Crafting Your Article Resource Box – Examples, Tips & Templates

article resource box examplesPart of knowing how to write a good article is crafting a good article resource box.

But for your resource box to be effective it needs two things, a compelling call to action and a link that will take your reader where they expect to go.

To help you craft your own powerful resource box every time, use these article resource box examples, tips and templates. They can be used for both articles as well as guest posts or any other form of content you write to generate traffic to your web pages.

Article Resource Box Examples, Tips & Templates

Crafting Your Article Resource box Call-to-Action

Hopefully your article taught your reader something or made an interesting point. If it did then chances are your reader will be compelled to make their way to your resource box where you will  encourage them to do something.  This could be any number of things, such as encouraging a sign up for your newsletter, perhaps invite them to a webinar, request they download your free report, offer a free consultation, watch your video, etc.

Of course to get your reader to take you up on your call to action always stress a benefit for clicking.  For example, will your call to action save them time, save them money or perhaps make their life easier, etc?

Creating Your Article Resource Box Text Link

Once you know what your call to action will be, then create your text link keeping in mind these two key items:

1. Don’t link to your homepage. Your text link in your resource box should be relevant to your article’s content and often times your home page is too general for getting your reader to take a specific action.

For example, your website may be about cat care but if your article is about ‘how to shampoo your cat’ then send them to your web page that talks about shampooing your cat.  If you are looking for a more specific call to action such as a newsletter sign up or to review a video, then send them to that specific page.

2. Include keywords the text link of your resource box. The keywords you use in your text link should be the main keyword phrase of the page you are sending your visitors to.  For example, if  you want your reader to visit your ‘vegan recipes page’ your text link might look something like this  ‘vegan recipes‘.

This is not only a good link building strategy, it gives your reader a clear indication of where they are being take to.

Here’s an example for how to code your keyword text link:

<a href=””> Keywords </a>

Article Resource Box Examples

These are article resource box examples that you can use for your articles or guest posts.  Replace the [ ] with information specific to your business.

Template: Free sign up for newsletter, publication, webinar etc.

[Your name] makes it easy for you [insert how you help people]. Sign up for [his/her] turbocharged, free [insert publication, video, guide] to find out how to [enter a specific result], [quickly, easily, inexpensively, etc].

Template: Free report

Need a little extra help? For a complete guide that shows you exactly how to [insert specific and main benefit, related to the article], grab a copy of [name]’s powerful [name of report using link text]. It’s yours free and will save you plenty of [ time, money, headaches – be specific]

Template:: Step-by-step Instructions

Need a step-by-step how to instructions? [insert name], your go to source for [topic / product type], breaks it down for you by making it easier than ever to [insert project / task]. Go to [insert keyword text link] for your free yet comprehensive and easy-to-follow tutorial.

Template: Software or Tool

[Insert your name] can help make the job go [X] times faster with her just released [insert software/tool name]. It allows you to [what it does plus a benefit], saving you tons of [benefit of the benefit]. [Download yours free / get a free trial] at [insert link text].

Template: Free webinar / teleseminar series sign up

[Your name] is your host of the [frequency – daily, monthly, etc] [name of your / teleseminar series] that shows you how to [insert benefit / desired result].  Sign up to instantly download your first lesson for free.

Template: Free consultation

To get your free, no-obligation [web site review, consultation, etc] contact [insert name] by completing the [3-step / quick-response / or something that shows it’s simple to do] form at [insert location of form]. Set aside just [amount of time for consultation] and you’ll see just how you can [benefit of your consultation/service].

Template: Instructional Video

Need a little visual? [your name or product name] shows you exactly how to [what you‘re teaching] [benefit – in 3 easy steps, etc.]. Go to [insert text link of location] to watch this amazing step-by-step video to get started [insert project, task] immediately.

Use these article resource box examples as often as you like. Mix them up and spice them up, be as creative as you like.


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  1. Hi John, a call to action seems like such an obvious thing but if you’ve ever had a look around, there are tons of articles with no call to action, funny 😐

    Thanks so much for your feedback John :-)

  2. Oliver Tausend says:

    Hi Liz,

    thanks for putting this together. As I planning to submit articles in the near future, I will come back to your post again. I like the mindset that we shouldn’t have our hands in people’s pockets. People love to buy, but they hate being sold to.

    Take care


  3. Nicole Long says:

    Good info. Thanks for sharing the html code as well. Really allows for quick action for those who need to implement it. Thanks

  4. Peter Fuller says:

    Excellent tips on the resource box Liz.

    I mean what is the point in writing an article without a call to action :)


  5. Great Post. Resource box plays a very important part in article marketing.
    Awesome tips on the article resource box liz.

    Thanks for sharing this great Post. Great work.

  6. Mavis Nong says:

    Hey Liz,

    I love this post and I’ll be reffering to it for my articles :)

    It’s important to end your articles with a very compelling call to action.

    Thanks for sharing these awesome tips, Liz.

    All the ebst,

  7. Susanna Hess says:

    Wow Liz,

    I’m going to have to bookmark this post and refer back to it as I start to do article marketing.

    Wonderful information that I haven’t seen laid out like this before.

    Thank you!


  8. Heather C Stephens says:

    Hi Liz,

    I love the examples you shared here. They are awesome and very helpful. For some reason I can easily speak from the heart, but I struggle to write about myself in the 3rd person, like an article box needs. I so appreciate the help!


  9. Tommy DiPietro says:


    Nice job putting this together.

    I am looking to upgrade my resource boxes to go with the relaunch of my blog. It’s
    taking longer than expected but already getting great feedback. So this should
    really help with the new look.

    Thanks for sharing
    Tommy D.

  10. You are very welcome. I’m glad they helped you :-)


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