BANS Review: Part III Customizing my BANS Store

 In Part II of my BANS review, I downloaded the BANS software, gave some pointers about choosing a domain name and also chose one for my new BANS website.  We also went over getting signed up for Ebay's affiliate program and installed my first BANS Store.   All pretty simple so far. 


Today I'll cover customizing its look and feel of my store. 


Once I got the correct files moved over and set up my site per the instructions, I was ready to login to my new Store account. 

The users guide gave me instructions and nice screen shots on setting up my store details for things like my site name and where to get my product numbers and category information from eBay so that my product items display correctly.  There were product layout options, sorting options and navigation options.  Once I had my setup looking like I wanted I could choose my template options.  BANS supplies you with template options or if you wish to use your own template there are instructions to do that.   For now I simply chose one of their options to keep it simple. 

There are also instructions on setting up or loading your own header logo.  Again I kept my header pretty simple, I just added my site name and selected a simple guitar icon.  This is where the forum helped a lot, there were some nice suggestions on where to get some header graphics and even some design options. I’ll probably go back to this later but for now I’m keeping it simple.  

The BANS user guide goes on to show you how to create your home page and add additional content pages which as you know will be important for ranking well in the search engines.  If you’re new to the whole SEO thing BANS includes some useful SEO guides to help you out. 

I went ahead and added several content pages on my guitar site about how to buy a guitar, how to tune a guitar and several other content rich pages that may interest users. You can choose to add products to these pages or not.  I chose not to add products but that is strictly up to you. Just for fun, I added a popular Clickbank course inside my right sidebar on how to play the guitar.  Above it and below it I included some Google Adsense Ads.  I may change these later on, but for now they are a good start.  

Once you get familiar with adding, updating and deleting pages it will become second nature to you when updating your site. All the features are really easy to use.  

My store is now live, have a look…



The next steps will be to get it indexed in the search engines and get traffic to it.  As time permits I’ll be creating some articles, submitting to directories and weaving my site into the world wide web.  I’ve added some content pages and I’ll be adding more as time permits.  

I have to admit, I’ve been very impressed with the BANS product.  The installation is a piece of cake, the users guide is very complete and easy to follow, the site is flexible and offers some great monetization options and makes it easy to add content.   In addition you’ll be getting free updates for life and you can create as many stores as you like.  

To be fair though, it’s still too early to tell how well my new site will be doing or how soon I’ll begin making sales.  This site is a work in progress so I’ll be keeping a close eye on it. I’m hoping I’ll be indexed soon and I’ll keep you posted as soon as it is.  

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  1. Hi LIz,

    I was thinking of setting up a BANS store. Your post indicated that had not made any sales and that you were waiting for it to be indexed. I’m just curious on your progress and success with your store. Thanks and looking forward to your reply.


  2. Hi Janina,

    My BANS website has been indexed for some time now and is doing fairly well considering I don’t do any promotion for it. It’s just basically sitting there.

    In August I upgraded to their latest version and I’ve seen much better results.

    Here’s my latest stats:

    as of 12/18/08 $82.96
    11/14/08 $91.50
    10/12/08 33.94
    9/13/08 25.06

    I expect those numbers to continue climbing as the site matures and as I work on it more. As I add more content and optimize the pages it will also add to its success.

    I found 2 more niches that I think will do well and I’m planning to create 2 more BANS sites in the next few months. They are more focused niches so I’m confident they’ll do even better. This site is basically my test site. Hope that helps :-)

  3. Hi Ann, Yes I do still have the site.

    I earn less than $100 a month from the site but I don’t promote it and I haven’t added anything to the site in over a year. But that’s to be expected. You don’t typically do very well if you don’t promote, so I feel pretty lucky since I’ve just let the site sit there :-) How bout you? Are your sites doing OK?

  4. Hi Mark,

    Discounts happen all the time, they’re good promotion. Tt doesn’t mean the product isn’t a good on. BANS is a great product and I don’t know of any problems with it.

    But just as a side note. Irregardless of whether you use BANS or any software product, you won’t be able to just create a BANS site and forget it. You won’t make any sales that way. You’ll need to promote your site. BANS makes the set up easy and creating your eBay pages easy and quick, but make sure you add some of your own content to your site like articles and personal product reviews, etc.

    But most importantly, promote your site and your pages. Getting traffic will be the most important thing you can do if you want to make money. That’s true for ANY site you build.

    I hope that helps you :-)

  5. Hey Mark, thank you so much!

    I’m so glad you find the content useful and that it’s helped you. It’s readers like you that make this all worthwhhile.

    Liz :-)

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