How To Cloak Affiliate Links – 3 Easy Steps

When you join an affiliate program, the affiliate links they give you are typically long and ugly.  In fact they scream affiliate link.

These ugly links make visitors hesitant to make the click, and frankly, some people just don’t want to click on or make a purchase through a third party link.    That’s lost revenue for you.

The best way around using these long ugly affiliate links is to cloak them or redirect them, and I’m going to show you in 3 easy steps how to cloak affiliate links yourself.

3 Steps to Cloak your Affiliate Link:

Step 1:  Create an html page on your website and insert the following code:

<meta http-equiv=”refresh” content=”0;URL=insert affiliate link”>
<body bgcolor=”#ffffff”>

Insert your affiliate link (complete with http://) where it says ‘insert affiliate link’.

Step 2:  Save the file and name it something relevant to your product, for example if the product you are promoting is a bluewidget, you might name the file bluewidget.html

You can also create the .html file using your file manager on your host.

Step 3:  When your .html file has been created and saved, you are ready to use it as a redirect.

Here’s what your new affiliate link will look like:

Now when a visitor to your website clicks your affiliate link, the code in the redirect file will redirect the user’s browser to the page with the URL of your affiliate link.  Of course all of that happens behind the scenes.  The only thing your users will see is the actual page you want them to see.

Congratulations! You’ve just created a cloak for your affiliate link.

If you test and track the results I think you’ll discover that you’ll see more clicks and hopefully more profits 😉

Got questions?  Just ask.

More on how to cloak affiliate links:

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  1. Dan R Morris says:

    I’ve never done that – thanks for the html. I never even thought of doing that.

    I do use the Pretty Links plug-in on WordPress which does exactly that. In fact, I wasn’t sure how it worked but I guess the plug-in creates the page you just described.

    Another thing that I do is but a new domain name. For instance, for a stock photo site I promote I bought I then created an html iFrame for the actual site using my affiliate link. If you go there now, the url at the top never changes from . If I want people to remember that, I like for it to stay in the url while they are there.

    That’s my 2 cents. :)

    Dan Morris

    • Hey Dan,

      I guess cloaking links is more for traditional websites, as WordPress does so many things with plugins, like the one you mentioned which really does the same thing. I have a few Xsitepro websites so the cloaking thing works really well for those sites.

      Using your own domain is also another, even better way to go. I talked about that very same thing in this post I did a few weeks ago

      Whatever you can do to keep your affiliate referral commissions coming to you is certainly worth doing.

      Thanks for your great feedback Dan :-)

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