Blog Vs. Website: Which Is Better?

Blog Vs. Website

The decision of whether to create a Blog vs. Website can be a confusing one.  Both have their advantages and benefits.  

Just to clarify, a blog IS a website, the biggest differences are the structure, static vs. dynamic content, SEO and social connections.  

But when trying to decide which one is better, that may depend on what you are trying to achieve with your site.

Why Blogs Get the Popular Vote

To get a better feel for what the overall consensus is when it comes to creating a blog vs. website, I went to a few forums and took a personal poll.  I found that roughly 7 out of 10 commenters preferred creating a blog over a traditional website.

So why is that?

Personally I think it’s their ease of use, but I’ve also got to say that the overall structure of a blog and how it’s coded makes optimal use of your blog posts, pages, sidebars, headers, keywords and content giving it the most efficient Search engine optimization possible.

Blogs also make it easier for your visitors to interact.  They can easily search, browse and connect with you through your blog comments feature while blogs also make it easy to connect socially through RSS and the social networking sites.  In fact, many blogs have found increased traffic, not so much within the search engines, but within the social community, and with all the search engines changes that occur and the drop in site rankings, that’s a big thumbs up for blogs. 

The Advantages of Creating Traditional Website

Traditional websites also have their advantages.  Traditional websites however are more widely used as storefronts.   Although websites are also used for creating squeeze pages, sales letters and for featuring and demonstrating informational products as well.

A website owner will typically create a home page as an introduction to the rest of the site, then add pages as needed to reflect new products, product changes, company news, sales information, etc.  Websites are not typically interactive, although they can be with the right software.

One big difference with creating a traditional website is that the webmaster doesn’t feel committed to creating daily or weekly content or posts as bloggers do, however that doesn’t mean having a traditional website can’t accommodate daily or weekly content. Typically once a website is created, the webmaster will focus more on adding occasional content, adding new products, updating products and promotion.

Many bloggers will argue that those daily and weekly updates are what bring traffic to your blog.  I would have to disagree, it’s not the quantity of content that the search engines look for, it’s the quality.

Which Performs Better in the Search Engines? 

 Many blog owners and forum commenters will tell you that blogs outperform traditional websites when it comes to search engine traffic and ranking.  I have not seen evidence of that.  No doubt, there are blogs that do very well in the search engines, but for me personally a static website built using a quality website builder will perform just as good, if not better, in the search engines.

The truth is your site isn’t going to perform better simply because it’s a blog or a static website.  How well your website or blog ranks in the search engines depends on how you optimize each of your pages, that includes your SEO strategies, your content, your links and how you connect with your target market socially.

One of the main benefits of a blog  are the easy to install optimization and promotional plug-ins.  But to be fair, a quality website building software will offer effective search engine optimization and socialization tools as well.

Still Undecided on Blog Vs. Website?

A tie breaker might be the cost.  Many blogs are free to create. The WordPress blog for example offers both a hosted and a self-hosted blog option.  The hosted option is free, but the self-hosted option that most business blogs use requires a hosting service and domain name which comes with a monthly cost of about $8-$10.  Website software on the other hand could cost you an initial fee of $150 or more.

Creating a traditional website using a quality site builder, is not free, however depending on the site builder you choose you will most likely be able to create an unlimited number of websites.

Still undecided?  Let’s hear from our audience. What are your experiences with a blog vs. a website? What would you recommend?

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  1. Hey Jimmy, I like blogs and I like writing but I can’t say I prefer blogs, I actually enjoy creating sites with my website software. But blogs are the trend, they work well and have lots of functionality. Thanks so much for your feedback.

  2. John, price does make a difference when starting out, LOL 😉 but also if someone realizes blogging isn’t for them, they haven’t really lost much.

    For people that are a little more serious, a self-hosted blog is really the better choice for its flexibility and professionalism. I too use Hostgator for my blog and websites, I don’t believe they will install your blog for free but you could probably negotiate a free installation.

  3. Hi Liz

    I started out with an SBI website and I must say it was a fantastic platform. However, I canned it when I decided that I was going down the wrong track with my business and then I switched to a WordPress blog.

    Like you, I really enjoyed creating my website, especially since SBI make it so easy. I also love my blog. One day I think I will return to SBI as it is a full-on job keeping up a blog, especially when you are doing a challenge!


    • Hi Kisane, that’s the big downside with blogging, it is a big job and it consumes a lot of time. With a website you write less, with the time you save in writing you can focus more on promoting your site. There are certainly trade-offs with each.

      Thanks so much for your feedback :-)

  4. Mavis Nong says:

    Hi Liz,

    Great breakdown here. Although I have traditional websites, I love blogs. Very easy to use, you don’t need to learn HTML. As long as you can type, you’re good to go.

    Thanks for sharing your insights, Liz.

    All the best,

  5. Heather C Stephens says:

    HI Liz!

    I know I’m biased but I think with the simplicity of a blog and the ability to create static pages and such, that I don’t see a reason for anyone to use a traditional website (aside from the potential shopping cart type of dilemma you mentioned).

    I struggled to build a website and once I discovered wordpress, I felt like all my problems were solved. :)


    • Hi Heather, I agree with you about blogs. Where blogs fall a little short is with ecommerce sites, but there are ways to use blogs for them as well, it’s just a lot tougher. Thanks for your feedback 😉

  6. Oliver Tausend says:

    Hi Liz,

    thanks for sharing your ideas about blogs vs. static websites. I don’t own any static websites that I run on my own and I don’t need one at the moment. As a blog is a website, I am sure that you can do pretty much anything with a blog you can do with a static website. But you can’t do anything with a static website you can do with a blog. What do you think ?

    Take care


    • Hi Oliver, it’s true you can do pretty much anything with a blog, however ecommerce sites are a little harder to set up with a blog, however I’ve seen it done, thanks for your feedback :-)

  7. Hi Liz, Joel Champe here. I recently got on your list through Lynn T., and am glad I did! I see you have this blog on Genesis…just Genesis or are you using a child theme on top? I’ve been trying to learn wordpress with it myself, between just Genesis, and also using the Lifestyle and Prose themes. Between Studiopress Affiliate Blogger Pro tutorials, I am getting it, SLOWLY, lol, but all I can really end up thinking is yuck! Money being tight and me needing to have a working knowledge of how to use it so I can effectively outsorce it is not growing a business, either.

    I’ve just been stuck in this one aspect too long now (since September), my focus on sprouting the biz is shot. I’ve seen SBI regularly over the past few years I’ve been learning about all the different ways to conduct business online, but never seriously considered it, one because the monthly payment option is fairly new, and two because I’ve been concerned about the look of the sites vs

    Now that I’ve managed to spend three years doing a ton more Googling and forum posting getting answers about marketing, etc., instead of just giving out my credit card # for the next shiny thing, and that SBI has a monthly payment plan, I’m digging the idea of SBI. The conclusion I think you’ve been helping me come to the past few days in revisiting SBI’s site in about a year or so is the whole package is what really matters, not $400.00 custom headers and logos and fancy drop down menus.

    Hope to be talkin’ with ya some more soon, Ms. Liz!


    • Hey Joel, I like SBI and I think if you can follow the SBI instructions, stay focused and continue to learn the business at hand, you can do pretty well. People love blogs and WordPress, I do too, but it’s not simple and straight forward for everyone.

      My best advice to you is to have a plan and stick to it. Don’t allow yourself to follow the next best thing or go off on a different path just because some guru marketer says so, remember they’re banking on that fact that you’ll do that 😉 Good luck with SBI. Let me know how it goes for you. It’s exciting that you’re getting started. My best to you. Pls keep in touch :-)

  8. i love blogs rather than creating a static website, blogs are easy to manage no need to look out for each and very thing as i website you have to do. write the content and hit publish button and you are free but in website, you have to change the CSS so as to fit god in every browser

    • Hey Vivek, good point, with blogs there are widgets and plug-ins that make all that stuff easy. Thanks for your feedback :-)

  9. Jym Tarrant says:

    Hey Liz,

    Love the in-depth info about both. I agree with you that there’s really no question of one or other platform being ‘better’, simply they have different advantages and disadvantages.

    I am very happy with a blog, since I wish to have a very adaptable site which can be easily updated. I can see that certain kinds of business would be served better with a static website however…

    Thanks for sharing your experience and putting this information out!

    All the best,


    • Hey Jym, as you said, I think there’s advantages and disadvantages either way. A lot of it has to do with preference, ease of use, finances and where you are with your business.

      Thanks so much, I appreciate your feedback :-)

  10. Awesome Post liz.

    I always prefer blogs over website. With blog you can create any type of site even a social bookmarking site with some coding skills.

    Actually blogs are much much better then websites. You don’t need to do anything, just do come customizations and you’re good to go.

    Thanks for sharing this great post liz.

  11. Corinne Battle says:

    Great question, and one I’ve been trying to get a handle on myself. It seems to me that it’s easier to start off with a blog site until/if you find a reason to go with a standard website (e.g. shopping cart??). With the blog site you get the blog piece for free and can choose whether or not you want to use it. I’ve created blog sites that look just like a web site and I changed the blog name to “Company News” – that way, the blogging piece just fits right into the site. So far I’ve been working with the sites but I want to figure out how to do the sites – so I can access more themes and plugins. I tried installing to my machine and it didn’t work the first time. When I have time I need to get back to it and figure it all out. Thanks for providing a forum where we can discuss this! It’s so helpful! :-)

    • Hey Corinne, there are some logical steps to installing a self-hosted WordPress blog. You’ll need a hosting service and a domain name first. My hosting service Hostgator has a script that will install for me with a few clicks, that’s the best way to go.

  12. Tommy DiPietro says:

    Hi Liz,

    On the side, I started to build basic websites for small businesses have used the wordpress platform to host their site.

    I feel a blog is the way to go.

    Regardless of what you are trying to do.

    It is easy to use wordpress and having a static page for your home page is like a website and you have the ability to point to your blog.

    If you have a blog page, you can be a step ahead of the game by adding content to your blog as a newsletter or update on your business or the products you sell.

    I use Google alerts to update me on my MLM company and use this information to update my other blog with information relating to health and nutrition.

    Another advantage is with a blog, you are always adding new content, which Google likes when searching your site.

    Tommy D.

  13. Very informative Liz,

    Yeah, Dreamweaver is definitely a great piece of software for creating a static website, but it is definitely not child’s play. It’s the game of pro web designers.

    I definitely prefer the interactivity of a blog. And Oliver’s right. There’s nothing a static website can do that a blog can’t. They are such an easy way for people to develop a good presence online. And best of all they are free. Who can beat that?

    Take care,

  14. Hey Corrine, you may be creating work for yourself trying to test out with a free host. The process of downloading and configuring WordPress on your own isn’t a simple task to configure. You’ll save yourself a lot of time and aggravation by using a hosting service that has an installation script for WordPress.

    I use and highly recommend Hostgator, it will cost you less than $5 a month, and if you use my Hostgator coupon code, no pressure 😉 , your first month is free. That will be a full month for you to test out WordPress with no charge.

    If for some reason Hostgator or WordPress isn’t what you want, you can simply cancel the service. But I don’t think you’ll be disappointed with either one. If you sign up for my newsletter, one of my bonus guides shows you step-by-step how to get set up.

    WordPress sets you up initially with a basic vanilla theme, but there are literally thousands of themes you can download to your computer that you can simply drop in and drop out with a few clicks. I hope that helps you. Let me know if you need more help. Liz :-)

  15. Nicole Long says:

    I myself am still on the fence. I have two businesses and honestly both the blog and the site are getting great traffic. I think it just depends on my audience. I am definitely – working on enhancing my blog at this time since I gave so much attention to my other site – it now runs itself. Now, after sprucing up my blog maybe my blog will become my favorite. Wish me luck!

    Thanks again for getting us all thinking. :-)

    • Hey Nicole, I think it’s really about what you’re most comfortable using. Regardless of the platform you use it’s really about how your users feel when they come to the site, your content, your message, your interaction is what makes the difference. Good Luck Nicole with all your sites! 😉

  16. Susanna Hess says:

    Hi Liz,

    I was just having this conversation with someone earlier. He couldn’t seem to make the traditional website go for his business. We talked about the difference between that and blogging.

    This is a lot of well thought out information on the topic. I’ll send him the link and let him take a look.

    Thanks for putting it together!


  17. Peter Fuller MBA says:

    Some good analysis Liz

    Both have their place, but the beauty of WordPress is that you can create both.


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