8 Easy Blog Post Ideas For Busy Bloggers

blog post ideasHaving a tough time coming up with blog post ideas?

Let’s change that.

It’s not that difficult to find blog topic ideas if you have a strategy for finding them.

Here are my simple strategies for quickly finding blog post or topic ideas that you can write about for many months to come.

8 Ways to Find Blog Posts Ideas Fast

Before we get started with our 8 blog post ideas, start by making it a habit of knowing what’s going on in your niche industry.  Finding blog post ideas can be much easier just by simply keeping up with what’s going on.

For example:

Use Social media

Social media will help you get updates from experts and influential people within your niche.

  • What are they saying?
  • Who is saying it?
  • Is there any controversy going on?

Social media is a good way to interact with friends and colleagues by asking questions and getting their thoughts.

Sign up To Online Newsletters and/or RSS Feeds

Sign up to receive newsletters from your favorite industry leaders and information providers.

If you get enough email, use their RSS feeds and pick out what you want to read on your mobile device when you have a few minutes in the doctors office or waiting in line somewhere.

Subscribe to print media and publications

I don’t read everything from the web, I like to read printed publications on occasion too. That way I get a more well rounded variety of ideas.  I’ll even spend a little time in the book store looking over books, periodicals and whatever I can find related to my niche.  It’s also way of getting out and clearing your head.

Jot down ideas and Make Notes

Do you ever wake up in the middle of the night and think of a great idea?  Great ideas often hit you when you least expect them. For this reason keep a notepad handy or your iphone close by so that you can get your thoughts down quickly when they come to you.

Also, never feel guilty about watching TV. I get tons of ideas from commercials, infomercials and even just regular TV shows.  Keep your business on your mind in whatever you do and you’ll be amazed as how ideas will just pop in your head.

Now that you’re up to speed on knowing the trends of your industry  use these blog post ideas to complement those trends.

1. Ask questions and Publish the responses in a post

Find something that is going on in your niche and pose a specific question to your social circles like Twitter, Facebook or Google+. When you’ve gathered enough good responses publish the question in a blog post along with the responses you got.  Then add your own personal thoughts and ideas.  Don’t forget to pose the question again at the end of the blog post to get more reader involvement.

2. Repurpose your Content

I’ve been writing my blog for over 5 years and there’s lots of content out there.  Some of it’s outdated but some of it I could rewrite to make it even better.  Often times I’ll scan older posts looking for ways to add a new angle, expand on the topic or that simply need updating with more current information.   If you’re busy or in a hurry to publish your next post this is a lot easier that starting from scratch with a new post.

3. Spread the Link Love

Getting back to our idea of knowing what’s happening within your industry, keep tabs on blog posts and articles that catch your attention.  So instead of writing a full blown post yourself, create a blog post where you link to these blog posts or articles and add a personal comment of your own to each one.

In the conclusion of your post ask readers to add their own comments.

4. Find Guest Bloggers to write your Post for you

Guest Posting is hot right now and it’s content you don’t have to create yourself.  Bloggers love to guest post because it brings links to their blogs and expands their reach.

To attract guest bloggers, post a page on your blog that invites guest posts.  Be clear about what you are looking for.  You’re welcome to use my guest blogging page as an example.


5. Publish Advice From Your Favorite Bloggers

Ask 5 or 6 people you follow in your niche and ask them to offer their advice on one specific question that you’d like to know.

I did this with a blog post I published last year on writing tips from the pros.

I asked 6 bloggers experienced in creating blog content a simple question via email, asking each of them to respond with their answers.  Once they all sent me their replies I created a post with their responses.  I added their head shots and gave them a link back to their site.

They loved it, and I had unique, informative post to share with readers.

This type of post builds relationships within your industry.  People get to connect with you and you build good will with the other prominent bloggers.

6. Tie in a Holiday

Just about every month of the year has some special day associated with it.

For instance, January is the start of the new year, February is the month for ‘Love’, March has St. Patrick’s Day, etc.

A great blog post idea would be to use each one of those ‘special’ days and relate it to your niche topic.

For example, November is our  month to give thanks if you live in the U.S.  You can use the topic of ‘Thanks’ to write a blog post on what you are thankful for and relate it to your business or your life. Then ask readers to add the things they are thankful for. This can be a big comment draw.

7. Post Lists

People love lists. They’re easy to read, print out and bookmark.  Use our blog posts to publish useful lists.  For instance, a gift site might post a list of the ‘top ten holiday gifts for the following year.  Here are a few more ideas:

  • What you hope to accomplish this year.
  • Favorite Bloggers in your niche.
  • The things you hate or love about your industry.
  • The ugliest blogs or blogs you find annoying in your niche (if you like controversy).
  • List the kinds of  things do you spend money on in your niche.
  • List 10 weird things about you and invite readers to add their weird things.

8.  Create a post that asks a popular or controversial industry question

Give your readers a chance to voice their opinions, people love that.

You could simply ask a question and jot a few quick thoughts you have on the topic and then invite readers to comment on their opinions.  This will take  you about 10 minutes at the most to create.

My Personal Tip For Finding and Writing Posts Super Fast

Not everyone realizes this, but I use Private Label Rights content when writing many of my blog posts.  I actually use PLR more than you might think. I love it because it not only gives me some great blog post ideas, it helps me get my blog posts written faster.

These are examples of blog posts I’ve written using PLR:

Where to Find Only QUALITY PLR that I use and TRUST

 In Summary….

Have a plan for what to write each and every week

Stop wasting time and create a weekly or monthly plan. Just an hour or so of weekly or monthly planning will save you hours in the long run.

Here’s what to do.

In your WordPress dashboard create as many draft blog posts as you can using my blog post setup and outline. Using the 8 points above  make sure each draft post has a  post title, a good keyword phrase, a photo and your signature.  If you use Ads be sure to include them as well. The idea is to have as much pre-post work done as possible.

For each post this may take about 10-15 minutes, so if I plan to do 3 posts a week, this takes me roughly 45 minutes to do on a Saturday or Sunday evening.

Planning is huge, and once you get into the habit you’ll never understand how you got things done without it. It will save you hours of wasted time and frustration.  It has for me :-)



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