Be Success Inspired – Give & You Shall Receive

If you're a successful business owner or even a successful internet marketer whose been annoyed a time or two by other marketers who spam and practice unscrupulous marketing tactics, you'll probably relate to what I'm about to say.

Internet marketing or any marketing for that matter is not about flashing your stuff in front of people in hopes that they will buy it.

Marketing 101 — that never works.

Does that person who sent me an email with "You Just Got Paid!" in the title really think I'm going to pay any attention to what they are trying to sell me in their email?  I think we can all safely agree that I'm not.

How about the people who spam my blog, don't they know that I use Akismet?   It's unfortunate because they have seriously wasted their time and efforts.

And what about the Tweeters whose only goal is to advertise their stuff.  I'm not bashing marketers who use these tactics, I tend to think they are more inexperienced and not fully understanding how the process really works, or perhaps they are just plain lazy and don't want to take the time to do what it really takes.  Ok, maybe the latter is more likely but I remember not fully grasping concepts in my earlier years so I can't be too critical.

But here's what I've learned in my years of business.

Build relationships 

That may seem like work, and it is, but it's so worth the effort.  Think about this for a minute, you are a virtual being in a virtual world.  People seeing your ads, your emails, your website or your tweets don't know a thing about you at first. People buy from people they know and trust; if you do something to aggravate them right out of the shoot who can blame them for snubbing you?

I had a gentleman opt-out of my newsletter several weeks ago and his comment was 'Worthless'.   Like anyone, I felt a little hurt by that, but after checking out his website, I saw only pages and pages of advertising, nothing there was useful or helpful to anyone as a consumer. 

It started to make sense to me why he opted out; things like developing your email list, improving customer carewriting quality web content and all the other elements of a good marketer, was indeed 'worthless' to him.  I truly felt sad because this person could possibly have the potential for success, he either didn’t understand my methods or, as some might say, he was just lazy.

I think this is a hard concept for people starting out. The idea that you must put your customers and visitors before yourself doesn't always present an obvious benefit. But if you can think like your visitors and ask yourself "What's in it for them?" you can begin to see the light.   If you only focus on what's in it for you, you'll miss the boat.  Give and you shall receive. It can be a tough concept, well maybe for those that don't completely 'get it'

So what does all this mean for you? What am I really trying to say? 

Start by reaching out and connecting with others. We are all familiar with the social networking phenomenon. There's a reason it's so successful.  It's a means to connect and be responsive to others.  We recommend sites we like, we tweet and re-tweet about friends and their posts, we comment on blogs and other social networking sites and the list goes on.  But it won’t work for you if your goal is self serving.

Social networking is about building connections and relationships.  And when it comes to customers it’s about putting their best interests ahead of yours. 

Part of being success driven means going back to the old adage, "do unto others…"  Don't expect someone to buy something from you or do something for you if you can't offer them something as well.  Whether it be money, useful information, a gift, a helpful hand or a simple gesture of friendship.  Help others and they will trust and help you as well.

Show Gratitude

Never stop showing appreciation. Things like sending a simple thank you to a customer or a thank you note to a friend for a kind gesture works wonders for your outlook.  

Being grateful and showing gratitude helps us become more positive and it generates a positive attitude.  If you've ever complained to someone about something it's easy to notice the reaction, people not only dislike it, it becomes very clear that your attitude could use some adjustment.  It's a law of nature.  Show gratitude and it will change your attitude and that can turn your life around. 

These are not only the philosophies that I've adopted in my life, they also comes to us from great names like Wayne Dyer, Maya Angelou, Joe Vitale, Buddha, Ralph Waldo Emerson and one of my personal favorites, Wallace D. Waddles in his book "The Science of Getting Rich". A great read by the way – and it's free. Cool

If you've ever given someone something of yourself, be it money, time or talent, it will always come back to you in a positive way.  But giving nothing and expecting something will prove disappointing every time. Be success inspired and give freely of yourself and then be grateful that you had the opportunity. 

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