Get Website Traffic Fast – 5 Surefire Solutions

get website traffic fastWho doesn’t want to get website traffic fast?  The more traffic you get the better your sales and conversions.

But how do you get fast traffic?

Here are five evergreen ways to get traffic fast to your website or blog and they don’t take a lot of effort or time.

#1 Social media. Use social media sites.  There are tons of them but the sites you’ll get the most benefit from are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and Pinterest.

Send comments and posts to these sites that keep readers up to date with what’s going on with your website, things like new content, new products or newly added pages.  Social media sites are also perfect for offering tips, tricks and generating conversation.

#2 Article marketing.  Submitting articles are a powerful way to get website traffic fast. There are however, only 3 things that will make articles work for driving the most traffic; a catchy title, meaty content and a compelling resource box.

It’s not enough to simply crank out mediocre articles and include your site link in the resource box. If you want more traffic fast you must have an article title that generates interest, a body that delivers what readers want to read and a compelling resource box that gets the click.

#3 Video content. People love videos and they love to share them with friends on social media and download then on laptops and mobile devices.

You’d be amazed at how quickly a video can go viral. Because videos are so easy to watch they often grab more attention than printed content, and if your video stirs up controversy, entertains and offers value, you’ve got a winner.

#4 Business Partnerships.  Seek out people in your industry that are willing to work with you and then help each other drive traffic .

A partnership may include guest blogging on each other’s sites, swapping advertisements or even promoting each other’s ezines.

#5 Blogging.  If you went to the trouble to create a blog, post regularly.

Post on your own blog first then check around for blogs that you can guest blog on. Guest posting is ideal for getting website traffic fast, especially if you can hook up with high traffic blogs.

Just like social networking, if you provide informative, controversial or entertaining posts on high traffic blogs as well as other social media sites, you’ll have people clicking through to your website in droves.

Of course, if you want to promote this blog post via social media, you could double your traffic results too 😉

Here’s to YOUR success!

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