Make More With Google Adsense

Placing Google AdSense ads on your website has to be one of the easiest ways to generate income with your site. Signup is free and all you have to do is put the ads on your site.

But easy does not always mean simple.

Google makes it easy to sign up, generate an ad and put it on your site, however, it's not always so simple designing your site for interest, finding high paying keywords and placing your ads so that they attract maximum clicks.

Here are a few surefire tips that will help draw interest to your site and your ads while helping you get the clicks that will make you money … [Read more...]

$97 Adsense Secrets Ver. 4 on Sale for $9.95!

If you're marketing online, you might find that not everything you do or everything you promote brings in a steady income. adsense secrets

Some months may be good, some months may be not so good, some products do well, and some don't. Every month can vary, there is one old standby that consistently bring in steady income for me – it's my AdSense earnings.  Every month I get a steady consistent income. 

That's because I have cool strategies I've learned, and no, they aren't my own strategies, for heaven sake my strategies were pulling my down, nope I listened to Joel Comm and purchased 'Adsense Secrets'.   It's amazing how just one subtle yet simple adjustment can increase earnings by 50%, and in many cases even more.

What's really cool is that Joel has just released his 2008 ver 4 of Adsense Secrets. Previous versions sold for $97 but now he's practically giving away for $9.95. 

I was puzzled at first at the low cost and thought perhaps he lowered the quality of the book but that wasn't the case at all, I did figure it out though Cool  [Read more...]

Adsense Tips for Higher Revenue

So what’s the secret to getting Adsense to generate enough income to make it worth your while?

Here are a few Adsense tips for higher revenue that have worked for me.

[Read more...]

Site Topics That Make Sense for Adsense

I've used Google Adsense ads for a few years now and they bring me in a steady paycheck each and every month.  However, if you use Adsense you may have noticed that your monthly income has declined a bit.

Now there are several theories for that, in fact Jason Lee Miller over at Webpronews has a few ideas that are definitely plausible but in my opinion, it's probably due to a combination of factors.

The bottom line is that whatever the reason, it's probably not a good idea to rely on Google Adsense as your sole source of income.  We all know Google likes to change things and what seems like a goldmine one month may turn into a lump of coal the next.

But I'm still a fan if Google Adsense and I use the ads on many of my websites because I can get a fair amount of income from them, however it helps to know that there are websites and website topics that can make it harder to make money with Google Adsense while others do very well.     [Read more...]

What’s Happening to Google Adsense?

While reading Webpro news this morning over coffee I couldn't help but click on the item about 'Adsense Earnings Down'. google adsense

It caught my eye because I've noticed a drop in Adsense earnings myself over the past few months and it appears that many others have as well.

According to Google, how much an ad pays can depend on a number of things such as the advertiser's bid, the quality of the ad, the other ads competing for the space, the start or end of an ad campaign, and other advertiser fluctuations, but what Google doesn't say much about is how much benefit is placed on what happens after the click such as whether there is a buy or if a form gets filled out, etc., …which is something I always wondered about.  [Read more...]