Compelling Content That Will Boost Your Online Business

compelling contentCrafting compelling content online is essential to reaching profitability faster when marketing your business online.

You need great content and you need to publish it often.

Blog posts are great, and probably the most common form of content that businesses use to reach out to their customers and build trust before making a sale.

But don’t stop there.

Use these 10 other types of compelling content to build your brand and your business.

1) Special Reports & eBooks

Your readers might love your blog posts, but it’s also a good idea to release special reports every now and then.  Reports are simply a more organized and detailed way to deliver the information to your readers.

Releasing content in report form can specifically help show your readers that you know your stuff and that providing value is important to you.

Reports are usually 7 to 15 pages long.  They can be sold on their own, or you can give them away for free to help build your mailing list or simply to show your customers that you care.

One great strategy I love is to combine several related blog posts into one short report.  Not everyone gets a chance to read all your blog posts so combining a few related posts into one report is another great way deliver valued compelling content.

Eventually you might even create longer eBooks to sell to your customers as an additional revenue source. Having several free and paid reports and eBooks on your site helps reinforce your position as an expert in your niche.

2) Videos

Creating a video is a great way to deliver content that needs to have a visual element.

Now if you’re like me you may not love being in front of the camera yourself – but that’s OK. Video doesn’t mean you need to be the star.  Instead try using screen capturing software like Screencast-o-matic to demonstrate ‘how to’ do things.  These types of video are a nice ‘hands on’ way to help your readers learn how to do things.

If you like being in front of the camera, awesome!  Showing your face on video can help people connect with you on a more personal level.  Videos are also great for your ‘about me’ page.

3) Case Studies

Case studies are often distributed as a report, but could also be published as a detailed blog post or even include a video.

This type of content is a way to show your readers how others have benefited from your advice by showing people who have succeeded using the advice you recommend.

Often times, your successful readers and customers will create the content for you in exchange for the publicity you give them by sharing it with your readers!

Alternatively, you can present case studies of you using certain information to help promote products as an affiliate. Nothing promotes trust more than a well-written case study!

4) Infographics & Images

Infographics offer highly visual representations of information gleaned from research or other knowledge. They can be a great way to showcase normally boring numbers and stats in a visual way with beautiful graphics and few words. And statistics show that people love to share infographics via social media!

I’ve been looking for software that will help me create great looking infographics and stumbled across I like it because it has a free version which I found gives me everything I need to create great info graphics.  Give it a try, I think you might like it.

But don’t stop there – make sure you’re using some sort of image in any piece of content you publish. Images help break up long chunks of text (which is important if you want people to actually read what you’ve written online). Images are also far more likely to be shared on social media.

5) Presentations / Webinars

Using programs like PowerPoint and Slideshare you can deliver quality presentations on your blog or website helping your readers learn new things in a visual way, along with the text. You can even put sound on the slides.

This information doesn’t have to be brand new, either. You could use it as a new way to present what you may have already written. It’s great for the kinds of readers who like to learn in a more “step by step” way.

Another idea is to run live webinars where you give a presentation that people can watch while logged into the presentation software on the internet. Google Hangouts are a simple and inexpensive way to run webinars, and you can record them for future use.

6) Product Reviews

These are a great way to add content to your blog or website and your readers will appreciate the candid review.

Crafting product reviews work best when you provide a review of products or services you have purchased and use.

And if you sell your own products, you can also publish customer reviews people have sent you!

7) Curated Compelling Content

Content curation is all about discovering the most important content for your readers.

A content curator doesn’t necessarily create new content, instead they find and deliver relevant content to their readers.

You may have been practicing content curation without even knowing it.

For instance if you’ve been posting information on Twitter and Facebook on information you found interesting, that’s a form of content curation.

When looking for curated content ontent try using sites like and BagTheWeb.   These sites will help you sort through online content and find the most interesting and pertinent content for your market and readers needs.

These sites can also help you with creating your own original content.

This is a win-win form of content creation. Your audience will appreciate the one-stop-shop method of finding all the content they need relating their topic and they’ll rely on you as the person to get it to them.

8) Tutorials

Most niches could benefit from step by step tutorials. Take something you do regularly and turn into a simple step by step tutorial for your readers to follow. An example could be how to upload a video to YouTube, or how to attract the right audience.

The benefit of tutorials is that your readers will know that you genuinely want to help them succeed. What’s more if you are teaching your readers how to succeed with the products they buy from you, it’ll also increase the chances that they will come back and buy from you again in the future.

That’s creating compelling content at its best.

You can create tutorials in a number of formats: either record them on videos, or write them out as a document that people can download from your website or read in a blog post.

Eventually, a good library of tutorials could bring you in a nice bit of search engine traffic!

9) Social Media Posts

Don’t forget that posting on social media also counts as content! In fact, there are some businesses and brands that get most of their customers from social media alone!

Think carefully about the kind of content you post to social media: it should be more about your fans than it is about you.

For example, instead of constantly bombarding readers and followers with links to buy your products, share tips and links you think they will like. Sales will follow if you can be genuinely useful for your fans.

Try not to overextend yourself by being active on too many social media sites. Find one or two sites that appeal to your target market and work only with those sites.

Doing too much on too many sites will only result in burn out and over time you’ll tire out and do less ~ not good :-(

10) Emails

Last, but certainly not least, every email you send to your readers and customers is an important piece of compelling content. In fact email is probably more important than any other kind of content you create!

Once a prospect has signed up to your mailing list they’re giving you permission to contact them directly. That’s a BIG deal!  So keep them happy. That way they’ll always open every email you send them.

Be sure to brainstorm content you send your mailing list. Make sure you don’t just promote your products. Send them links to useful blog posts you’ve found, or tips that you haven’t given to the general public.

Your email list is one of your best assets so always treat your subscribers like gold.

Bonus Tip…

One thing I also want you to remember is that you can reuse and recycle content you already have! That’s right, you can turn old blog posts into new reports, videos, presentations and more.

Now you may be thinking that you don’t want to rehash old stuff but the truth is that everyone absorbs information differently. While some people might prefer to follow your blog and read every post, others might prefer to watch a tutorial in video form, or download an eBook that they can read on their tablet at their leisure.

Recycling your content will not only save you time, it also ensures that more people see your content.


While blog posts are definitely important for publishing compelling content, mix it up a bit too.  That’s how you’ll unleash your creativity, but it will also help you come up with even more compelling content ideas.

Along with these types of content you can write many different types of blog posts from “how to” blogs, to news of the day to lists, to interviews. It’s up to you! The types of content you can put on your blog today is really endless.

Get creative and have fun with it. :-)





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  1. Hi Liz,

    Excellent topic indeed! I love all the concepts you mentioned here. Compelling content is very good idea to attract our readers and offer them some valuable thing in return.

    Case studies and Webinars are most powerful method as per my experiences. I have never tried using of Curated Compelling Content but, soon I will look forward on it. Hope, this will be helpful for me and my readers.

    At the end, your bonus tip is awesome. Recycling of old things are always helpful. So, why should not try with our content. It can be give some awesome results.

    Thanks for sharing these amazing methods to boost online business.

    Have a nice day!
    Nisha Pandey recently posted..Interview with Multitalented Personality Zac Johnson, a super affiliate, writer, and public speaker by professionMy Profile

  2. Kevin J Railsback says:


    Some great information here.
    I really like the idea of doing case studies. I’ll have to look into that a lot more.
    I’ve done most of the others, just need to focus on what is the best return and not waste a lot of time and energy nothing’s that don’t generate traffic or discussion.

    I’ve work hard on providing good content, written in a conversationalist style that makes people who come to my site feel at ease.

    The scary thing to me is that people are buying $5k cameras based in what I say in my blog and want to be able to shoot how I shoot.
    It scares me a bit because as I try to come up with new content I worry that it’s not good enough. But, I realize that if I just keep doing the same thing that got people there, I’ll be ok. :)


    • Hey Kevin,

      So nice to hear from you!

      I was looking at your site and you have some good information there. You also get some good comments meaning people are engaging with you and that’s what you want to see. So you’re doing the right things there.

      I hear you when you say that it’s troubling when people spend money based on what you say and do so you might feel your content isn’t good enough. But I think you’re doing great. Your videos and information are very helpful. I love what you said on one post “Shoot the ordinary and make it extraordinary!” And you show folks how to do that. That’s great content. So don’t worry, you’re definitely on the right track. Keep it up :-)

      Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful weekend.

      Just curious, do you sell your photos and films?
      Elizabeth McGee recently posted..Compelling Content That Will Boost Your Online BusinessMy Profile

      • Kevin J Railsback says:

        Hey Liz,

        Having great dialog in the comments is certainly a sign to me that people find my content of value to them.
        I try to ask them what else they would like to see or know about to help me shape my future posts and direction.

        I don’t sell anything myself and I just added an Amaozon store with gear that I personally own to try to cover the sites expenses.

        I do have a company in California that licenses my footage to other production companies.
        So if you’ve watched Discovery, Nat Geo or Animal Planet you’ve probably seen some of my work.

        But I need to monetize my site better. The more I can make from filmmaking, the more time I can give to my site and educating people not only on how to shoot better nature and wildlife video but how to be better citizens of Planet Earth.

        • Kevin, If you know how much traffic you get you can appeal to advertisers to advertise on your site. Also, have you done an in-depth review of the camera you use? That would be very useful for readers that need help with making the buying decision.

          You may also want to take some time to write an e-book or some tutorials that you can sell on amazon kindle or through Clickbank or Paypal. They will take some work and time up front but they can be very profitable if you can effectively reach your target market.

          Also just one observation. In your sidebar for your free ebook it says: “Get Ten No-Cost Tips That Will Improve Your Nature & Wildlife Today!” I’m thinking you mean improve your nature and wildlife photography or video as opposed to simply improving our nature and wildlife. If not just ignore that :-\

          Hope that helps,
          Elizabeth McGee recently posted..Compelling Content That Will Boost Your Online BusinessMy Profile

  3. Excellent post Liz!

    I particularly like tips #’s 3,5 & 8. There all excellent tips and using just a few could result in the creation of a really good info product of some kind.

    And who knows, maybe some extremely lucrative one or one and group coaching as well!
    Nice job Liz! Thanks!
    Mark recently posted..Introducing 15 Incredibly Dynamic Female Entrepreneurs That Totally Rock! Volume Two!My Profile

    • Thanks Mark for the good words. I like 3, 5 and 8 too but actually #10 emails have been my most successful way to make sales, provided I include compelling content of course. The reason for that I believe is that we have our best and most targeted people on our email list and they’re the ones most likely to buy.

      Thanks for your feedback Mark. Great to have you here :-)

      Elizabeth McGee recently posted..Powerful Mind Success Strategies For BloggersMy Profile

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