Bans Review: Part I Choosing My BANS Niche

Welcome to my BANS Review Part 1 – Choosing My BANS Niche

Since hearing about the BANS Build a Niche Store, and being curious as to how the product works and if it’s as amazing as users claim, I’ve purchased the product myself and I’m doing my own BANS review. bans niche

As you may already know, each eBay marketplace has an affiliate program which enables you to promote eBay listed products in exchange for a nice share of eBay’s revenue for each sale that you refer.

BANS capitalizes on this concept by providing you the ability to easily create an Ebay niche store and instantly incorporate the Ebay products into you site. If anyone makes a purchase from your BANS website, you get a commission, it’s that simple.

But before setting up your BANS site, you’ll need to choose a niche product within eBay.

Here’s the process I went through to settle on a BANS niche.

Choosing my BANS Niche

Once I decided to build a BANS niche store, I had to think about what I wanted to sell on the site.

Since BANS is an Ebay affiliate website builder, it made sense to me to take a deeper look at Ebay to see what might spark some ideas before I actually bought the product.

That’s when I found the eBay ‘What’s hot guide.  The guide has tons of ideas on niche topics to choose from and makes it easy to decide as the guide breaks down what’s hot and what’s extremely hot on eBay.

There’s no secret formula to finding products to promote.  Just go with what you like.  Here’s how I chose my niche…

Since I love music I thought I’d try a  musical instrument. But musical instruments sounded too broad to me, after all this is a niche site so it’s better to keep your niche as focused as possible.  So, since my husband plays guitar and I love music,  I  settled on ‘guitars’.

What’s interesting is that as I got into the BANS documentation I noticed they used ‘guitars’ as on of their examples.  It made me feel like I could probably have been a little more original, but what the heck,  since they used guitars as the example, it must be at least an ‘OK’ topic.

In hindsight I probably should have narrowed down my niche a bit further to something like “acoustic guitars” or  “electric guitars” but for the purpose of testing out BANS, guitars is fine.

To find out what type of guitars I wanted to feature on my BANS site and really see how popular guitars was. I did some additional keyword research. So I  went to Wordtracker and looked up ‘guitars’.

The keywords ‘guitar’ and ‘guitars’ combined had over 7800 searches a day.  In addition over 100 searches a day came up for keywords like ‘acoustic guitar’, ‘electric guitar’, ‘bass guitar’, so guitars is looking better and better.

But I needed to do one more thing before I made my final decision. I wanted to see how many competing web pages there were for guitars, so I went back to Wordtracker and zoned in on some guitar niche keywords like ’electric bass guitar’ and ‘acoustic bass guitar’.  To do this, I opened a Google window and typed in those niche keywords.

For example, for a few niche keywords, here’s what I found:

‘Acoustic electric guitars’ had 288,000 competing web pages. Not bad.  And ‘electric bass guitar’ had 307,000 if I can show less than 350,000 pages for my niche keywords; hey I’m happy Cool

Hint:  Don’t make finding a niche harder than it is. Think of something you like, do the keyword research like I did, look at existing sites and get started.  There’s no perfect niche so the longer you take trying to decide, the more money you are losing.

Ok, now that I know what products I’d like to sell, I can move on to my purchase of BANS.

Next time we’ll cover installing ext time for a look at just how the stall went with Part II of the BANS review.

See you Then…

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