High Quality Content – What Is It and Do You Have It?

high quality contentWith sites being penalized by Google for not meeting their definition of quality content, you might be wondering…

What IS Google’s definition of high quality content?

Google has clear guidelines.  They’re plain as day on Google’s Webmaster Tools.  You should definitely read them.

But here’s the problem.  Many site owners say they meet Google’s guidelines, yet they still fell in ranking.

If you’re puzzled by your ranking, a good litmus test might be to examine your strategy.

Are you giving more attention to the search engines than to your visitors?   

Am I saying you should simply ignore the search engines?  Not at all.   Always use good Search engine optimization strategies and use them consistently, but don’t put the search engines ahead of your readers.

Since everything online starts with quality content, use the ideas below to develop your content, keywords and links for a better user experience which will in turn improve your rankings.  

Content Quality

Keep your content original.  That is, write in your own words and include your own thoughts.  Develop a web or blog writing style that reflects your persona and your personality.  Here’s more on how to do that.


Understand your readers.  Who are they?  What do they want to know? What struggles or problems do they have?  How can you give them that help?  Don’t simply state problems, offer real solutions.

–  Put great content above the fold.  If Google finds more advertising above the fold than useful content, you’re page is likely to be penalized.

But even more important than that, if advertising is the first thing your visitors see, that’s distracting.  It also dilutes a user’s experience, which is exactly what Google doesn’t want.

It’s OK to advertise, just keep your advertisements further down your page.

Don’t spend more time on SEO than on your content.  As long as you’re writing quality content that your audience wants to read, Google will find you.  And when they do, you can bet they’ll be looking for those very things pointed out in their guidelines for high quality content.

Keyword Quality

Stay relevant and on topic. The keywords in your copy should be relevant to your topic.  Also keep your topic focused.  If you find yourself getting off topic, create another article and cross reference the two.

No keyword stuffing.  You can certainly keyword optimize your pages by including your keywords in your title, description and where they fit on your page, but don’t compromise the flow and logic or your content by artificially stuffing in your keywords.

Link Quality

– Links within your copy need to send readers to pages that are relevant to the topic of your content.

– Use other pages to link to your copy using link text variations of your keyword phrase, or simply display the URL of the page.  Not all links have to be keyword text links.  Mix it up.

– Keep your links honest, in other words don’t:

  • Use links that manipulate Page Rank
  • Link to web spammers or bad neighborhoods
  • Use excessive reciprocal links or excessive link exchanges (note the word excessive)
  • Buy or sell links

Your thoughts?


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  1. Ms. Liz says:

    Hi Kate, backlinks are a good thing, but how you use them matters more now. For instance, if all your text links use the same keywords to go to the same place, they may get ignored, so try to vary your text link keywords a bit.

  2. Hi Liz, I’m glad you are sharing your expertise in this area because you certainly have some great content here. I think people get impatient and they want instant success. They don’t want to put in the time it takes to learn the craft of blogging they just want to slap some AdSense at the top of the page and forget about putting any effort into their blogs. Thanks for spreading the word on how it should be done right!

    • Ms. Liz says:

      Hey Ileane,

      People DO want immediate gratification without having to do much work, just ask my kids, LOL!

      Anything worthwhile takes education and effort. You’re certainly a great example of that Ileane. You’ve learned so much and put it all into practice beautifully. We can all take a lesson. Thanks so much for your kind feedback.

      Liz :-)

  3. Magic Webs says:

    It is a good thing that part of Google’s algorithm is to make sure that high quality contents are being published in one’s site. Hence, the challenge goes to the site owner wherein he needs to make sure that his site is promoting valuable information for the readers. Every blogger/writer should know how to conform with Google while putting their valued readers into the top priority. We are not here to be uplifted by Google; we’re here to serve our readers first and foremost.

    Great article Ms. Liz! Great reminder for every site :)

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