SEO Content Writing Tips For The SEO Challenged


If you’re feeling a little SEO challenged when writing content that’s SEO friendly — welcome to the club. But don’t be discouraged. Crafting SEO friendly content is actually easier today than it use to be. Why? Because SEO shouldn’t be your main objective.  I don’t mean forget SEO totally when writing content. Just forget all the […]

Summertime And The Blogging Is Easy


It’s summer! Time for fun in the sun, vacations, long weekends and just being lazy. But what about your blog? With summer here and outdoor fun knocking at your door you have to find ways to make blogging easy and save time if you want to make the most of your summer fun. Ensure your […]

Using Keyword Themes To Boost Ranking & Deliver More User Focused Content


Remember when you first started writing web content? Keywords always stood out as the main focus. They still do.   But nowadays simply finding a good keyword phrase and using it within your tags and content doesn’t quite cut it. Today the focus is on keyword themes as a way to deliver precisely what users are looking […]

8 Essential Tips For Writing Great Blog Posts


Writing great blog posts doesn’t just happen. I use to think it did. I thought simply find great topics, write what you think, add personality, use good navigation, add interesting information, create content people want to read and voila you’ve got a great blog post. I was also naive Don’t get me wrong, those are […]

An Easy Yet Irresistible Way To Attract Blog Traffic

Would you like an easy, irresistible way to attract blog traffic? Then you’re going to love this guest post by Joseph Rathjen. Joseph conducted a very interesting interview with Miriam Y. Vega, Psychologist and Ph.D. on the fascinating topic of using your reader’s irresistibility for getting blog traffic. That’s right. By understanding what is irresistible […]

Fun Friday: 21 Things You May Not Know About Me


Today I’m starting a new trend here at Homenotion. I love Friday’s so let’s have fun Friday! I’ll kick this one off with 21 things you may not know about me. Why 21 things? That’s how old I am.  Nah just kidding :-)  21 seems like a good number; any more than that and you’d […]

How We Use Keywords In Copy Is Changing – What To Do

Google has significantly raised the bar for how we use keywords in copy. For those that have seen a drop in traffic and sales you’ll especially need to think about making some changes. As bloggers and website owners we can’t keep optimizing our copy with keyword strategies that are outdated. We need to get up to […]

How To Become A Productive & Profitable Freelance Writer


Thinking about becoming a freelance writer? Starting a freelance writing career is a smart move, but there can be challenges that interfere with your productivity.  I’m sure you know that the less productive you are the less profitable you’ll be, so meeting these challenges head on is an important part of the process. A busy freelance writer […]