Finding Freelance Web Jobs

freelance web jobs Freelancing on the web is big business. Unfortunately, finding freelance web jobs can be difficult for workers with few self promotion or competitive bidding skills

Here’s what you need to know to help you find legitimate freelance or data entry jobs when you’re just getting started.

Bidding for Freelance Web Jobs

Don’t be so desperate to freelance that you bid a job too low.

For jobs posted on sites like elance or Odesk, read the small print. An ad that reads $600 for writing articles might sound great, but if you read the small print you might find out that the job really means $600 for writing 300 articles.  You’ll be writing for $2 an article :-(

Establish your rate and stick to that rate.  Be competitive but don’t sacrifice your professionalism.

Make sure the job description is clear from the beginning.  You don’t want to accept a job for $500 only to find out that the job turns out to be more work than what you previously agreed to.

Freelancing is About Networking

Successful self promotion is best done through networking.  Get on Facebook and Twitter and promote yourself without being pushy. The best way to do that is to create a brand for yourself and promote that brand.

For example, what’s your angle?  A good freelancer might establish herself as someone with a perfectionist attitude.   Promote that perfectionism as your brand.

Using Facebook for example, write an email to all your friends with a brief pitch describing the services you offer.  Create some buzz in your network on Facebook by posting banners and describing your services. Pitch specifically to friends that have blogs or internet marketers that might appear to need the freelance services you offer.

If  use social media as a promotion tool use it regularly. You want your contacts to see that you keep your information updated and that you’re active.  You don’t want to give anyone a reason to think you are lon longer in business.

If you meet someone in a class, or in a group offer to connect with them online by asking if they have a social media account such as LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter that you can use to stay in touch and provide them with your social media information as well.

Social media Tip:  Don’t just go on only about yourself. Use social media to share ideas and tips that help prospective clients. People are attracted to those that offer something of themselves in order to help others.

Carefully Research  Clients when Looking for Freelance Web Jobs

When researching a client posting a job, make sure they are clear about what they want.  If they’re not clear it’s going to be hard for you to do a good job.

Make sure they have references that you can contact and look for favorable comments from other freelancers.   The company should have a business website and I don’t suggest taking any work where the client is looking for trial basis work.

Things to Avoid when Freelancing

– Ad postings offering ‘paid kits’ that will get you started.

– Sites that want you to pay for lists that provide you with legitimate work at home jobs.  Never buy lists, the information on these lists is bogus and worthless.

– MLM schemes that require you to recruit people to sell a service or product.

– Ads that say “Workers Needed to post ads on forums or online bulletin boards”. You’re not getting paid to post with this type of work, instead you’re getting paid if other people sign-up as a result of your postings and any money you may make isn’t worth the time to write the ad.

– Stuffing Envelopes. A scam that’s been around awhile. Companies have postage machines which stuff, sort and meter mail, they don’t need freelance workers for this.

There a thousands of freelance web jobs that offer work you can do from home, but be smart about it.  If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.  You can begin to make money quickly on the web but only if you invest the time you need to get legitimate work that pays you for your time and efforts.



P.S.   Laura Kauth of Online Data Entry jobs guarantees freelance workers find the jobs they want.   Laura makes it easy, fast  and convenient. She only requires that you have realistic expectations, follow simple directions and are willing to do honest work.

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  1. I’ve been doing freelance job as a marketer for couple of months now. What I like about this job is I manage my own time and I’m the boss. But when it comes to resources and bills, kinda think about it. So bidding is important. There’s so much in internet world, ways to earn. Just need to pick up the best that will benefit you will make way for you to learn more and challenge for advancement.

    • Ms. Liz says:

      Hey Ronald, time management doing this type of work is really important as is the bidding. Sounds like you’re doing well with freelancing, hope you have continued success :-)

  2. Hey John, Good luck to you. Once you can get the ball rolling with this I think you’ll find that you can make some fairly good money at it, especially if you can get yourself known and recommended :-)

  3. melvapratt says:

    Freelancing is a great way to get started on the Internet. It gets you known and some quick cash. After one has freelanced for awhile one may difinately want to have one’s own site and start selling produces and producing one’s own content.

    • Ms. Liz says:

      Hi Melva, faster cash is a great benefit of freelancing, notice I said ‘faster’. It still takes some time to promote yourself, but with sites like Facebook and Twitter it’s much faster than it use to be. Thanks for your feedback Melva :-)

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