Fun Friday: 21 Things You May Not Know About Me

Today I’m starting a new trend here at Homenotion. I love Friday’s so let’s have fun Friday!

I’ll kick this one off with 21 things you may not know about me.

Why 21 things? That’s how old I am.  Nah just kidding :-)  21 seems like a good number; any more than that and you’d be bored.

OK– here goes!

1. The beauty of nature makes me cry.  I don’t know why, I guess it just makes me feel closer to God.

2. I talk to myself. My office staff (Grayson & Milo) stopped listening to me a long time ago, so me, myself and I are the only ones I can bounce ideas off of.

fun friday

3. I hate my hair. It’s a pain and I’m always fussing with it.  I’ve always been jealous of anyone that can wash their hair, run a comb through it and be done.  Not fair!

4. The first thing I notice about a person is their feet. Weird huh?  I love a cute foot, something I don’t have so I notice them on others.

5. There’s no one in my life I haven’t been able to forgive. So empowering.

6. I actually believe that dying is the good part. Doesn’t mean I’ll be a little scared when it happens, but I think it will be good :-)

7.  I love traveling with my hubby. We have such a great time together.

8. I don’t like talking on the phone. Did it in my job for 20+ years; now I hate it.

9.  I love gardening and growing flowers. It’s easy to like, I live in San Diego.

10.  Been married for 35 years on July 1, have 2 great kids and my first grand baby is on its way. I’m excited!  We’re so blessed.

11. When I’m angry or upset I put on my rubber gloves, get out the Clorox and take it out on my kitchen.

12.  I Don’t like the sound of a steel guitar so I’m not fond of country or Hawaiian music, and I lived in Hawaii for 5 years.

13.  I can’t write on non paper surfaces without thinking of the time I got my knuckles whacked for marking on a school room desk with a pen.

14.  I wear contacts/glasses. Not good about wearing glasses in public, but getting better.

15.  Don’t believe in ghosts or superstitions.

16.  Don’t like to be the center of attention, makes me nervous.

17.  Jealous of anyone that can play the piano.

18.  Love a good glass of wine.

19.  My hair is completely gray :-(

20. My favorite thing ever is a massage.

21. I love hiking and finding unusual landmarks.

 Oh, wait, one more thing – I love thunderstorms, but we don’t get them in So. Cal. :-(

Now it’s your turn.   Tell me a few things about you!


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  1. Hi Liz,
    When I read “I hate my hair”, the first thing I did was to scroll back to your picture to see what was wrong with it. 😉 After reading the complete point, I came to understand what you meant.

    I have not read any post like this where the authors says much (both negative and positive) of him/herself. I salute your courage.

    The best thing is to be yourself. People who love even those characters you think are bad. Don’t try to be like someone else

    Thanks for telling us more about you this weekend

    Have more fun!
    Enstine Muki recently posted..You Really Want to Make More Money Blogging? Why?!My Profile

  2. Mike Mahaffey says:

    Hi Ms Liz

    Mark Twain said this “Honesty is the best policy – when there is money in it.” ?

    The more I thought about saying something honest, the more confusing it became for me?

    I wasn’t sure whether I should comment on my self, my alter ego, or one of my pen names.

    But then I decided to go for the real gut wrenching honesty and say how new and inexperienced I am to commenting on websites, and that I sure hope my hair looks good!

    Lest I forget, thanks for your candor, and your website, and I really like the blue one.

    • Hey Mike,

      LOL! gotta love Mark Twain, he was honest!

      I don’t love talking about myself, I find myself fairly uninteresting, but if you like someone you usually want to know more about them, even if it’s not so wonderful.

      There are certainly things I don’t like about myself but who doesn’t struggle with those things, the point is my friends get just a little bit more of a glimpse into who I am and even though it may embarrass me, I think they enjoy it.

      There are lots of things I’ve learned about my online friends that they don’t like but I find sort of endearing.

      Thanks for the vote on the blue header. I go ’round and ’round with headers — argghhh!


  3. Hi Liz; It was fun getting to know you a little bit with these questions. :-) Cheers!

  4. and HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!! 😀 Here’s to long-lasting relationships! May you have many more great years together.

  5. Rick Gregory says:

    Hi Liz,

    Love this post! I agree with Enstine; it’s so rare for people to be honest and transparent – especially online where we can create any identity we wish others to see. And congrats on your 35 years married! My wife and I celebrated our 41st this past Feb and lived 28 of those years in San Diego, so I also agree with you about loving thunderstorms and never seeing enough of them! I invite you to visit my “personal blog” at, where you’ll find years’ worth of stories detailing our times in Africa, Bolivia and the Philippines. Those times set the stage for the work we’re now doing with our pet product Helios, which we’re now in the process of launching . . . you can see more on the Philanthropy page of our website.

    Blessings to you and your hubby!

    • Ms. Liz says:

      Hey Rick,

      Thanks for stopping by and I did visit your persona blog. Wow! You’ve done some incredible things and what you’ve done in Bwindi can only be described as awesome. I so admire your courage and generosity. It’s not often I get to meet someone with such compassion. You should feel very proud, and I’m sure you are :-)

      Keep up the good work and Blessings to you and your family.

  6. I grew up in very appalling circumstances which left me with a very poor self image, lack of self confidence, poor self esteem and lack of everything to sustain myself in life. The world was a scary place but I had one strong support namely my spiritual connection with the Supper power in the universe. I do not belong to any religion because I believe we become critical of other religions and no one religion we can guarantee is the best. I have study a lot, achieve my doctorate in human sciences and eventually became a life coach. Trough human experiences and research I redeem myself, regain all the confidence I need, gain a healthy self esteem, self image and today I am a confidant speaker, motivator and love to guide individuals to overcome their weaknesses and become self confidant to embrace life without fear. I love nature, thunderstorms ( we get a lot of them ), sport, outdoor activities, writing books, meet interesting people, travel etc. I am a very dynamic and rebellious person who challenge life, people, dogmas, old fashion ways, old ideas that chain yourself and prevents you from challenging life and all that it can offers. Yesterday is the past, today is the challenge and experience to embrace and tomorrow is the vacuum to fill with hope, dreams and anticipation. Life is good and precious and most of us only live the bad and long for the better.
    Liz you are typical woman who wishes for better hair while your hair looks beautiful. One thing I have learnt in my live is treasure what you have because that makes you unique. Never underestimate your uniqueness because that is precious. Rather develop it and feel good with it and that will help you to enjoy the spice of life.
    I hate to do nothing except when I am relaxing. I do not like the filthily smoking habit. I do not like indecisive individuals because it reminds me of my lack of confidence days. I have a very special admiration for women that expose themselves to challenge life and achieve. My research into the differences of women and men have let to a book I have nearly completed. In the book I reveal why woman and men are different and why the Higher power has created woman with more intelligence than men.
    Enough said because I love to share and talk to people. Have a wonderful day and life and remember we only live once.

    • Ms. Liz says:

      Hi Eddie,

      Thank you so much for sharing that. You made me smile.

      While it’s unfortunate that you grew up in such horrible circumstances, look where it has led you? I can see that you are far wiser than most when it comes to living your life, challenging yourself and experiencing the goodness in others.

      And you are right, we mush cherish our uniqueness and embrace it. I am working on that :-)

      I look forward to reading your book someday, so keep in touch.


  7. Sue Neal says:

    Hi Liz,

    I really enjoyed this post – I also used to hate my hair, until I cut most of it off! It’s thin and straggly and very high on the forehead, so I have to have a fringe so I don’t look peculiar – it’s also very greasy, so when I was growing up, in the days before daily showers, when a weekly hair wash was the norm, it was an absolute nightmare! I’m very content with it now it’s nice and short and easy to wash every day. I also hate my legs and hardly ever wear a skirt, but I quite like my feet – not sure I’d call them cute, but they’re ok!

    Some of the people I envy most are successful musicians. I play the piano really badly, because I didn’t practise enough as a kid, which I really regret. I persist with it as a hobby, because I enjoy playing, but only with my dogs for an audience 😉 I also have a really weak singing voice and envy people who can belt out a song. I hide if I’m ever at a Karaoke session – my idea of hell!

    The older I get, the happier I get – I was interested in what you said about dying, Liz. I think we should think about it more, not brush it under the carpet and spend our lives in denial – it’s just part of life.


    • Ms. Liz says:

      H Sue,

      Thank you for sharing. I too have become happier as I get older. I feel also a bit wiser, but I’m wiser in things that matter and I’ve learned to let go of the things that don’t matter, but the real wisdom is that I know the difference now 😉

      I too regret not practicing the piano as a kid but unlike you I don’t spend time trying to play. One of these days I’ll make up my mind to get back to it. So keep it up, I’m sure you play better than you think :-)

      So great hearing from you :-)


  8. Hey Liz,

    It’s great getting to know you. The first thing I really notice is that you talk to yourself. This is something I do quite often to “work things out”.

    Being the center of attention sucks for me too. It’s energy draining, but yet we all go through it.

    I also see that you’re just south of me. I’m in the Los Angeles area. I always talk about coming down to San Diego to just get away from here, but never actually do. But I’m going to push myself before the end of the summer. I like to check out the salsa scene :)

    Thanks for letting me and the rest of your readers to get to know you a little better!
    Sherman Smith recently posted..Do You Put Other’s Opinions Above Your Own?My Profile

    • Ms. Liz says:

      Hey Sherman,

      If you ever come to San Diego, let me know it would be fun to get together for coffee. No pressure but it’s always nice to meet online friends :-)


  9. Nate Leung says:

    Thank you for sharing these things about you. I loved how you shared there has not been one person you have not been able to forgive. Wow, that is powerful. I used to be really stubborn and hard headed and I’ve learned to accept and forgive instead of trying to fight back. This is something I feel everyone should learn to accept. The world is not perfect yet, but if the world saw it the way you and I did, the world would be so much better. Appreciate everything you have shared. :-)

    • Ms. Liz says:

      Hey Nate,

      You’re very welcome. I’m happy that you joined in :-)

      Being able to forgive is empowering, and I’m so happy to know that it’s that way for you too :-) It’s also important to learn to forgive ourselves for things we do, which is sometimes equally as hard for people. Of course if we can’t forgive ourselves it’s a lot harder to forgive others.

      Take care Nate and have a great week.

  10. Hi Liz,

    You are 21? Strange. I thought you were 20. :)

    Do you know what I like most about this post? The two cats. I like to imagine that the right one is Milo and the left one is Grayson. The grey-brown one is cute but the white one is interesting.
    One of the things I really like is to sit somewhere on a bench, in a park surrounded by cats, dogs and kids.

    Beautiful idea. I will apply it in one of my next posts. Thanks.

    Have a nice day

    • Ms. Liz says:

      Hey Silviu,

      Actually the one on the right is Grayson and Milo is on the left. Grayson is completely gray and Milo is white and gray, my husband likes to call them ‘cloudy’ and ‘partly cloudy’, LOL! I love animals. Use to have a Golden Retriever and lost him a few years ago :-(

      Yes, do a ‘things about you’ post. They’re always fun to read, but you’ll have fund doing it as well :-)


  11. Elke Feuer says:

    Happy Anniversary! 35 Years! WOW, you guys should get a medal of something. :-)

    My favorite things are: spending time with my family, writing, and reading. The sound of rain against the window, cuddling and hugs, jazz and salsa music (weird combo I know) and dancing. My kids laughter and smiles and putting them to bed at night.

    Making lists and creating spreadsheets to get organized. Crazy, I know, but that’s me.

    • Ms. Liz says:

      Thanks Elke, and we have a lot of the same favorite things! I love the rain against the window too, it kind of goes with my love of thunderstorms.

      And nothing wrong with liking to make lists and creating spreadsheets. I don’t love making spreadsheets but I’m fond of ‘to do’ lists. The only thing wrong with my to do lists is sometimes they’re actually wish lists, so I have to be careful that they’re attainable.

      Thanks so much for sharing :-)


  12. I knew it, I knew you were just 21 you fink! I’m always jealous of women younger then me Liz! Just kidding. 😉

    Now that was fun even though I’m very late to this party. Forgive me?

    I love you sharing these with us and two years ago I did a similar post so I just linked to it with my URL because I’m not going to bore you with that list I had. Way over 40 things but there were even more because I’d done a video a few posts before that one. I know, something was in the air at the time.

    Hey, I talk to myself to but actually I’m talking to the man upstairs. Kayla (my dog) just looks at me like I’m nuts but I think she likes it. Now I never hear back from him but it makes me feel good.

    Thanks for sharing these with us and congratulations on 35 years. My brother will be celebrating 30 next month so I know how huge that is. It doesn’t happen often.

    Rock on girl.

    Adrienne recently posted..Why You Are Your BrandMy Profile

    • Ms. Liz says:

      Hi Adrienne,

      I’m so glad you stopped by and shared that. I talk to God all the time too. I’m learning to listen though; it takes practice. Meanwhile I hang out here on my blog and listen to everyone else, which I love :-) There’s so much inspiration, knowledge and creativity out there.

      BTW, loved your video, you’re a natural.


  13. Mary Stephenson says:

    Hi Liz

    Fun thoughts on your 21 things.

    I talk to myself and I got 2 Siamese cats that I also carry on great conversations with. Siamese do respond! Love cats…can’t imagine life without them.

    Been married for uh, let me think, 47 years this last July. Quit coloring my hair about 5 years ago and since my job went away 3 years ago, also some of the gray did also (too much stress at the job).

    I live in California also, but I live in Hayward (SF area).

    Unfortunately, I do believe in ghosts as I had an experience with one. My house was haunted by it and others that had lived in the house before also had experiences. “Was” as in a friend told me to say ” it is okay, you can go now”, did that and all the weird things that were happening ended. I felt the presence of a 14 year old and it was confirmed about 20 years later that a 14 year old boy was killed in the house I am living in.

    I don’t like to talk on the phone except to my youngest brother (he lives a 1000 miles away).

    I like to walk but not mountain hiking.

    Love trinket stores. Love to cook. Wine I like but try not to indulge much, as nothing else gets done when I do!

    That was interesting and fun.


    • Hi Mary, This was such a fun post and I’m glad you’re sharing some things about yourself.

      You’ve been married for 47 years? Wow, did you get married when you were 12? You look so young :-)

      Another Californian! I have a cousin in Redwood City and a few close friends up there. I love the SF area. It’s so beautiful.

      An experience with a ghost sounds terrifying but intriguing at the same time. Very interesting.

      True about the wine. Gotta keep it under control or my whole evening is lost.

      Thanks for sharing. I feel like I know you much better now and that’s the most fun :-)


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