How To Create A Squeeze Page That Lures More Email Subscribers

how to create a squeeze pageOne of the most effective ways to begin building a targeted list of email subscribers is with a squeeze page, but it’s not enough to simply create a squeeze page.

You need to know how to create a squeeze page that will effectively lure in more email subscribers on a daily basis. 

Squeeze pages are effective for capturing subscribers because they are specific, compelling and personal.   A good squeeze page contains many of the things an effective sales page has like a headline, bullet points, copy and testimonials, but it’s shorter,  more to the point and has a much better capture rate than your basic simple opt-in box.

Here are the basic elements for creating a squeeze page that will help you improve your daily opt-in rates.

What to Include on Your Squeeze Page

– Start with a great headline.  Just like with any other headline you write, your squeeze page headline needs to be compelling, it needs to capture attention, or create a sense of urgency.  The key to a good headline is to use attention getting  keyword phrases that speak to the reader and include a benefit.  Here’s more on how to craft great headlines:

– Create an Introduction Paragraph.  Write one or two lines that clearly state what your offer is about and how your reader will benefit from opting in to your offer.

– Use bullet points that clearly describe what your reader gets.  Don’t confuse  your readers by giving them more information than is necessary on your squeeze page.  Include about 4-6  bullet points that describe exactly what your e-course will include, then follow each point with a benefit.    Bullet points work extremely well on squeeze pages because they draw the reader’s eye directly to what you want them to see.

– Provide two opt in boxes on your squeeze page.  It will improve your opt-in rate if you place your first opt-in form  above the fold at the top of the page or along site of your headline.  You want your subscribers to see it without scrolling down the page.  The second opt-in form should be placed at the bottom of the page, near your closing.

– Keep your opt-in box simple.  Only ask for the minimum information.  Typically this will be your subscribers name and email address, nothing more.  Some marketers go even simpler than that and ask for only an email address.  Because I like to personalize my emails I prefer asking for my subscribers name as well.

– Add a Few compelling Testimonials.  If you’re just starting out you probably won’t have any testimonials to add to your squeeze page, but it won’t be hard to get a few.  Simply pass your free offer on to a few people you know.  Ask them to read it and write a few lines about what they liked about it.

Another way to get a few good testimonials is to add a follow up message to your email autoresponder asking your subscriber to please comment on what they thought about your free offer.

Include a privacy notice.  Since privacy is a major concern for subscribers, place a small privacy notice on your squeeze page. I like to place it directly under the ‘Subscribe’ button letting subscribers know that you won’t sell or share their email address.  You may also want to simply create a ‘Privacy Policy’ link that takes the reader to a privacy page.

– Use a professional graphic.   Give your free e-course, guide or e-book a professional look  with a cool looking cover graphic that you can add to your Squeeze page.  You can hire someone to create your graphic cover or you can create a cover yourself using Photoshop. Personally I don’t like either idea.  Hiring someone can cost about $50-$75 for one cover and if you’re like me and don’t know Photoshop that won’t help, so I use Ecover Creator.  For $27 there’s no Photoshop needed and you can create awesome looking covers with just a few clicks at a fraction of what it costs to hire a designer.

– Personalize Your Closing.   Include your name and email at the end of your squeeze page.  I also like to include my picture.  This gives your readers a sense of who you are and your genuineness.  This is important to people when they’re giving you information on who they are.

You may also want to personalize your signature  by creating a graphic of your handwritten signature.  I like this because it adds an element of  trust and genuineness.  Directly beneath your signature include your typed name and website address.

When To Use Your Squeeze Page

One mistake many marketers make is that they often send readers to their home page hoping they’ll notice their opt-in box.  If your objective is to improve your subscriber rates, get in front of your readers with a compelling squeeze page. For example,  all resource box links should link to your squeeze page, not your home page.  Even though you have an opt-in box on every page of your website or blog,  linking to your home page or some other page on your site will not be nearly as effective for getting the sign up.

In Summary…

It doesn’t matter how much competition you have or how poorly you do in the search engines, your subscribers are the people willing to hear from you over and over again, and a good well thought out squeeze page will continue to bring in new, targeted subscribers on a consistent basis.  The real beauty of this strategy is that once you have a steady list of subscribers you will quickly see an increase in traffic, sales and profits.



Photo Courtesy of ‘Ambro’ and Free Digital Photos

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  1. Katherine says:

    Don’t have a website but I appreciate your grounded effort. No hype. I like that. I
    want to have an online business , but I don’t know which company to choose, there
    are so many. Carbon Copy pro is one that I am looking at. Do you have anything to
    say about it?I need someone honest to talk to. Thank you

  2. Hey Katherine,

    Deciding on a company can be difficult. I’m not a proponent of companies which are typically MLM (multi-level marketing) which CCP appearst ot be. I promote building your own business, be it affiliate marketing, resell rights, creating your own info product, etc.

    Maybe some others have some input no this?

    Katherine, I’ll email you with of my findings on this. If others are interested in what I’ve learned, make a post and I’ll email you as well.
    Ms. Liz :-)

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