Having an Online Business in College

Guest Post By Thomas Benjamin of Inetzeal.com

More and more these days people are starting to bring their businesses online. This includes small businesses, individual entrepreneurs, and even large companies.

Producing an online business is easier than you may think, and the benefits you can receive may even surprise you.

For small businesses or companies, having an online presence is essential to create legitimacy, and reach a wide user base. For individuals it’s a little bit different.

Commonly you can see sites made by stay at home moms, industry professionals, or someone who has an inside knowledge of a topic. Of course successful online businesses are not limited to these three groups, but every individual shares a little something in common. They are passionate about their topics, and they have a little bit of free time.

Another group of people who share this common theme is college students.

College students are often some of the most outspoken people on the internet, and they certainly have a lot of free time, don’t let them fool you.  One thing that most college students have in common is that they are struggling for money. Competition for campus jobs is fierce. Fortunately for college students, they are receiving a high level of education, they are young, they are fresh with ideas, and whether they know it or not they have everything it takes to start a successful online business.

A college atmosphere is the perfect place to work online. You have internet access almost everywhere, coffee shops with WIFI walking distance, free advertising via bulletin boards, and an endless amount of free information at your fingertips. A prefect example of this is the creation of Facebook, but lets not get ahead of ourselves.

Before an idea for an online business can be brought to life, one must consider how they are going to get a website. Not everyone can code a website from scratch, but hey if you are going to learn, college is the perfect place to start. You have access to an endless library including books on HTML, CSS, and Javascript – the building blocks of the web.

If coding is a little bit to far out of your range, the applications of technology have built many different platforms to create professionally designed websites with ease. One of the most prominent, is WordPress. Whatever your idea is for an online business, there is a WordPress theme for  that.

Now that you have a necessary business tool of a website, lets talk about the kind of things you could do online.  Just to be clear, you do NOT need a website to work online.  A website is simply the most common way to have an online presence. There are a number of things that you can do.

A very common theme is to create a gossip, or news blog about campus related events. This is a great way to get other students involved and have a loyal following of fellow classmates. This is just one example. The thing that is really important about creating a website is to solve a problem, perhaps a problem a campus may have.

For example, maybe a shuttle schedule. Maybe fair testimonials about campus housing or the best places to eat, the best deals that a particular bar might have on a certain night, the list of possibilities goes on.

If you can solve a problem, or create something that is contextual value, then after you build traffic you can monetize your site in a number of ways. However, like I said before, you do not need a website to make money online while in college.

The one thing that is true about the internet is that it is growing, at an alarming rate. With all of this growth, websites are going to need content. As a college student, you have access to limitless amounts of knowledge, and writing content is what you do best. Being a freelance writer can be a great way to earn some extra cash in college. It can be a little hard to find work, if you do not  have an online website, or a preexisting online presence.

However, there are a few places that you can look. The first place to look is textbroker.com. Here you can sign up as a writer, and depending on the quality that you provide, you could earn anywhere between $20-30 for around 800 words. You could even contact various websites offering your services, and provide examples.

Doing this can really be hit or miss, but if you can prove yourself as a quality writer, you will eventually find work. Content may also be delivered as high quality articles designed specifically for a link building service, which can help you when working for an SEO Company. Quality content is what drives the web, and that will always be a service that will be needed.

Today people are trying to make a few extra dollars, especially in this economy. Working online has become very popular because of real possibilities for making money.

An important thing to note is that working online doesn’t come over night. You need to have talents, and you must have the time to succeed. College students have both. They are educated, and they have a massive amount of free time. College students are motivated, and have the necessary means to create a website of value that can have a whole campus following.

Making money online is a real possibility. If you are clever, and can produce quality content, you can produce value for own website or for other websites – making money in the process.

Even creating content for a business’s social media sites has become a necessarily skill that college students are more than capable of producing. College students have all of the tools to create an online business, its just about using them in the right place.

Article written by Thomas Benjamin. Thomas blogs about many various topics working on the internet including the best website development service for SEO.


  1. Nice post Thomas :D

    You know what, I’m in the final year of college and I’m building my own online business as well! It hasn’t yielded much results yet but I know I’m heading to the right place. Thanks for sharing your experience man!

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