Best Email Autoresponder Service? Absolutely!

email autoresponder service
What’s the most used, most trusted and most recommended email autoresponder service?

Aweber of course.  Why?

I can’t speak for everyone but these are the reasons I chose Aweber and why I’m still a loyal customer today.

  • It came highly recommended, simple as that :-)
  • Aweber is a web based service, there’s no software to install or data to keep track of, Aweber does it all for me.
  • It fit within my budget.
  • Aweber is a recognized industry leader and voted favorite by its customers and critics.
  • Aweber is CAN-SPAM compliant – my emails won’t get blacklisted.
  • My emails get delivered. I can’t say that about any other autoresponder I’ve used.
  • Aweber stays on top of the latest email marketing trends.
  • They offer free training and suggestions and clever ways I can improve my email marketing efforts.  Every time I implement a new suggestion, I boost my email subscriber rate 😉
  •  Very reliable customer service and support. They offer instant chat, email or phone support. They are available and responsive whenever I need them and it’s free.

How Aweber’s Email Autoresonder Service Will Benefit Your Business

 – Customized emails

I can create customized emails that use html, plain text or both. I personally choose to create text emails because they have less of a chance of getting caught up in a subscribers spam box, but the point is you have a choice.

You can also insert your business logo, signature, timestamp, blog or website header or whatever you need to make your emails look professional and branded.

– Easy Opt-in Forms Creation Wizard

I’ve created opt-in forms from scratch in the past and it’s a pain in the you know what.  Aweber makes creating opt-in forms super easy.  You can go plain and simple or select themed forms. Their easy to use forms wizard makes it super simple.

Aweber has too many features to mention here but suffice it to say that whatever you need your email autoresponder to do,  whatever application you need it to interface with, Aweber can do it.

Even if you’ve never used an email autoresponder before in your life or are lost when it comes to building your email list, Aweber is equipped to show you how. It has everything you need to get you started quickly.

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– Send Unlimited email lists at no extra charge.

Whether you have 1, 3, 10 or 100 websites, you’ll have unlimited autoresponder lists for each site. You can also send out an unlimited number of emails.

– Email Blog Feed Broadcaster – Love, Love Love this feature!

If you have a blog, you’ll love this.  Every time you make a blog post, Aweber can send an automatic email to your subscribers letting them know you just made a post.  This is a great way to keep in touch with your subscribers automatically and bring them back to your site.  Very powerful feature.

– Social Media and Sharing options

Aweber integrates nicely with social sites like Twitter and Facebook.  I like the fact that you can automatically post your Aweber email broadcasts to your Facebook wall :-)  That helps me expand my email marketing reach and I like that because not all of my Facebook friends are on my email subscriber list.   What’s more is that just about every tool that integrates with an autoresponder recognizes Aweber.  For example, Paypal, Eventbrite, Clickbank, WordPress, Blogger, TypePad,

– Get monthly free email marketing tips

Aweber is always posting email marketing tips, ideas and strategies for using email to help you get more subscribers and sell more.

– Get Quick Stats on Emails you Send

Aweber will send quick stats whenever you send out an email so you can see how your emails are performing. For example if they are getting opened and the things your readers are clicking on.

– CAN-SPAM Compliant

Aweber is CAN-SPAM compliant and so are my emails.

====>  Click Here to Try Aweber for Just $1

In summary…

Even if you’ve never used an email autoresponder service before in your life or are lost when it comes to building your email list, Aweber is equipped to show you how and make it easy and will get you started quickly.

If you understand the value of finding targeted subscribers and channeling them into your own email funnel, you’ll appreciate Aweber, even if for no other reasons than it’s easy to use, highly intuitive and very customizable.

Take a Free Test Drive today!

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