Ways To Create Compelling Content When You Don’t Have A Clue

As bloggers we need new and creative ways to create compelling content.  I don’t about you, but I get bored with the same old content, so I appreciate ideas that can spark my creativity.

Here’s a handy infographic I found at Copyblogger that gave me a few unusual content ideas.  You’ll find some of the traditional ways to create content but there are a few creative ones like #7, #11 and #15.  I also liked #10 and #21 where you can get a little more personal with your content 😉

What about you, what are your favorites?


Create Compelling Content

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  1. MicroSourcing says:

    These are great sources of inspiration for content. Movies, books and celebrity culture are great to write about, as long as writers can make a connection between them and their site offerings.

    • Creating content using movies, books and celebrities takes a little more creative thinking to make a connection but I’ve been drawn in when I come across it :-)

  2. I think one sure way to attract readers to keep coming back for more is by creating compelling contents. I’m happy and thankful for this post of yours. :) Awesome work!

    • Ms. Liz says:

      Hi Calra, Writing content that is compelling basically compels someone to do something or buy into what you are saying, I don’t think that’s an easy thing for everyone to do. Of course readers will come back if they like or can relate to what you’re saying. If you’re just stating the obvious or the same things others say all the time, your content will be less appealing. Thanks for your feedback :-)

  3. Loved the infographic!! I never knew that creating the compelling content was so simple and intriguing. Usually, I used to search on the topics with a serious approach, but I guess looking around for relevant topics and content is a better idea. Thanks for the share.

    • Ms. Liz says:

      If you can expand your topic search just a little you get better content reach and of course more ideas. Thanks for your feedback :-)

  4. Fatima says:

    Awesome information and I love the way you have presented it all. I fall short of ideas more frequent than often and I regret not having read your post earlier. Interviewing someone and checking Google trends proved really helpful. Thanks for sharing.

    • Ms. Liz says:

      Hi Fatima, yes, I like Google trends. The ideas can be endless. Thanks much for your feedback :-)

  5. Great info. here Liz. I know at times I get stumped on what to create and my favorite past times are from reading other blogs and books. One thing I do like to add is you can create content from previous blog posts that you written. I’ve written some long blog posts in the post, so I’ll take an idea from it and write a new posts.

    Thanks for share!
    Sherman Smith recently posted..How Important Is It To Leaving A Good Comment?My Profile

    • Ms. Liz says:

      Great idea Sherman, I’ve just experienced doing that. In fact I have blog posts from several years ago that never did well in the search engines. Those are perfect for re-purposing, meaning adding more beefy content and better optimizing them.

      Thanks for your feedback.

  6. I love this Liz and what great ideas. Going through that I got some ideas just from reading this too.

    I usually come up with things to write about through someone asking me questions, something a few people mentioned in a comment, something I read from a blog post, things that I know that I want to know and I know my readers would as well. I so like to read books and that sparks posts as well and some TV shows that I watch give me inspiration.

    Thanks so much for sharing this, love it and will definitely revert back to it the next time I get stumped. Luckily that hasn’t happened in awhile but never say never right!

    Adrienne recently posted..AdrienneSmith.net Celebrates 4 YearsMy Profile

    • Ms. Liz says:

      Hi Adrienne,

      Absolutely! Never say never LOL!

      But good for you that you haven’t been stumped in awhile. You don’t strike me as the kind of person that gets stumped very often. I think writing is your calling and you do it very well :-)


  7. Babanature says:

    Hello Liz,
    First, let me say it was a nice infograph that i did love and was done beautifully.

    When i don’t know what to drop i simply leave my pc and do a stroll, try to relax my brain. sometimes i do my regular blog hopping and get ideas from the comments people make and as sherman also said; taking scope and ideas from your old post is also great…

    • Hi Babanature,

      Yes, giving your brain a rest helps it be free to get ideas.

      Did you ever try to remember the name of something and couldn’t but woke up in the middle of the night and remembered it? Getting ideas sort of works the same way. You just need to relax your brain in order to let it flow.

      Thanks for your great feedback. I’m so glad you stopped by. Don’t be a stranger :-)

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