How to Be a Super Affiliate

how to be a super affiliateIf you want to know how to be a super affiliate, start using the affiliate strategies that separate the super affiliates from the average ones.

Simply asking people to click on your affiliate link won’t help you hit super affiliate status.  If that’s been your strategy, you’ve probably been disappointed.

Instead, maximize your affiliate commissions with strategies that separate the super affiliates from the average ones.

Here are my favorite 7 strategies for how to be a Super Affiliate.


Strategy #1.  Being a Super Affiliate means Finding Focused Niches

You’re probably tired of hearing that, actually so am I  😉  but it’s significant to becoming a super affiliate.

The trick is not to be so niche focused that you can’t make any sales, yet not so broad that your competition is too vast.

Sound tricky but here’s a method I use to find focused niches.

Start with a product, service or information niche that people are hot for, then narrow it down to a demographic.

For instance, weight loss is a huge market but not a very refined niche, but weight loss for postpartum women is.   Why?  Weight loss is a popular hot topic, and so is postpartum.   Putting two great topics together narrows the field and provides a more unique, focused niche topic.

Here are a few more examples that I can think of off the top of my head.

  • Real estate in Tampa Florida
  • Weight loss for kids
  • Walking stick for arthritis
  • Parenting for the single mom
  • Walking for fitness

Strategy #2.  Create a Blog or Website

People don’t typically purchase products they’re not familiar with simply by clicking a banner or a clever ad. Most people need help in making the buying decision, they need proof that the product is worthwhile and will fulfill their need.  In other words, they want to be convinced. Having your own blog or website helps you accomplish that task.

With your own site you can demonstrate products and services, write creative, compelling content, make special offers, answer questions and connect with buyers. That’s how sales are made. It’s much harder to do that without your own site.

Strategy #3  A Super Affiliate is Mindful of their Affiliate links

An affiliate marketers bread and butter are their affiliate links, so it goes without saying that you need to make sure they are always working and are displayed correctly.

Here are a few tips:

Cloak affiliate links. This masks your links from the search engines but also makes the link look a bit cleaner.

– Register a domain name to redirect your affiliate link to.  Where allowed, and check with your affiliate manager, promote your affiliate products with your own domain name.  This is an especially helpful strategy for keeping down affiliate theft.

– If you are promoting affiliate products in Clickbank, use these Clickbank affiliate tips that will avoid Clickbank link leak.

Strategy #4. Super Affiliates Have an Email Opt In List

With the search engines making it more and more difficult to rank well, we need a way to capitalize on the visitors we do get by capturing them in our email list so that we can connect with them, build trust and keep them coming back to our site.   Email is the one affiliate marketing strategy I rely the heaviest on, as do all super affiliates.

To begin creating your email list, simply place an email opt-in box on every page of your site.  To encourage people to subscribe you’ll need to give then a reason to sign up.  You might offer a weekly or monthly newsletter, offer to send them free blog or website updates or lure them with a free gift such as a free guide, course or ebook.

And once you’ve started building an email list, even if you only have 10 subscribers, continue to email them with useful, helpful and friendly information.  Keep them posted on what you are doing, offer them free advice, useful tips and give them special deals now and then.

Also don’t be afraid to check back with your subscribers often.  Don’t let weeks lapse between emails, readers tend to forget who you are if too much time goes by without hearing from you.

Strategy #5.  Publish Quality Content

Be a contributor of great content. If you have a blog, commit to publishing a post at least 3 times a week, if you have a website, publish articles there and then publish them on article directories like

When you’re not publishing to your own site or blog,  try guest posting on other blogs in your niche. Providing useful, unique content that readers can relate to is the super affiliate’s best marketing tool.  No ads, banners or advertising can out perform great content.

Additionally create free guides, courses or create an ebook and freely distribute it to your email list.  Within your ebook mention the tools or products you promote that will help your readers complete the training you are offering them.

Strategy #6.  Super Affiliates write Compelling Product Reviews

Don’t just simply use the banner ads, free reports, articles, and email copy the affiliate program provides for you.  Take a few minutes to write a product review of your own.  A personal product review has much more sales potential, it’s genuine, and the reader won’t have seen it already on another affiliate site, a sure giveaway that you’re not genuine.

Strategy #7. Track and Test

I never loved tracking and testing, but now I look forward to it.  I get some very cool and interesting information from just looking at my traffic stats and seeing where my website traffic comes from, how they found my site and what they are clicking on.

For example, if I know what keywords people are using to find my site I can  use those keywords to get even more traffic to my site.   If I know what pages are the most visited I can work on further monetizing those pages.  Just a simple one word change on a webpage or in an email title can mean a significant difference in amount of traffic you get.

Always test what you’re doing.  Test your copy, your ads, and your emails.  When you find something is working, stick with it and leverage it to the max.



P.S.  I hit super affiliate status for many of the products I promote by reading and learning from the Super Affiliate Handbook, by Rosalind Gardner. I think it’s an awesome resource for all affiliate marketers.  And Rosalind has just dropped the price significantly from $97 to an amazing $27.   That’s $70 off the original price and there’s a 100% money back guarantee.  How’s that for no risk?

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  1. Mika Castro says:

    This is true. I must say that this tips is a good lecture for me as a beginner and taking this job step by step. I am sure that aiming to be a Super Affiliate person will boom!

    • Hey Mike, One other thing I didn’t mention that’s also important is to keep in touch with your affiliate managers. They’re the ones that an hook you up with special deals, coupon codes and other savings that you can poss on to your visitors. They’re often willing provide you with an offer that’s unique to other affiliates if you just ask. Thanks for our feedback :-)

  2. melvapratt says:

    Thank you for this aritcle some of these things I am already doing, but I did learn a couple of new things as I always do from you. You rock ,Ms. Liz.

    • Hey Melva, I’m so glad you picked up something new, I hope it’s useful for you. So great to hear from you :-)

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