Eight Tips For Getting Traffic With Social Media

Getting traffic with social media is easy and it’s fast.


Because you’re connecting directly with individuals.  You have the opportunity to engage with them, offer insight, ideas, share thoughts and help them to learn more about you.

But it’s more than just about getting more traffic, getting traffic with social media gives you a big leg up on getting more return traffic which should be a part of your social marketing results plan.  

Here are the 8 tips for how I use social media not only bring me more traffic, but help me intimately connect with individuals, turning them from just plain old visitors to loyal followers. 

1. Write a Great Profile

When you create your your Facebook, Twitter, Squidoo or other social media accounts, spend time on your profile.  Write a genuine, candid profile that describes who you really are.  Make it interesting enough to peak a reader’s curiosity about you.  That’s how the relationship starts.

Include a link to your site on your profile page.basic This will give people a reason to click through from the social media site to your website or blog. A good enticement would be to make a free offer that provides them with some type of solution.

Also include a picture with your profile. A trick I use is to hold my camera at arms length in front of me and snap.  Voila, you’ve got a picture you can add right now.

2. Get More Traffic by Interacting Daily

Being social means interacting with people.  Never just post content and then move on.  Spend a few minutes, maybe even a half hour or so each day interacting with individuals.

Try saying a few encouraging or inspiring things that people appreciate related to your niche.  I sometimes open up a training guide I’ve purchased and pull out a good tidbit of information that might help my audience.

Things like this go a long way for not only getting followers but impressing the ones you have 😉

Also link your social media accounts together.  For example, link Twitter to your Facebook, MySpace, Squidoo, HubPages and other social media pages.

3. Make a Request to your followers to “retweet” and re-post

If you create a great post on a hot topic, ask for feedback.  People love to respond to hot or controversial topics.   Then ask folks in your social media networks to re-post it.  Similarly, ask your Twitter followers to “retweet” it as well.

If you don’t ask the answer is always “No”, right?

4. Grow Your Network Daily

I like to spend at least 15 minutes each day growing my network. I know, just one more thing to do right?  But including this task in your daily routine can bring in big results by the end of the month.

Unfortunately everything does take time, but in about 6 months you’ll be amazed at how your network can grow, and believe me, by the end of that six months you’ll be glad you did it.

5. Use your real name

Some people are hesitant to use their real name, but people who want to do business with you won’t take you seriously if your name is “Webgirl2″

Using your real name helps build trust and makes you believable.  It also  makes it easier for others to find you on the web.

6. Post Useful Content

Social media isn’t totally about networking, it also includes sharing information. If you can share your best information with your network and followers, you’ll be building trust and respect as well establishing yourself as expert in your niche.

Those are the things that will bring you more sales :-)

7. Optimize your content for Getting Traffic

Social sites like Squidoo and Yahoo! Answers are regularly indexed and crawled by the search engines.  So optimize your content for the search engines by writing effective SEO content that uses relevant keywords and on page optimization strategies, your content will take you a lot farther.

8. Don’t Waste Time Using Social Media

Interacting with people online can be a time ‘suck’, so instead of trying to interact and build relationships with thousands of people, build your relationships with just a handful of partners. One good partner can send you hundreds or thousands of prospects and customers.

The bottom line is…

Social media isn’t going away.  The search engines, Google especially, are using it more and more to determine the usefulness and popularity of a site, so work it into your daily marketing routine.  There’s so much to be gained and so little to lose.

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  1. Would love to see more about using time wisely on the internet. I feel like I am on the internet all day and don’t get much done.

    Open to suggestions,

    • Hey Sara, Working online at your own business definitely requires discipline, it’s easy to waste time with email, social media and surfing the web.

      Start with reading email at the end of the day, that’s helped me a lot. Next, plan out your day. Look at the things that have priority in your business right now and make a plan to get those things done. Make a list of things to do each day and give yourself a time limit for each, setting a timer. The list should be realistic, in other words, don’t make a ‘wish list’, make a list that you can realistically complete in the time you give yourself.

      Do one thing at a time and stay focused. Don’t wander off the path of focus, if you do, you’ll waste time. Start there and see how you do.

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