Are Keyword Domain Names Really Better?

keyword domain nameChoosing a keyword domain name is certainly a sound, logical choice when it comes to helping with search engine ranking but is it really better?

Not necessarily.   I’m not saying that a keyword domain name isn’t worthwhile?  Not at all, it certainly makes perfect logical sense to have your keywords in the URL address of your website, but as more and more websites hit the Web, there will be fewer domain names available for high ranking keywords.

So how important is it to have a keyword domain name?

From my experience a non keyword domain name is not a show stopper .  After all I use ‘Homenotion’, there are no valuable keywords there, yet I do fairly well when it comes to ranking.  For optimal search engine ranking there are far more important strategies that will help you rank well.

Should You Use a  keyword domain name or your Business Name

When choosing a domain name it’s important to first think about your business.  For example, if you’re trying to brand your business it might be wise for you to use a more memorable or brandable name.   On the other hand a keyword domain name may be more descriptive of your website or products.

Don’t be misled into believing that one is better for your website than the other. The ranking success of your website is the effective use of your keywords within your website and web pages.

The second part of the equation  is the number of websites that use keyword backlinks to your site and the third thing, probably the most important, is content.  Including quality content, good keyword optimization and employing the right search engine copywriting techniques are the real backbone of higher rankings.  Without those things it doesn’t matter what your domain name is or even how well you rank in the search engines, if no one finds your site worthwhile you won’t sustain visitors or sales.

Let’s look,  for example, at my website.  The site comes up on the first page of Google for ‘internet home business ideas’ despite the fact that the word ‘Homenotion’ isn’t a keyword domain name.

Now take a look at the website  It’s nowhere to be found for the keywords ‘internet home business ideas’.  To rank well in the search engines your domain name has to have quality, unique content and keyword text links in order to rank well for  your chosen keywords.

Here’s Where the Keyword Domain Name Debate Gets Interesting

With all things being equal, (a site with great content, keyword links, effective SEO, etc.)  would a keyword domain name significantly boost ranking versus a non keyword rich domain name?

It might , but the truth is your domain name is just a name, and in the grand scheme of things a domain name isn’t going to make or break the success of your website, in fact it’s a really small part of what the search engines look at in evaluating your site, in fact according to Matt Cutts,  it’s likely to get even smaller…


Those are my thoughts, now what are yours?

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  1. Lolly Sean says:

    Hi Liz, I like the idea of using keywords that are descriptive of the business or intelligent keywords.Thanks.

  2. The problem with a keyword rich targeted domain name is this: what if you decide to expand your product line to other products that don’t fit the domain name? Building a lot of sites on keyword rich domain names is not only expensive, but it dilutes your time and makes building a successful business that much more difficult.

    If it feels right to have a keyword rich or based domain fine, but don’t get hung up on it.

    • Hi John, I agree, it can be limiting. The point is that your domain name does not need to be keyword based to make it successful. Thanks for your input :-)

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