Planning Your Website – 7 Tips for an Awesome Site

You might be tempted to jump in and start creating your website without any planning. But let me say from experience that planning your website will more than make up for the time and aggravation you’ll have if you don’t plan, especially if your intentions are to make money with your website. I didn’t plan […]

Choosing Your Website Color Palette

Experts believe your website colors can affect how your visitors perceive your website.  It’s not likely that the colors you choose will make or break the success of your site, but certain colors could possibly sway a visitors buying mood. So when you’re planning your website, consider choosing website colors that   fit the mood […]

The Easiest Way to Make Money with a Website

From my experience, the easiest way to make money with a website is through advertising. It’s how I can take a targeted niche website and turn it into making several hundred dollars a month. I currently do that with a few of my niche sites and I don’t even promote them, I also don’t get […]

The Steps To Creating Your Online Business Website

Thinking about starting an online business? Awesome!  Now let’s think about creating your online business website.  Your website will the window to your online presence so it’s important that you review the steps and implement them carefully. To help you get started, I’ve outlined the steps to creating your online business website below. If you […]

Best Alternative to Dreamweaver? You Bet!

I no longer use Dreamweaver, today I use Xsitepro instead and still consider it the best alternative to Dreamweaver. Here’s why I say that, or you can simply check out my latest Xsitepro Review

Are Keyword Domain Names Really Better?

Choosing a keyword domain name is certainly a sound, logical choice when it comes to helping with search engine ranking but is it really better?

The New XsitePro 2.5 Free Webinar

If you haven’t got your website created yet, this may be your best opportunity. Paul Smithson of  Xsitepro is holding a free webinar tomorrow, Thursday Feb.24 for the new 2.5 version of  Xsitepro.

What Makes an Effective Website? 10 Easy Things To Implement

If you asked ten people what makes an effective website, you’d get ten different answers. But here’s the thing. If you’re going to have an effective website, one that attracts and keeps visitors interested, you need to know the goals for your site and if you’re meeting those goals. Secondly, if your site’s performance is poor, maybe it’s […]