Put These 8 Hard Hitting Tips for Article Writing to Work For You

There’s enough evidence that shows writing articles is an awesome promotional tool, I think we can all agree on that, however most people don’t know how to write a good article; one that is interesting, engaging and encourages a call to action.      

Crafting Your Article Resource Box – Examples, Tips & Templates

Part of knowing how to write a good article is crafting a good article resource box. But for your resource box to be effective it needs two things, a compelling call to action and a link that will take your reader where they expect to go. To help you craft your own powerful resource box […]

How to Write a Good Article – The Secret Sauce To More Traffic

Are you stumped on how to write a good article? Don’t be. You’ve read good articles before haven’t you?  What were the things about those good articles that you liked?  What kept you reading?  What made you want to link to it, re-tweet it or mention it on Facebook? If you read at all you’re […]

Article Stealers are The Worst!

Someone actually put one of my articles on their site with their name on it.  How low can you go? I discovered it yesterday while I was perusing some internet sites and found my article '8 Creative Types of Blog Posts', that I wrote back in August.  There it was with someone else’s name attached […]

Choosing Your Article Topics

What will you write about in your articles? That is the big questions most people who want to break into article writing have when they begin. The field is wide open when it comes to what information you offer on the Internet. The first thing to consider is what you like to write about. All […]

Using Your Article Without Your Resource Box

Have you ever written an article only to find it's being used on other websites or blogs without your resource box attached? If you write articles, chances are it's happened to you a time or two.  For me, I found out strictly by accident. One day I was doing some web surfing in my niche […]

Writing Articles for Your Online Business

Writing articles for your online business not only draws traffic to your site, it builds strong inbound links and labels you as an expert. But knowing how to write a successful article that ultimately gets read and holds a reader's attention can be a challenge for most writers. If writing articles isn't your forte, there […]

Writing Articles in 20 Minutes or Less

If you're like me, you write a lot of articles.  However the problem with writing articles is getting ideas, then writing and proofing them in minutes, not hours. I can vouch for the fact that the more articles you write, the better and faster you will get, but if you're still writing articles in slow […]