Hostgator Pricing & Coupon Codes Clarification


Last week I was helping a friend get set up on Hostgator and realized that for such a great hosting service the Hostgator pricing is confusing. 

I got my friend his first month of hosting free with my coupon code, actually for .01, but he wasn’t clear on the monthly pricing.

If you like Hostgator but you’re also confused on their pricing, here’s clarification.

Hostgator Pricing and Coupon Codes Clarification

Depending on what Hostgator hosting plan you go with pricing varies.  They have several plans to choose from and all their pricing is extremely affordable but I wouldn’t necessarily go with the very cheapest plan, for instance the Hostgator ‘Hatchling” plan is the cheapest, but you’re limited to only one domain.

I recommended the ‘Baby Plan’ for my friend which is what I use.  I like it because you get unlimited domains, meaning just one account will host ALL your domains, no matter how many you have.

Once you choose your plan, Hostgator has basically two types of payment plans. You can pay monthly or you can pay for your hosting 2 or 3 years in advance and get a substantial discount.

Special Discount Offers

Hostgator offers specials all the time. At the moment Hostgator is offering 20% off all their plans.  So looking at the ‘Baby Plan’ for example, their monthly rates and 20% discount looks like this:

            Normal Rate          With 20% Discount

  • Monthly $.9.95        $7.96
  • 2 years  $8.95           $7.16
  • 3 years $7.95           $6.36

*** Notice that the price reflects 20% off your first invoice only)

Monthly Payment Plan

If you choose the monthly payment you can use my link and coupon code below and get your first month of hosting for a penny.  This is a nice option, especially if you’re just getting started, but note that after the first month you’ll be billed the regular rate of $9.95/month for the Baby Plan.

Use this link

Use coupon code ‘homenotion’

Yearly Payment Plans

The other savings option you have is to go with the yearly payment plans and pay 2 or 3 years in advance.  The difference here is that instead of getting your first month of hosting free you’ll receive a 25% discount for each month, not 20% off the first month only.

So for example if you go with the 2 year prepaid plan, the 25% discount brings your monthly cost down from $7.16  to $6.71, and with the 3 year prepaid plan, you’ll go from $6.36 to $5.96.  Those options are substantially cheaper than paying monthly at $9.95.

I Hope that helps clarify the Hostgator pricing confusion :-)


P.S. And of course, Homenotion is hosted by Hostgator :-)  I am also both an affiliate and satisfied customer of Hostgator’s web hosting. I earn a commission on my Hostgator referrals which supports the time, money and effort that goes into keeping Homenotion a free site for you.

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  1. Thanks Liz for your explanation 😀

    I’m hosting my site with Bluehost and their services are great as well. But I think there is one thing that I’m not satisfied with them is their billing plan. They only accept one time payment. That means I have to pay one year of billing at once. You know, it’s not feeling good to lose a decent amount of money at once lol! Beside that, I’m happy with them.

    And Hostgator is, no doubt, always on the top of this industry!

    Have a nice day.

    • Hey Duy,

      People need options and even though paying monthly instead of pre-paying a year in advance can sometimes cost more in the long run, it’s an option a customer should be able to have.

      Thanks for your great feedback :-)

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