40 Things You Should Give Up… Today!

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It’s Lent and Lent is always a great time to give something up that’s a problem in your life. This year however I thought I’d try something a little different. Instead of giving up things like chocolate, wine, candy or silly tangible things, I chose a few things you should give up that well …let’s […]

Valentine’s Day and 26 Things I Love!

It’s Valentine’s Day!  One of my favorite days of the year Were nothing without the things we love and the love we share with others. And of course I’m reminded of all the things I love; here are 26 of them:

Do You Ever Make These Annoying or Funny Mistakes?

Do you ever make these funny or annoying mistakes? I have 😐

15 Things To Stop Doing in 2012

Here are 15 things to stop doing  in 2012 that will help you start the new year off right 1. Stop comparing yourself to others. –  Be confident in who you are.  Strive to be the person that others want to compare themselves to. 2. Stop telling yourself you’re not ready. – You’re never going […]

Take a Break, I Couldn’t Resist!

Too funny!  Hope this brightens your Monday 😉