Helpful Exercise For Writing Reader Focused Content

reader focused content

Are You Using Reader Focused Content? You Should Be.

Are you writing reader focused content?

If you’re not sure what that means, here’s the scoop.

Reader focused content is content that narrows its focus to specific reader with specific interests — avoiding generalities.  

In other words, people don’t want general information, they want specific information.

For example, a cook will typically have a specific idea in mind such as vegan cooking or crock pot cooking when they go looking for cooking ideas.

An accountant looking for information on brushing up on their  job interview skills is more  likely to read a piece on ‘how to interview for an accounting job’ as opposed to a piece on ‘How to nail a job interview’.

So if you’re writing a piece about which exercises are great for your health

The moral of the story is that writing reader focused content is about speaking directly to a reader’s needs delivering the specific information they’re looking for and avoiding generalities.

Here’s how to do that…

Helpful Exercise for Writing Reader Focused Content

The more specific you are with your writing the easier it is to find your targeted reader.

Take for example the topic ‘how to lose weight’.  You can’t possibly write about how to effectively lose weight for all demographics and still provide useful information that everyone can use.  You have to ask yourself a few important questions first.

Who do you want to target your ‘how to lose weight’ content for?

  • Women?
  • Men?

If you’re writing for women, what type of women?

  • Working women?
  • Stay at home moms?
  • Postpartum women?
  • Menopausal women

There are many types of women and each one has different dietary needs if they’re going to lose weight effectively.

Once you have a specific audience to focus on you’ll have a better grasp on what dieting information will best help them succeed at losing weight. You’re now attracting more targeted readers, which is exactly what you want.

Remember, the more narrow your focus, the more targeted your audience.  Your audience may not be a large but they’re more focused and that’s what you need in order to make sales.  I’d rather have 50 people on fire for what I have to offer than 1000 people who are luke warm.

Reader Focused Content Is Relevant Content

Now that you know what you’re writing about and who your audience is, the body of your content has to be relevant to the title, description and the keywords you’re using.

Don’t be tempted to waiver off topic by delivering information that isn’t relevant to the main topic.   A piece titled ‘The miracle diet for stay at home moms‘ that focuses primarily on exercise will lose credibility with both readers and search engines.  Keep in mind that if a human doesn’t find your content relevant, the search engines won’t either.

If you find yourself veering off topic, create another article or post and simply link to it within your content.

Using Relevant, Focused Keywords Helps with Focused Content 

Your keywords need to be focused as well and this can take a minute or two to research.

Keyword research can be complicated or it can be easy. I take the easy approach by looking at as many keywords and keyword phrases that accurately define my content.  Then I take that list of keyword phrases, and using simply the free Google Keyword Research tool, I find which keyword phrases my visitors are most likely to use by evaluating the search counts and the competition.

A piece on ‘how to lose weight walking’ for example would have a main keyword phrase of lose weight walking.

Using the Google keyword research tool simply type in all phrases you can think of for this idea.

  • How to lose weight walking
  • walking for weight loss
  • weight loss when walking
  • Walking off the pounds
  • walking off weight

Typing these key phrases into the Google search tool, one per line, I can see that ‘how to lose weight walking‘ and ‘walking for weight loss’ both have similar monthly searches and are both in ‘low’ competition, so either of these key phrases would work well.

Once you settle on a key phrase, use this checklist for optimizing your keywords within your content.

Also make sure that the way you use your keywords within your content makes sense. Don’t compromise the integrity of your writing by using your keywords too often or unnaturally.  Your readers will be frustrated with that and it adds absolutely no search engine value to your writing.

Don’t Forget Your Writing Objective

Whenever you write a piece of content, have an objective.   For example, what’s the goal of the piece you’re writing?

Do you want to:

  • Make a sale?
  • Generate more traffic?
  • Build authority?
  • Build relationships?
  • Encourage subscribers?
  • Increase comments?

You may want all those things, but honestly trying to accomplish too many things can sometimes mean accomplishing nothing.

Have one purpose for each piece of content you write. This gives you focus but it also gives your reader focus as well.  Having an objective will help you write in a way that naturally achieves your specific goal.

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  1. Hi Jennifer, glad this helped. Good luck with your subscribers, remember to keep them interested and engaged.

  2. Weekend-Windup says:

    Hi Liz,

    Yes, this is very true. If we want our visitors come again and again, blog content is very important. It should be very focused and serve the need of the visitors at the best.

    Excellent post, thanks for sharing…

  3. Helpful indeed! I think this is important for us who loves to write and consider it as our bread and butter. Thanks for this one!

    • Ms. Liz says:

      You’re so right Calra.

      If writing great content is your bread and butter then writing content that focuses on what readers want to read is a really key element. Thanks for your feedback.

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