Free Web Traffic Means Producing Consistent Content

It's frustrating when I get comments from readers disappointed because they posted an article or a video and got very little traffic for their efforts. 

Let me stress that you won’t get a ton of readers simply by publishing one good article or even one great video. Free web traffic comes from writing web content on a consistent basis.  The more content you deliver the more familiar readers become with your writing and the more links there are back to your website.

But don't let creating all that content stress you out.  Below I'll discuss easy ways to produce content without creating a stressful workload, but first let's talk about the best ways to create that content that will bring free traffic:

Article Marketing

Article marketing is one of the most effective ways to generate traffic.  We hear that a lot because it just works. 

The technique is simple; write an informative article and publish it to online article directories and related websites. But for readers and search engines to sit up and take notice, you'll need to pay close attention to the keywords you target in your article.  

For example, use the Google keyword tool and find relevant keywords to use within your article that have a search volume of at least 1,000 to 10,000 searches.  Combine a list of about 10 to 20 keyword phrases.

Next go into Google and type your keywords in, in quotes. For example, “How to grow roses”. Narrow you keyword list down by selecting the keyword phrases that have less than 10,000 competing results. Once you settle on a keyword phrase use it in the title of your article and use it only a few times throughout the body of your article.  

Next, submit your article to article directories like EzineArticles, and Also try sending your article to other websites in your industry. If they like the article they'll be glad to post it on they website or blog. Having other websites post your article is how you'll get relevant one-way links and free targeted traffic.

Video Marketing 

Again, consistency will be your friend. You probably won’t be able to get a flood of traffic by submitting one video. But if you can make one informative video a month you'll become familiar among your followers.  

Videos don't need to be technical productions. I've created videos in the comfort of my office with my simple Olympus 1010 camera that has video capability. My videos are never more than just a few minutes long and I can have a video made in about 30 minutes.  Once your video is made, it's a simple process to submit it to YouTube, just follow their simple instructions. 

With each new video you make you'll see more traffic and backlinks coming in to your website.   

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is perhaps the most powerful method to get free traffic. It’s also the method that takes the most time, is the most competitive and has a certain amount of randomness factor to it.

There are several key factors that play into getting your website highly ranked. Having great unique content is one. Having a ton of backlinks to your website is another.

Finally, selecting the right niche, sub-niche and keywords can make a world of difference.If you have unique and innovative content, other people linking to your website consistently and you choose a market with not too much competition but enough traffic to make it worth your while, then you have a good chance of having your website make it to the top of the search engines.

Easy Ways to Create your Content

There are 4 ways to produce content:

1. Create content yourself. Probably the most effective way to produce content but it does takes more time and work  If you're a writer it might be your favorite way to get content written.  I like to write, but I don't always feel inspired that's when I move on to #2 besides the fact that you need to feel inspired. But if the mood strikes me I try to act on it. 

2. Hire someone to create posts and articles.  On occasion I use ghostwriters.  I've had my share of bad writers but it's a process finding someone you really like, but once you've found one, it's a big help. 

Ghostwriters will charge anywhere from $10 to $25 per article.  What I do is have my ghostwriter deliver "x" number of articles per week then I have my Virtual assistant submit those articles to several article directories.  Do that consistently for 2 or 3 months in a row and your traffic will definitely increase. 

3. Use Private Label Rights content- The benefits of using PLR are tenfold. I purchase PLR content and simply rewrite it in my own words. This type of content is great in a pinch for something to post quickly. I'll add some of my own knowledge to the content which makes it useful and of course unique. 

4. Request guest blog posts –  Send out a request to your mailing list or in your favorite free advertising forum for guest bloggers. Specify the topic you'd like guest posts to cover.  Specify that not all submissions will be posted but for those that you pick you will include their name and website.

With the exception of #1 these methods are practically done for you.  Your job will be to set the process in motion. With just a few hours a week you could have 2-3 blog posts and articles ready to go each week. Once you develop a schedule it will be easy producing content consistently which will be generating for you more free traffic than you'll know what to do with. 


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  1. Peter Fuller MBA says:

    Hello Liz

    I feel your frustration :)

    Some people expect to write just one article and that’s it. They do not see results so they move to something else. They need to brand themselves so that others will recognize them.

    You are right, consistency is the key,

  2. You’re going to need to get inbound links. Start by commenting on well known blogs within your niche. Make useful comments that will get those who read your comments to click over to your site. Also, write a few articles that contain a resource box with a link back to your website and submit them to ezinearticles. I also recommend reading Dan Thies SEO Fast Start guide, Dan is the SEO traffic expert and his guide is excellent, BTW it’s free.

    I also use 5000 backlinks, there’s a simple method in there for establishing one way backlinks that I use on a consistent basis, it also supplies you with the best blogs and sites to get links from. These will get you off to a good start 😉

  3. I think when most people decide to build an online business, they have no ideas how must work it takes. I know I did not know how much work it would take, but I have made up my mind to learn what I need to know and keep at it. My website now has over 100 pages of content and I am still going. I knew it would take time and work. My next goal it to build to 150 pages. I am always building back links. Thank you for this great post.

    • Hey Melva, good for you! I’m so proud to hear you say you want to learn what you need to know. That’s the attitude I like to see :-) BTW you have a great website, so keep building those links, good job 😉

  4. Absolutely, doing your best is important but keep up with learning, things change so fast that it helps to learn a few new tricks and get ideas on a consistent basis.

  5. There’s that word again Elizabeth!
    Good old consistency to to the rescue! It’s amazing how many one and done
    type there are, attempting to successful market online!

    And like you point out, they do one thing and if it doesn’t result in a home run each
    and every time, they feel betrayed by the entire process!

    I really like both the process and the realistic advice you’re sharing along with it!

    Mark recently posted..What Powerful Three Lessons Can You Learn About Successful Online Marketing From Complete Strangers?My Profile

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