Guest Post Byline Tips And Ready to Use Templates

guest post bylineNo doubt, your guest posts are helping with links and traffic, but what about your guest post byline?

Is it working as hard as your content?  Are you getting the full potential out of your byline?

Don’t simply create a guest post for the sole purpose of getting inbound links and call it good.  Use guest posting to boost your sign-ups, get you more clicks, and potentially boost sales as well.

Here are byline tips and ready-to-use byline templates that I use, and you’re welcome to copy and use them for your next guest post.

  • Tip #1.  Make sure the link in your byline is highly-relevant to the content of your guest post. A visitor will read your content because it’s a topic of interest to them, so they’ll be a lot more likely to click on a link that has even more topic relevant information.
  • Tip #2. Use your best keyword phrase in your text link for the page you are linking to but if you are writing several guest posts linking to the same page, vary your text link keywords.  Don’t use the same keyword phrase in every guest post byline.
  • Tip #3.  Use a good strong call to action with a benefit in your byline.  For instance, don’t simply say, “Please visit Jane at”.  Readers will simply ignore that; there’s no benefit to clicking.   Your call to action can be anything you want it to be but it has to compel the click.   Remember, no benefit, no click.

Ready-to-Use Guest Post Byline Templates

These templates contain a call to action and benefit.  Simply customize them by filling in the blanks with your name, product, benefits or action.

Template: For Free sign up for newsletter, publication, webinar etc.

– [Your name] makes it easy for you to [insert how you help people]. Sign up for [his/her] highly-acclaimed and surprisingly free [insert publication, etc] to find out how to [enter a specific result], [easily, quickly, inexpensively, etc].

Templates: Free Guide/Report/Tool

– [Name] teaches [what you teach] at her/her [blog or website].  Grab his/her freebies so that you can [benefit], Today!

– Need a little extra help? For a complete guide that shows you exactly how to [insert specific and main benefit, related to the article], grab a copy of [name]’s [name of report]. It’s yours free and will save you plenty of [headache, time, money – be specific].

Template: For Step-by-step Instructions

– [Name] is your best source for showing you exact the steps needed to [the job], and breaks it down for making it easier than ever.  Get started by going to [insert location] for this complete and easy-to-follow tutorial.

– [Name] teaches [what you teach] at her/her [blog or website].  Grab his/her freebies so that you can [benefit], Today!

Template: For a Free webinar series sign up

– [Name] is your host of the [daily, weekly, monthly] [webinar name] that shows you how to [insert benefit / desired result]. Sign up today to easily download your first free lesson.

Template: For a Free consultation

-For a free, no-obligation consultation, contact [insert name] by completing the [3-step / quick-response / something that shows it’s simple to do it] form at [insert location of form]. Set aside just [amount of time for consultation] and [he’ll/she’ll] how you can [benefit of your consultation/service].

Template: For  Software or Tools

–  Make your job go [X] times faster with [Name’s] powerful [tool name]. You’ll absolutely [what it does + benefit], which will save you lots of [benefit]. Get yours free withe your instant download at [insert location].

Template:  For Instructional Video

Are you a visual learner? [ name] will show you precisely how to [ what video shows], giving you [benefit].  Go to to watch this awesome demonstration that will have you [project, task] immediately.

Now get on those bylines and make them powerful :-)

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  1. Hi Liz,

    Great ideas and I love the ready-to-use templates! Thanks so much for taking the time to go the extra step and put these together. I really haven’t ventured into guest blogging yet but know I need to soon to increase my blog’s exposure. Thanks again!

    • Ms. Liz says:

      Hey Jenny, I love guest blogging but I don’t do it nearly enough. In fact that’s one of my goals for next week is to put together enough content for 4 guest posts. It’s a fair amount of work but I’m finding that the benefit in traffic and followers can be greater than posting on your own blog.

      When you get started I hope these templates help you.

      Take care Jenny.

  2. I love to visit this blog, I’ve gained a lot of useful tricks about the guest post. I previously thought that the guest blog just to get backlinks but I apparently also able to get a click (if optimized). Thank you for sharing (especially the templates)

    • Hey Erwin, glad you stopped by and found the post useful :-) Homenotion always welcomes quality guest posts 😉

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