Clickbank Affiliate Tips: Avoid Link Leak

If you’re promoting Clickbank products, be careful of leaky links. 

Not all affiliate merchants care about their affiliates and will sometimes employ cheating practices to keep from crediting their affiliates with their rightful affiliate sale.

When trying to find the best affiliate marketing programs, here are 2 things you’ll want to watch out for in Clickbank specifically to help ensure you get proper credit when someone buys through your affiliate link.

Item #1 – Never  promote an affiliate product that has other advertising on their sales page.  That might seem like an obvious thing but I see affiliates promote products all the time with Google ads on the site and other unrelated products.

This is great for the product owner but not so much for you as the affiliate.  You’ll be sending people to a sales page with your affiliate link but you get nothing if the visitor clicks on ads or other product promotions.

Item #2: This is a little less obvious way of cheating affiliates so you’ll want to make sure you check this one.

Many affiliate sales pages have opt-in boxes in case the visitor isn’t ready to make a sale.  There’s nothing wrong with this, in fact it’s a good marketing practice, ...but, there are Clickbank merchants that use the opt-in to include their own cookies instead of crediting the affiliate who brought them the sale.

If the sales page your are promoting has an opt-in box, here’s what to do to  make sure you aren’t promoting a merchant that participates in this practice:

1. Sign up for the merchants newsletter or opt-in with your own affiliate link.

2. When you get the first newsletter, tips, guide or whatever it is, read it over.  Chances are you’ll have an opportunity to order so click the order box.   You’re not actually going to order, but you do want to get to the Clickbank order page.

At the Clickbank order page, scroll to the bottom and make sure your Clickbank nickname is at the bottom.  If it’s not, you won’t want to promote this product.

clickbank products

In fact, it’ a good idea to check  your affiliate link any time you promote a Clickbank product just to be sure your nickname is there.

In Summary…

It’s always a good idea to get as involved with the affiliate program as much as you can, so if they have an opt-in or newsletter check it out.  Read their newsletters, get to know the affiliate manger and use the product yourself.

Make sure it’s something you feel good about promoting, but also make sure you’re getting the credit for the sale too :-)



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  1. That something serious. Hopefully people get this fixed. Otherwise it will be a waste of time and effort for the affiliate marketers.

    Thanks for the headsup!

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