.

In the byline of your guest post don’t include a link to your home page, instead write a resource box that encourages the reader to sign up for your email list, so refer the reader to your opt-in or email sign-up page.

Here are some article resource box examples that will double as guest posts resource boxes.

– Participate in Niche Forums.

Forums are a great way to connect with people in your niche. But you’ll need to tread lightly when using forums.

Start out by registering with 2 or 3 niche forums. Then participate by asking good questions and also responding to questions that come into the forum.  Don’t blatantly try to sell when on a forum, you’ll get yourself booted off. Forums are meant for discussion and interaction. Members are required to help one another and to respond in a way that is helpful and courteous.

Do this consistently and the forum members will get familiar with your knowledge and expertise.

When you subscribe to a forum set up your registration signature to include your squeeze page URL address. Some forums require a certain number of comments to be made before your signature will display, so honor the forum’s requirements and you’ll soon see opt-ins once your signature displays.

Targeted email list take away…

Getting subscribers on your list isn’t the tough part, it’s getting the most qualified subscribers, those directly targeted to what you have to offer.

To effectively do that you need to be niche focused yourself, know who your audience is, what they want, like and need as well as what they don’t want, Then get in front of them in their environment.




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