Can You Be a Successful Blogger If You’re Not A Writer?

not a writerWhat if you want to be a successful blogger but you’re not a writer?   

What if you hate to write?  Is that a show stopper?

Not at all! 

I  happen to like writing now, but that wasn’t always true.  I learned to write well and now I enjoy it.

Writing is a mind set.  We all have to do things we don’t necessarily like for the overall, greater good.   When it comes to blogging, you may not necessarily love to write but if you create a blog around a topic you love, then the writing can be easier, even fun.

 Of course there will always be folks that absolutely hate to write, no matter what the writing task.  That’s OK, you can still create a highly successful blog.

How To Be Successful at Blogging Even If You’re Not A Writer?

Not all blog posts have to include written content.  For example, here are some of my favorite blog post ideas that don’t require much, if any writing:

  • Post a Video. Post either your own video or a videos from sites like YouTube that are related to your niche.
  • Post an Audio. Create an audio or do an audio interview with an expert in your niche.
  • Invite Guest Posts. Including guest posts on your blog are a great way to get others to write great content for you. In fact you can write for this blog.  Here are my post guidelines.
  • Post News Items and add your personal or controversial comments.
  • Use PLR (private label rights) Content.  I personally love using PLR content. It’s cheaper than using a ghostwriter and I can easily customize it, meaning I can have a blog post written in about half the time as creating it from scratch. If you have your own personal blog, write as much of   your own copy as you can, but if  you have affiliate blogs or sites that earn you money from advertising, using PLR is perfectly acceptable.
  • Take a poll or survey using survey monkey and post the results.
  • Do a ‘Best Of’ blog posts related to a topic of interest in your niche.  Look around the web and find blog posts or articles that you think your readers would find useful and interesting.  Compile a list of those posts or articles and create your own blog posts linking to them. Readers will love the reference and it won’t require any writing on your part except to get them into your post.
  • Post a question and solicit responses from your readers.  If you have an email opt-in list or get random questions from other bloggers or friends about your niche, post them as a question on your blog and ask readers to respond in  your comments. People love questions, especially if they know the answer 😉
  • Post photos related to your blog topic. Take some photos that you can post on your blog.  For example, a friend of mine just started a skateboard site and posted a series of fun skateboard photos he took.  His readers loved it!

There you have it.

With these ideas you won’t need to agonize over what to write next. As long as you remember to keep your posts useful, interesting and related to your niche, you’ll have a successful blog that the search engines will value and readers will return to.

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  1. Thanks Liz for another interesting post 😀

    I believe that there is a writer inside each person. They just need to bring him up. I consider myself as a writing-hater when I first started with my online business. But now I find writing much easier and I somewhat like to write. And you’re right, it won’t happen overnight. It costs practice and perseverance to succeed.

  2. Hi Robert, Whether you use PLR or not, your content has to good, meaning it’s something that interests or educated your reader. I never suggest using PLR straight out of the box, always customize it with your own ideas, thoughts and information. As mentioned above, if you don’t like to write there are many things you can substitute with such as video, audio and guest posting. Just make sure that whatever it is, it interests your audience.

  3. Michael Alexis says:

    Hi Liz – it’s useful advice I’ve found both for a) my own motivation, and b) getting people to react to my writing.

    I have a personal email list of 80-something friends and family, and when I started REALLY writing with my voice and REALLY writing from my heart – they started replying with their own thoughts and stories.

    Re: other kinds of content, you are onto my secret of doing video interviews ;- )


    • Exactly Michael! People will respond if you’re writing in your own voice and from how you really feel. Checking my comments is one of the most interesting things I do, I love hearing other people’s stories and personal comments, and thank you for your great feedback :-)

  4. Blogging Tipster says:

    Nice set of points. These are a source of encouragement for non writers to start blogging.

  5. Hi Aman, that is really true. Just about anyone can talk about what they love, so that also makes it easier to write about as well. Thanks for your feedback :-)

  6. Hey Karen, Thanks for your thoughts on blogging. I do think it’s a little easier for most people to share things in sort of a diary format which is really what blogs are about. I’m glad the tips helped you. Thanks again for your feedback :-)

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